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Criminal intent the conclusion

  On a planet on the orther side of the galaxy, a long time ago a man acted against the injustice of his day. He overthrow the tryent morleth and ushered in a new era.
He changed the name of the planet from zarden to qonos. He called the species klingons.
By the 1800s c.e on earth,the klingons rulled a vest empire. An oligarchs regime suplented the emparor. They returned qonos to its old name. That was a short time before the ship crash landed on earth.
The zardenites on earth learned the truth about the future. They have plotted to alter history. Now a group from the future and the present must unite to stop there plot. Can they do they do it in time?
The NASA crews on the ground and on the ship worked overtime to get the ship ready. The lunch date had been alcelerated in order to draw out the unsubs.
Zarden compound
“I have produced a working teliporter!” a zarden female declared. “Are you sure it works?”the zarden in charge asked. “Certain. It is perfectly safe !” she said. The leader had his doubts. The teleportation device might be the only way to make this plan work.
They got there weapons was ready. The plan was designed to be bloody. They could have used explosives but they decided to use betleths. This was taken a Que from the Charles mansion playbook.
The goal was to scare the humans away from the space program. They believed it was possible. Interest had dwindled, this could finish the job. If it failed they could up the ante. That is what they would do.
While kirk and the crew of the enterprise were on standby. They we’re all over the space center. They impersonated everyone from janitors to Sr. Oficials and everything in between. Kirk was assigned to the control room.
Agent Hotchner and his team were also there. He suspected that the zardans were expecting him and his team to be there. He felt bad about witholdng the true identity of the zardans but he figured tha they would never beleve him. He was not sure he fully believed it.
A crazy cult of killers was close enough. It was accurate. Stil he did not like it. He did not like it at all. He had no choice . that was how he saw It.
“Ready Shaun?” whutcomb asked.”as ready as I will ever be!” he said. “I am as convinced ad ever that this is esential to the future of mankind!” whitcomb said. ” I am starting to!” colonel Christopher answered.
” you will succeed. I am sure of that. I know it!”whitcomb said.”I hope so!”the colonel said. “Good luck colonel. History awaits!”the director said. “Thank you sir!”he said.
The crew went to the space ship. They begin preflight poetical. As did the ground crew.
The zardan refused to be known until the last minute. They acted like a sleeper cell until they were activated.
It was now time. “I am live at the control room at the Johnson space center. The public relations office had confirmed that the craft is about to lunch. “A reporter said.
“Control to sagiterius one, are you ready?”the control said. “We are ready control!” Christopher said
Just as the head of the control room was about to give the go ahead to lunch. Then the Klingons a.k.a zardans began to pul out There weapons. So did kirk and his team. Then the f.b.I. got there guns ready as did the center security.
The zardans opened fire with phasers. The crew of the enterprise opened with there phasers. The fib fired with the guns.
Whitcomb clesdestintly told the vessel to lunch. The zardans fired and advanced. Kirk stunned two of the zardans. The zardans returned fire on the star fleet and the humans of this century.
Morgan had no idea what was going on. Was this some kind of new weapon? Where did they get them. This was very strange. Of course they had seen a lot.
The two teams continued to battled it out. The battle was fierce. The control room became a battle field. Kirk and his team worked hard to overpower the hostels.the hostels worked hard to stop them.
The ship started to leave. The zardans tried to stop the lunch. Kirk and him team tried to stop them. The ship neared the sky. The ship left earth and went into space.
The ship was away. It was off to Saturn. The battle had not knocked the wind totally out of the salles of the enemy. They kept fighting.
Kirk and Spock had stunned several of the zardans. Several more we’re stunned by the team. The last one was incompacitated by Hotchner.
Sudenly time stoped. “What’s going on? “Hotchner said. “I stoped time! “Gary seven said. “How is that possible?”Hotchner asked. “It is not as complicated as you might think. Look Aaron you can’t take the zardan in to custody. Mankind can’t learn of the existence of extra terestrials not yet.”seven said.
“What will you do with them  ?” Hotchner asked. “They will be sent to a federation rehab center. It is more of a hospital then a prison. ” Kirk said.”you promise me that they will not be harmed?” Hotchner asked. “Yes I promise you that. “Kirk said.
Hotchner gave it some thought.he thought it over then answered. “Alright I will let you take them. “Hotchner said. “I need to erase your memory. It is vital that I erase your memory. We need as little records as we can of this incident!”Spock told him.
“I have a feeling I don’t really have a choice!”Hotchner said. “That would be accurate. “Spock said. Spock placed his hand on him. “My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts . ”
Spock purged his mind of anything connected to Gary seven. Spock knocked him unconscious. The crew then left the area. They All beamed away.
Time resumed.they woke up. Everyone was stunned. They started to remember what had occured.
“This breaking news, nsss has confirmed that the sagiterius has sucefully left earth and on it’s way to Saturn. NASA has confirmed that a cult that identifies with a fictitious alien race on a German science fiction show that has s cult flowering in the us. The cult members were all killed in a shout out. There were no fatalities amount nassa official or the f.b.I. ”
The reporter said.
“I gues you will be going back to the faragut!”Kirk said. “Getting sick of me Jim ?”He laughed. “So things will get normal on earth now.well you know ! “Dr. mccoy said. “Earth has some tough days ahead!”Kirk said “they will come though it!”Spock said.  “With some difficulty but yes. This will be the result. What a result!”Kirk said.
21st century
“Life is not always pretty but it’s life. That Is all that maters!” sir John Burke. ”
The end.
Next up
The female members of the crew are enchanted by a mysteries ship. Now the ship must get to the bottom of it before it’s too late.

Criminal intent part two

“The glorias future can only occur after the most devastating of holocaust for only after seing the worst of mankind can man seak something better” industrialist and philosopher lyman eller.
The b.a.u agent arived at the crime scene. “Who discovered the bodies?”f.b.i agent David rossi asked. “The maid. She knocked. She opened the door. The hotel security called us! “The detective said.
“Was any of the evidence tainted?”agent morgan asked. “Not that i know off. The maid incist she did not. The hotel’s security chief is an x cop. They are traned in police procedures!”the detective said.
“Was is this writing ? It looks likes gibrish!”agent jeru asked. “It is not any laungrege i recognize !”agent hotchner said.”its not italien!”agent rossi commented.
Spancer read looked it over. He looked closly. “You got something read?”morgan asked. “I think i do. I think this is zardan!”he said. “Zardan?”jj asked. “It is a ficticious language used on a german science fictiion tv show from the 1960s that has generated a cult following in the us. “Read said.”you would know that would int you. “Darek morgan said. “Do you know what its says?”a second detective asked. “I am not really fluent in zarden !”read said. “Your sliping read!”morgan said. Read did not respond to that last remark.
“Is there someone who can decifer it?” The first detective asked. “I know someone who can me that info!”morgan said. He pulled out his cell phone and called there resident expert on everthing.
“Hey his resident hotness !”agent pinelipe garcea said as she answered the phone. “Hey baby girl,i hope you can acess your iner geak!” Morgan said. “What do you got?”she asked.”we got an astronaut founnd a  murdered in his hotel room. There was a message writen in his blood. It is in a ficticious langrege i was hoping you can translate it. “Morgan said. “Send it to me. I will see what i can do!”garcea said.
“This wound is off. A sword does not do this. It is too big to be a knife!”read said. “You don’t think it was a sword?”the younger detective said. “Not a conventional one but something like a sword !’read said.
The two orther astronaut were in colnel cristopher’s suite. Sonya was crying..”i am sory to desturb you during this time!”hotchner said. “We know the procedure agent. “Colnel cristopher said.
“I understand you receved death threats?”rossi asked. “Our mission did what no one else could. We united left right center,christian,jews,muslima and atheist all against our mission. “Sonya said. “Some said it was coastly. Orthers said it was unesiary even imoral. ” Cristopher said.
“Have you goten any thretning notes from science fiction fans?” Hothner said. “Most sci fans loved us. They for the most part have been very soportive. There is one writer. He sent so many letters,nasa has a file dedicated to his rants!” Sonya said.
“He wrote in bloc letters. From the newspaper. He claimed we would usher in the wrath of the zardan. Apearently it is a reference to some obscure overseas sci fi show!” Cristopher said.
“Did you take the threats seriously?”rossi asked. “I did not give it much thought but nssa did. “Sonya said.
“We get a lot of hate mail. You think this guy did it?”cristopher said.”we are just following the evidence !”rossi said.
“Hotch Garcia just called. The phrase is grega unleased. Grega is zarden’s version of hell. On the show it is used as a war cry.” Morgan said.
“The unsub might have pyshilogical problems. Either he identifies himself with the zardens or he think he is a zardan!” Read said.
“It is a comon thing with telivision or any fiction. Some people get so engrossed in it that they become obsesed with it. So much so they cannot difirentiate between real and imagined. ” Jj said.
“Why target these astronauts?” The detective asked. “This is a big event. Saturn mission ! “Morgan said. “In the show zarden are shrown to be the shown enemy of the igsa! “Read said. “Igsa?”The second detective asked. “The intergalatic space authority. It is a multi planitary coilution of worlds. Irs headquarters is in hamberg. “Read said.
“In the unsub’s mind,this Saturn mission could begin the process of creating the intergalatic alience. That is a threat to zarden.”morgan said.
“He is killing to stop a threat to zarden.”jj said. “Would someone kill to protect a world that does not exist?” The first detective asked.
“In the mind of the killer this is real. This is real life. “Rossi said. “Some used telivision to drown.out there real life. A kind of cooping mechanisms. Television is a form of esape,some take it to the furthest extreme. ” Jj said.
“It that what we are deeling with hear? “The first detective asked. “I don’t buy it. ” The second detective said.
“Look we deal with cases that makes us angery. That are senceless and meaningness. We have to think like the killer thinks. If we want to catch him. ” Rosi said.
“To kill someone in response to a tv show! If your right. This is so meaningless!”the second detective said.
Johnson space center
Office of donald whitmore
“You believe the other crew are at risk?”whitmore asked. “We are certain of it?”agent hotchner said. “You think this is one crazy?”colnel cristopher asked. “You would be surprised by the power of one cazy person! You cannot underestimate the saverity of this !”hotchner said.
“You need to double security not just for the sagiterius crew but for every one involved in the project!” Jj said.
“How will you find this killer?”whitmore asked. “We are examing the security cameras of the hotel. We are are looking at every thing. ” Hotchner assured him.
“find this killer agent hothner!”whitmore admonished hotchner. “We are going to!”hotchner assured him.
“Wait a minute! I just remember something . It might be a clue to all this. There was a guy in the lobby. An older man. He incisted on talking to us. ” Cristopher said. “Thank you! We will check it out. ” Hotchner said.
“We found the guy! Garcia cannot identify him. There us no match in ncic,dmv,aphis even interpol has turned up nothing !” Read said. “Find him. It could be important.”hotchner said. They agreed.
Omiha nebrasca
A pakege was delivered at the porch. “There is a pakege!”an older lady declared. “Don’t open it get out of there!” The older man said. The elderly gentleman called 911.  The return adress said zarden.
End of part two.
I know that on last weeks episode of criminal minds,morgan left the show. I am not sure where the producers will take the show. I am keeping in in the mix. I considered puting prentice in but decided not to.
  There really was a science fiction show produced in west Germany. It was very similar to star trek. It was called raumpatrouville or orion patrol.