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Times and season part six

“Captain’s log,after discovering a secret tunel in space ,we have located the race behind Alison crenic. They call themselves the organians. They claim that they don’t like the way that humanoid life behaves and plans to subjugate them. First they will make the situation worse. Start wars and eventually a large war that will leave the galaxy in shambles. They will pick up the peices. ”
“I have come to the conclusion that the federation must fight this with every strength we can muster. I also know that this will be the hardest thing we have ever done. Time is not on our side. ”
“Your presence hear is quite a surprise. We did not anticipate that you would find us!”sporan said. “We had hoped to remain in the shadows. You have upset our time table considerably. “Uklan said. “It happens!”Addison said.
“You have forced us to revaluate our plans. We will have to ajust our time table. “Ardvec said.
“I see!”Addison said. “As you probably can gues,you are a liability. We are nit cruel people but we are determined. We canot let you leave and bring word of our program. We do not wish to kill or imprison you!”uklan said. “Our options are limited. We are wiling to negociate a non agreson pact with the federations. There is a planet near the borders between the federation ans Klingon empire. If you cede it to us to be a capital for our peace keaping operations. You agree to down grade your forces. In exchange we will privide protection for your fleet and teritories. “Ardvec said.
Addison knew she needed to stawl for time. She was forming a plan in her mind but it was a doosie. These were trying times.
“So what do we need to do?”Addison asked.”you will serve as a peace envoy. You will escort our envoy to earth to meat with the president to discus that non agreson ans friendship pact. “Ardvec said.
“Very well! I can see that we don’t have any chioce. The ascendence of the organians is inevitable. We must bloom how we are planted. I will need to get things ready. “Addison said.
“Of course. Make your preperations. I want to get underway quickly. We have much to do!”ardvec said.Addison thought to herself,”you have no idea!”
U.s.s enterprise
Auxiliary control
“You do know this is the craziest thing i have ever heard! “Lt. Kyile commented. “I agree. Given the curcumstances this seams to be the only thing that has even the remotest chance of working!”gioto said. “I know your right. It is stil prety out there!”kyile said. “I know. When addy sugested it ,i thought she was out of her mind. If course i thought that when she took command but anyways. I have come to trust her. This may be our only option. “Gioto said. “I know ! Do you think we can stop these people ?”Kyle asked. “We have to. The alternative is perpetual servutude. Something neither you,me or the captain will acept !”gioto said. He agreed.
U.s.s enterprise
Transporter room
  Chief tacigawa activated the transporter controls. The senior staf emerged on the pad. “we are not really considering going along with this? “Yeoman smith asked. She was very confused. “Not a chance. I am certain he did not buy my little show. We are both playing the orther. Both of us knew it was empty bluster. He things he has the uper hand witch at present time he does. “Addison said.
“They will never let us get to warn the fleet!”dr. Piper said. “We can’t outrun them!”palmer said. “No we can’t. I am not going to sit by while an advanced race rampages though the galaxy.i have a plan. The ods of it working are slim but i see no other option!”she said. “What is this plan?”pitcarin asked. He was prety sure that he did not want to know. Then she told him. Then he knew he did not want to know.
“Alright lets get to it! We have a lot of work to do!”Addison said. The senior staf began to disperse.
Organian ship
“I regret that for our plans to work,she has to die. She is quite intreging!”ardvec said. “She does grow on you. I do admire her even though i also hate and despise every thing she stands for. “Alison said.
“Are all humans like her?  Full of drive and tenacity ?”sporan asked. “Not all but manny. Expext to meat heavy recistence. You will be fighting star system to star system ,planet to planet,city to city to the last street corner! Humans will recist until they can’t!”Alison said.
“I like a challenge! I welcome the struggle we are about to embark on. This will be exciting no doubts about it!”ardvec exclaimed.
“She cannot posibly stop up! Will she wage a battle with us knowing she will lose?”uklan asked. “No she will wage a gurila war. A dirty war. Even that has little chance of working. Her people believe that better dead then be a slave. “Alison said. “Indeed !”ardvec said.
U.s.s enterprise
Qurters of sotril
“This is my updated will. Can i count on you to maje sure my wishes are met?”Addison asked. “You have my word!”sotril said. “Good. I hope it won’t be necessary but you never know !”Addison said. “I understand !”she said. “Thank you'”she said.”of course !”sotril said.
“Your sure it checks out?”tim mathews asked. “I checked and rechecked personaly!”kyile said. “That shartle has to run perfectly!”tim said. “I know. I asure you it is. I don’t have as much at steak as you do but i do have a steak in this. My reputation is at line. “Kyle said. “Your a professional . I am just a little rattled !”tim said. “I understand . We all are. “Kyle said.
Sotril and Addison entered the bridge. Sotril got some files from lt. Palmer. “That should be every thing. “The female Vulcan said. “Good luck sotril!”Addison said. “To us all! “Sotril said. Tim huged her. She wispered something in his ear. He watched her leave the bridge.she entered the turbo lift.the door closed.
Sotril teamed up with lt. Commander giito and the captain’s children. They headed to the shartle bay. They went inside the shartle. They waited.
“The simulation are not promising !”tim said. “I know. I see no orther option. If there was,i would go for it!”she said. “I know that!” Tim said. “Every thing is in place. We are as ready as we are ever going to be!”Kyle said.
“Adress intercraft!”Addison ordered. “Intercraft active. Ready !”palmer reported.
“Attention all decks! This is the captain! Sense i took command of the enterprise,i have asked for hard things. I have pushed and pushed. I am tough. I have done so because i knew that you were capible of it. I have never been dispointed. Today i am asking the most difficult. I wish i did not need to do this. This will be the hardest challenge we have ever faced. The fate of the universe is at steak. I have no doubt that you are the finest crew in star fleet!”she said.
She signaled to palmer to end the message. Palmer did so. “Chanel closed !”palmer anounced. “Order all decks to procede. May God help us all!”Addison said.
“Standing by!’tim said now maning the science consil. “Ryan! Target the lead ship. Once the target is aqired,mr. Dassale fire!”she ordered.
The ship fired a series of phaser blast on the organian vessel. The battle had begun.
End of part 6