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Ties that bind part ten

In sickbay,Alison monitored what was going on to the best of her abilities given her curent satus. She was able to surmise that the enterprise had goten a distress call from the athena. Her plan was working.
This was how she wanted it to go.her revenge was very close at hand. She would get back at those she felt betrayed her.
“The athena reports that they are holding there own!”palmer said. “Come on! Go faster! “Addison said.
Scout ship athena
The helm officer found a soft spot in the romulan vessel’s shield ans atemped to take advantage of it. It brought them a little bit of time.
Commander halak was an orion.he was the only one in star fleet.he had come up though the ranks fairly quickly . Addison had recomended him to replace her. The scout ship was no match for the three warbirds and he knew it. His only hope was the intervention of the enterprise.
“Now nearing the battle!”ryian anounced. “Oppen fire on the nearest ship!” Addison ordered. The enterprise fired on the nearest bird of prey and hit it with every thing they had. They went at the second vessel next. 
“Captian i am detecting a romulon vessel dirilect. It is on course for the sector’s sun! ” sotril said. “Dawn it! Life signs!” She asked. “Four humans!”sotril said.
“Sickbay mark get Alison on the line now!”Addison said. “why addy you seam in quite an agitated sate. We would want to have you commited again !” Alison said. “what’s going on? “She asked.
“Isint it obvious addy! You have two ships in distress! Both can’t make it without your help. Do you save the crew of Forty on the athena? Most of them are close friends ,many you would consider family or do you save five on the scout ship. Do you sacrifice your loved ones or the crew of the athena? Chioces!” She said.”you!”Addison said.
“I can’t contact the bird of prey! They must have activated some kind of dapening field ! “Palmer declared. “Alison !come on this is cruel!”she said. “Any more then leaving me to die on an explosing ship !”she said.
” i am gusing that they have probably set the ship on a direct course for the sun. Its probably fully automated!”pitkarn said. “If we do nothing?”she asked. “They are doomed!” Pitkarn said. “Can the athena hold out?” Addison asked. “Maybe !” Gioto answered.
“Dawn you Alison or whatever you are! Mantain fire!”Addison said. “Addy?”ryian said frantically. “Follow my orders!”she said.
The ship fired on the romulin vessel. The vessel was hit. The enterprise was able to imobolize them. The two vessels continued to fire.
While the battle waged on,the direlect fell into the sun and exploded. The ships recloaked and left.
“Sir i am detecting risidual energy. I believe they planted gravitic mines. We could not rescue them if we wanted to. “Kyile said.
” Begin aid to the athena!”Addison said. “Aye sir!”palmer said. “Commander take charge of the ship! “Addison said. “Of course! Addison i am so sory!”sotril said. “I know !”she said. She ran off the bridge.
Ryian ran off the bridge.he did not even ask for permission. He just left.
She ran to her qurters. Ryan came in as well. “Return to the bridge ry that’s an order!”Addison said. “Negitive!”he said. “Ryan i can’t do this right now. I don’t want a lecture. “She said. He took her in his arms and he embraced her. They both started to cry. “No lecture i promise! ” Ryan said.
Romulon bird of prey
“Why did you do that? Why make Addison think she caused our death? That was sick !family is every thing to her!”Addison’s farther said.
“I was curious how she would react! “Commander tridex said.”you are a sadist!” Her morther said. “It was Alison’s idea. It was a bit too dramatic for me! ” Tridex said.
“Please let us go. I do like being a pawn in this power play!” The grandmorther said. “This is necessary ! It is not over yet! ” tridex said.
End of part 10