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Nues chapter three

Terisha had been in and out of consciousness for quite a while. She woke up. She had no idea where she was. She remembered being beamed away. She has no idea who had beamed her out.
She saw that she was Waring a blue night gown. She guessed that she was either on a federation starship or starbase.
She listened for the hum of warp drive. When she heard it,she came to the conclusion that she was on a starship. For some reason being on a federation ship had a sound distinct from a Klingon ship. She was not restrained.
She needed more information. She had no idea how she got hear. The whole thing made no sense. She should have been absorbed . not that she was complaining but as a scientist it was perplexing. She believed something perplexing was important . while her superiors might not put any stock in science or investigations she did.
She looked around.she saw kirona the com tech.she was resting.she was also clad in the awful sickbay atire.
“Hello!”she said. She spoke the Teran laungege commonly called English. The medical staf was startled. “Your awake!”the man who steamed to be a senior medical officer commented. “That apears obvious. “She said.
“Get the commander. “The doctor ordered. An orderly nodded. “Where am I?” she asked. “You are onbored the federation medical ship murcy. We are on the federation side of the neutral zone. I am doctor jubulio mcbanga. ” he said.
“I am terisha obk.I am a science tech attached to Klingon monitor post 12. Well I was before it was destroyed or whatever happened.”she said.
“We observed what science command is calling an obsorbtion.”mcbanga said. “That is as good a term as any. “She said.
Within a few minutes,the door swished opened.she saw a man in a gold uniform.she knew that it was the uniform of a command officer.then she recognized him.
“Oh my ! Jess!” she said. “Tery !”the man said. The man was lt.commander Aaron jeshop. “You two know each other?”the doctor asked.”yes we do.  What’s going on?”he asked.
“It literally came out of no where! There was nothing and then what started as a smal dot. It got bigger then expended. I assume you got the information I sent.”she said.
“We did. Star fleet was reluctant to believe it. I knew it was from you. You are a patriot to qonos but not necesily to those in power. “The commander said .
“I knew that high command would resort to a military solution. I am not convinced that this is a military issue at least nit totally. Don’t expect a military regime to think in method other then military. “She told him.
“You must have a theory on what this is!”he said.”I think it is from another dimension. I have no proof either way.I pulled this out of my back Side jess.I think it is a life form. It is a plant or is it sentient.I don’t have a clue. “Terisha said.
“I am ad your ok. Today was not a good day to die!”he said. “I am with you on that one. ” she said.
“I assume that this was probably not personal. That it expended into Klingon space because that was where it was. “He commented.”that is my theory. I don’t have information for or against.”she said.
“Is the mass still expanding?”she asked. “We don’t know yet. We ate trying to find out. The kdf used a protomatter device to stop it. It has done something. “Jesop said. “Great! I am not surprised. I wish they had asked me first. Of course they would not. “She said.
“We have offered to help. “Mcbanga said. “Let me gues. “There has been an incident but we do not require assistance. Obey treaty stipulations. End of transnison!”she said. “Prety much. “Jess said. “What will star fleet do ?”she asked.”we are gathering data. Star fleet is setting up a task force hear. We are limited right now.”he told her.
“I will do what I can. Please put me on the team. You know I am interested in the truth. “She said. “I have already had you on the team.as soon as you are. Cleared by doc mabaga you can come to the flagship!”he said . “excellent!”she said.
Elba two
Dr. Elizebeth danner was looking over patients. This was not an official session just her making her rounds before she ended her shift. She came to a patient she had developed a friendship with. Clad in a Gray one peace uniform with a device that monitored her vital signs and contained information on her.
“Adison ! How are you tonight?”Elizebeth asked. “Liz the mass it’s hear. I told everyone. That would not believe me. The mass is hear!”Addison said. “Addy there is no mass. I thought we agreed on that. “Liz said.
“It is not a delusion Liz! I thought it was. I am not crazy! Its real. It is hear. “Addison proclaimed.
“Is this because your nearing a hearing with the bored of mental health?”Liz asked. “Liz can you please believe me?”she said. “This is irrational addie! There is np such thing as matter that devowers space!”Liz said. “How can you be sure? There is much we don’t understand about space. We have only been doing this for a couple centuras now. “Addison said.
“You have .made do much progress!”Liz said.”it’s read Liz! I did not make it up. I am not insane. Star fleet should reinstate me!”she said.”there is never going to happen !”she said.
“You never were my friend were you? What is it the more people you cured,the more points you got towards a free trip to rissa?”Addison asked.
“That’s unfair! You know I am your friend.I can’t let you destroy your life. I Will see you later!”Liz said. “If your so sane Liz. Why do you have dreams about delta Vega?”Addison asked. “I told you that I’m confidence. “She said. “You should go!”she said. Danner left.
Office of governor Corry.
“Patcient mccomic seams to be having a relapse. “Liz said. “Is m sorry to hear that. She seemed to be on the road to recovery. “The governor said. “She claims to have knowledge of some kind of mass that is eating up space!”she said.
“You said  mass!”he said. He looked spooked. “This is an old delusion of her part Donald. “Liz said. “You have not not watch the news?”he asked. “No I am not one to follow current events. Too busy I gues. “She admitted.
“Something we can’t identifie Something some refer to as a mass has transformed a remote part of the Klingon empire. The Klingon tried to stop it with protomatter.they. claim that it has been contained. There is some doubts “Cory said.
“I had no idea!”Liz said. “We have to inform star fleet right away . “Corry said. Elizebeth quickly agreed.
Star fleet command
Office of admiral komack
“Your sure about this?”the admiral asked. “She had detailed information on the mass .it lines up with the sansor datta we have!”governor Corry said. “How did she come to this information?”the admiral asked.”we are not sure. A few years ago she dissapered in an uncharted area. She was assumed killed. She was discovered after a mounth . I have a detailed report !”the governor said.
“Alright! I will look it over .I want her on the team. We need all of the resources we can get. I want you to have someone in your staf to acompony her. “The admiral said. “I know just the person. “The governor said.
He knew she might be reluctant to accept but he believed she would go along with it.
While the mass started to grow again. The mass expansion was very slow. It had resumed. The mass was nit going to be detered.it would return. This was definitely not over. It had only begun.
Romulan space
The tholien vessel had been carefull not to be seen . the vessel had done everything it could to get to the source of the disturbance. The vessel utilized any way it could to get where it needed to go. The vessel had anilized the Klingon side of the mass. Now the ship had arrived at the romulan side.
The tholien vessel arrived. The ship scanned the mass. It was only slightly into romulan space. He believed that would change.
Doctor turelga scanned the area. He took several readings. He got some interesting readings. “Warning. Incoming vessels. Rihansu warlords. “The computer voice announced. The choline ship tried to evade the romulan vessels. The birds of prey opened fire on the tholien ship. The tholien ship dodged the hits.
One of the disruptor hit the mass.it triggered the mass. The mass seam to come on.the mass headed for the ships.
The tholien vessel went to high warp. The vessel went to maximum warp and did not look back.
The romulqn ship’s were hit. The fleet was absorbed.one of the ships was pushed away. Several ships did manage to get away.
The mass was now on the move. Now it was heading Into the heart of the romulon empire.
Office of admiral komack
“Sir! We just have reports from the romulan neutral zone. We have a New pronlem. “The aid said.
End of  chapter three.
Next up
The galaxy stands at a crossroads as the mass

continues to expand.

Admiral komack appeared in “a mock time! ” he was referenced in this side of paradise. An alternate universe version of the admiral appeared in “star trek ” 09.
Dr. Elizabeth daner was the psychiatrist who fell victim to the energy barier just as Gary mitchel had. She appeared in “where no man had gone before”
Elba two appeared in “whom God’s destroyed” as did governor Corry.