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Lower echalon part four

“Starship log, lt. John kyile temporily in command. The captain and senior officers are currently in comunicado paticipating in a planitary function. Several crewman are on leave on the planet. A Klingon vessel has been detected prompting us to leave orbit and investigate. ”
“I have informed the sr officers on the serface. Then we have headed out!” He said.
“All decks standing by!”oneal reported. “Mr. Spinel take us out of orbit.”Kyle ordered. The ship left orbit. “Course laid in.”dupaul anounced. “Engage!”kyile ordered. The ship was off. “Now pn course.”speli reported.
Planet trecia
“Ok listen up people !”kelerwitz said. Evryome quited down. “A Klingon war crusher has been reported in the vicinity. The enterprise is going to check it out. We are on our own until they return. I am not anticipating any trouble . I want every one to report in every two hours no exception !” The commander said.
“We are on our own.”Julianne said.”it seams that it is true. I am not concerned.” Kelerwitz answered. The team agreed but was stil a bit aprehensive.
“Why are the Klingons near hear. This is not close to there space .” Takigewa said. “Is it unusual but the Klingon like to seak out new areas of conquest. “Irina said. “Lets not jump to conclusion. I see no need to let this brother us. “Kelerwitz said. They all knew that he was right.
Galway and leslie had seen a lot of animals. As much as Leslie did not want to admit it,it was fasinating. He had learned a lot. Maybe it had been worth it after all.
They heard a noise. It sounded someone was being chased. It did not sound like an animal but a humanoid. They ran towards the sound.
“What’s going on hear?” Leslie asked. “This is not your concern?” The thug said. “Your not tricean. You have no business chasing this person. “Galloway said. He aimed his weapons at him. His alies did the same.
“You are unarmed! I am not! “The man said. Leslie went for the man’s phaser. Galloway went for the orther man. The women hit the first man. Leslie grabed the weapon. He stunned the man. He stuned the orther.
“There are more of them!” She said. “We better move!” Leslie said. Galloway wondered what had they gotten themselves into? Would they regret getting involved?
Uss enterprise
Angela and robert had beamed abored before the ship left to locate the Klingon ship. “So feel like helping me In the phaser room?”robert asked. “I would love to. Does that meen you are my seperior officer?”she asked. “Yes it does!”he said. “Aye sir!”she said smiling. He laughed.
Uss enterprise
Qurters of ensign mescha davis.
Ensign davis was a horible feeling that something was about to go horibly wrong. She did not know how but she knew that she did. It haunted her.
It was like what happened before was going to happen . Not the lighting cretures but some danger. It knawed at her. When she heard about the Klingon ship she knew something was wrong.
Dr. Mcbanga had a limited staf. He hoped that this would not turn into an incident but he knew that there was the posibility that it could. He did not like that part. Not at all. He would just perpare.
“I have located the ship! Sending it to the navigational !”jolyin reported.”i have it! “Spinelie said.”intercept that ship!”kyile ordered. Dapual followed the instructions.
Planet tricea
  Yeoman smith decided to take a walk around the park. She tried to clear her head. She found this planet very peaceful.
“How can someone so prety on a world so beutiful be so troubled?”a man.asked. “our ship is out on potrol. “Smith said.”as a frequent guest. I can.asure you that there is nothing to be concerned with! “He asured her.”i hope you are corect. “Smith said. “I am i asure you.”he said.
“I am not usually so done. Our crew has been though a lot lately!”smith said. “Understandible! “He said.” What brings you to trecia?”she asked. “Business. I inport objects from all over the glaxy. It is a rewarding ocupation.”he said.”i am sure. “She said. “I am ajar jeglum!”he said. “Marah smith!”she said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Hail the Klingon ship!”lt. Kyile ordered. “Opening hailing frequencies. “Lt. Oneal said. “Klingon vessel,this is nutral space! Please sate your business hear!” Kyile said. “They are responding!” Oneal said. The screen was active.
“This is kor, this to our knowledge is noy federation space. We do not answer to star fleet. “Kor said.
“We have no jerisdiction. You seam to be trying to keep your presence qiet. We are out in the open!”kyile said.
“where is captain mcomic. I hope she was not killed. Perhals ryian knpcked her up again !”kor said. His crew laughed.” She is attending the assambly on the planet!”kyile said. “We meen your ship no harm!”kor said. The screen deactivated.
“He seamed agitated. “Jolyin said.”more so then usual! Kor is usually very buttoned up. “Kyilr said. “What do you do now?”dapul said. “Follow them.at a distence!”kyile said.
“The shift is almost over. Should we stay on or bring in next watch?”oneal asked. “No procede with the next shift!”kyile said.
End of part four