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Revenge of nomad

Previously on star trek the universe
An experiment by a remote race causes a crack in the structural intregrety that allowed a mass to cause chaos throughout the galaxy.
The enterprise was able to stop the experiment. They sealed the rapture. Evidence of the disaster remained.
The enterprise and a task force developed a process to purify area affected by the mass. After a sucesfull operation in Klingon space the task force continues to cure the effected areas.
Captain Ben Norris was formerly a second officer of the enterprise.he ascended to the command after the death of the captain and incompacitation of first officer.he served as interem captain but was later named permanent commanding officer of the enterprise . he and romulan representative kalera have become very close. She has a secret.
Commander Aaron Jessup was once married to Klingon scientist terisha.they divorced when a war began. Now they have come back together.
Addison mccomic was once a very promising officer in star fleet.due to the mass crises,she suffered from a break down.she returned to star fleet . after the crises,she was released from a mental asylum.she and her husband are trying to reconcile.
Now tonight’s episode
In another galaxy
In space the life less from Of the robot drifted In space. then there was a large explosion. Space shock.there was a massive tremer. The space continued to rock though space.
The dead probe was pushed space. The robot was pushed into some kind of interdinensional hole. The probe vanished.
The probe emerged somewhere else. The transfer revived him. The probe began to remember.it remembered bejg activated by a team led by Jackson Roy Kirk.
“Your mission is to explore and contact new life forms.”Dr. Roy Kirk said. The probe acknowledged The probe. “You are nomad!”Roy Kirk said. The probe remember leaving earth. It remembered leaving earth soller system.
It remembered encounting a damaged probe called tanru. Tan ru’s misson was to sterilize soil samples. The two probe merged.the probe now believed it’s mission was to sterilize new life .
It remembered it’s several sterilization mission. It remembered destroying the mulurian system.it remembered the enterprise.he remember killing and repairing  Scotty.it remembered captain Kirk. He remembered how Kirk outsmarted him.he wanted revenge. He would get it.
U.s.s enterprise
“Captians log the task force is escorting the romulan preator and Klingon Chancellor to earth. This is the first time the leaders of all three powers have met. While the route is on high alert. There is concern that everyone from the anipovnoids to nazaka to th one true path might
Want to target these leaders.while I am granting shore leave to any crewman that wants it. ”
“Now entering earth ‘s orbit”Mia reported. “Space dock has cleared us.”the Klingon female com tech reported.
“Open space doors.”captain Norris ordered. “Opening space doors.”Niles announced. The space doors started to retract.after extensive discussion ,it was decided that the enterprise would go into the docking bay first. The enterprise completed docking rings.then the rest of the fleet docked at the bay.
“The task force has docked. “Spock reported. “Alright. I am going to take some down time before I have to beam Down to Star fleet headquters. “The captain said.
Kalaera went over to the captain.”Ben do you Want to have some lunch before you meet with star feet I believe it is my turn to cook. You might get sick of rihansu food or Klingon. I have a few ideas on how to alter human food with some romulan with some touches.”she said. “Not today. I am not really up to it. “He said. “You ok?”she asked. “Yes of course . I will catchy you later.”he said.
Yeoman Smith went over to her. “Today is the anniversary of his brothers death. “Smith said. “I had a feeling it might be.”she said. “He always goes inward around this time. In a few days he will snap out of it “Smith said.
She hoped that the yeoman was right. She knew that things might change. He may snap out of it,he might never feel the same way about her.
Queters of Addison mccomic
“Come on ryian.you have to consider comming back to star fleet?”she asked. “I don’t know addie.”he said. “Come on we can be a family again. “She said. “You could return to earth!”he said. “I don’t see that working out. ” She said. “I can’t come back to Star fleet.”he said.
“You could be a civilian advisor. “She said. “Addie I want to be with you. I want us to be a family.”Ryan said. “Then come back. “She said. “I will consider it but no promises.”he said “alright. “She told him.
Qurters of Jessup
“Why could int we have got Marie’s human style?”he asked. “Klingon style is more interesting. “She said. “If you like gods Getting slaughter by Klingon hiroes. I perfer love honor and cherish as long as you both shal live. Besides we did Klingon style last time.should int we do human style this time?”he asked. “We ca do It teran style next time ?”she said. “I have no comment on that one. ” he said.
The nomad probe scanned area scanned for com traphic.the probe learned of the summit. It set a course for earth. At first it had something it needed to do.
End of prologue.

Nues 2.7

Bracalli space
The bracali were a regional power. They controlled a remote part of the known galaxy. They controlled there home soller syistom and two others.
They had a strong military and scientific aperatus. The bracali we’re religious but not theocratic. There was a faction that believed that they could contact there afterlife . they wer very curious.
A traditional faction had. Been able to control the military science wing of the government. They had begun a project to build a conduet to heaven.
Reserch outposts
“Anything?”the minister of science said. “Negitive minister.the missile have failed to open a gateway to paradise. “Dr. Rodav said. “Fire more missile. Increase the yield. “The minister said. “That is unwise exceletcy.”she said. ” we are so close. Follow my instructions. “The minister said. “Yes sir.”she said. Enterprise
“I am detecting a massive increase in energy in the epicenter sir!”Spock reported. “They are busy!”piper said. “The border is heavily patrolled. I am detecting an area not heavily patrolled. “Kalara said. “Did you checked for mine’s?”Kirk asked. “We did not find any thing associated with mines.” Carol said.
“Take us in. What a little more risk?”norris said. “This is not a big encouragement. ” hallak said.
“Lee plot a course for the concordance Carol is sending you. “Norris ordered.Lee got the course and plotted it. “Course plotted and engaged .” mia said
The enterprise went  warp. The enterprise attempted to get into the bracali frontier.they tried to sneak into there space.
” now entering bracali space!”Lee kelso announced. The enterprise moved in. “Now in bracali space!”Spock reported.
The enterprise retitled back and forth .the bridge crew tried to straighten the ship. Carol enhanced the shields. The enterprise seemed to whether the area.
“This area has become prone to turbulence. “Spock said. “I am attempting to compensate sir!”mia said.
“Captains log, the enterprise has  turbulence sporadically .. For the most part the shields have held. The ship is nearing the epicenter of the experiments.
“I am detecting a research post. I believe it is in charge of the research and experimentation. “Spock said.
“Com tech hail the station. “Opening hailing frequencies. “Kolona said. “Reserch post,your research is threatening the structural integrity of the universe. I urge you to stop at once. “Norris said.
“They are responding!”she announced. “On screen. “The captain said .on the view screen ,the command center was displayed. “You are trespassing In Our space. You have no right to dictate to us what we should and should not do!”the minister said.
“Sir. Your experiments threaten the galaxy.  “Norris said. “There is no evidence linking a causality between the experiments and the weakening of the structural integrity of the universe. ” the minister said.
“They have cut off the com channel. “Kolona said . “target the mistle launcher .”Norris ordered. Lee targeted the launcher. The enterprise fired on the launchers. The station rocked.
“What is this?”the minister said over an audio feed. “Your experiment are a threat to the universe. “Norris said. “This is sn act of war. “Minister said. “You declared war on us by engaging in that experiment.”Norris said.
A storm developed in space. The whole area shock. It was like an galactic wind in space.
“The attacks have  weakened the reigion. ” Spock said. “We will experience more turbulence . “Carol said.
The station fired on the enterprise. The enterprise dodged the torpedo.the shock wave caused the ship to liest.”damage on multiple decks. “Gary said. “Damage control parties dispatched to affected decks “the com tech reported.
“Leave our space or be destroyed.”the minister said. “Captain I have found the center of the vortex. I believe I know how to seal the rip in the space time continuum. “Terisha said .
The ship was hit again. “Damage to secondary hull. ” Spock said. “Head for the rip. “Norris ordered the enterprise headed for the vortex. The enterprise ducked impact. The enterprise hit the station.
The enterprise was too far from the station’s armerments. The enterprise maintained course. The ship shock around. The Ship turned up and down. The enterprise was hit.
The enterprise experienced a lot of damage. The ship held together. The enterprise kept going. “Now in position “the Orion said . “activate the deflector. We have to seal the hole. Mia Lee stand by to get us out of hear!” Norris ordered.
The deflector dish was turned on. The dish fired a discharge of energy at the hole. The hole started to be filled. “We need to remain a little longer. “Spock said. “Are you out of your mind?”Gary said.
The ship was jostled about. Several parts of the ship was struck. “We can disengage !”Spock said. “Do it. Lee mia! Get us out of hear!”Norris ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. The ship could not get out of the wake. The wave hit the enterprise. The enterprise was pushed back. Lee and mia tried to get the ship to break free. The enterprise started to drift.
The vortex went inward. The epicenter started to get smaller.then the vortex vanished. It  replaced by normal space.
In the x zone, the cracks started to be filled. The universe’s structural intregrety started to be restored.
The mass was not designed to live in this galaxy. The mass started to die. The mass would not just vanish it would continue in an inert form. It would have to be cleaned up.
U.s.s enterprise
“Shields are off line. Primary reactor is off line. We are running on batteries. “Spock said. “The research post was damaged but is intact.”Carol reported.
“Captain, we have received word from the bracali government. The bracali parliament has ordered the immediate sesation of all experiments involving the vortex. ” The Klingon com tech reported.
“Captains log, the intersteler law treaty organization has dispatched a muti planetary fleet to the bracali to ensure that the experiments end. The bracali emperor and the minister of prominence has pledged to support the fleet. While we have repaired the enterprise enough to get underway . we are either to leave bracali space. Whole evidence of the mass remains things are slowly improving. ”
“Please take better care of my ship commander. “The Orion said. “I will do my best hallak with “your ship.”the captain said.
“Sir! Star fleet is assembling a task force at the kitomer outpost. Star fleet command wants us to go there!”the Klingon com tech said.
“We are going to a Klingon base?”Dr. Piper remarked.”it is under federation control now. “The com tech said. “We will undergo repairs there. “Norris said
U.s.s enterprise
Confrence room
“The x zone is still unstable. The minerals left from the mass causes turbulence in the region.the Klingon high council has asked us to aid in the effort to solve this problem. The federation is sending a task force to the x zone. Our mission will be to restore the space if we can. The enterprise will be heading up the task force. The romulans Will be joining us. Kalara will be my liaison.Dr. Trisha will be the Klingon liaison. Commander jeshop will be the star fleet liaison. Lt. Kolona will be remaining with us as com tech. ” he said.
“Jim. “Carol said. “You look happy?”Jim said. “I am on the science team sent to restore the x zone.I already have a few ideas. “Carol said. ” I am sure you will. ” Jim said. “Are you going to be on the task force?”she asked.”they have given me command of the Artemis. During the mission. “Jim said. “Congrats captain ” Carol said. “It is not the enterprise but a ship is a ship.”Jim said. “Indeed. ” she said.
” congrats on your promotion to captain. “Kalera said. “Thank you .”she said.”all decks standing by.”the tech said. “Mia take us to the x zone . ” he ordered.
The end .
Next up
The enterprise and the task force arrives at the x zone. Dr. Marcus has an idea on how to restore the area. While the crew adjust to life after the mass.

Lower echalon part six

Planet tricea
Dr. Rojer corby and christine chepel walked to the hotel. The two neared the building. Suddenly they saw people heading right for them.
“Korby come with us!” A man said. “What is going on?” Christine asked. “Please miss cheple this has nothing to do with you. Doctor korby! Please do not make this any harder then it needs to be!”the lead thug said.
Cheple tried to defend doctor korby. She tried to strike the attackers. Her eforts were thawted.
“Christine no!” The thug said. “Do not interfere !”the lead thug said. “Who are you? “Chepel asked. “I’m sory! I have nothing against you. ” The thug said. He took a disruptor and stunned him. She fell to the ground.
Dr. Korby took a phaser out of his poket. He fired before the lead thug could get off a schot. The orther thugs tried to get out a schot but korby got there first.they were all stuned.
Klingon vessel
“The team located dr. Korby. They are about to aprehend him!”the com officer said. “Very good! I want this over with now!”kor said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Keptian,i have discovered multiple comunication between the planet and the klingone crusher. “Checov reported.
“What are they up to?” Kyile asked.”they have there reasons I’m sure!”tim said. “I just wish i knew what they were. ” Kyile said.
Mesha was In a bio bed. She wore the blue medical gowan. She had been in a catitonic sate for several houers.
She started to wake up. “Where am i?” She asked. “Your in sickbay. You were brought hear from your qurters. You blinked out in a way!” Dr. Mcbanga said. “What caused it?” She asked. “We are not sure yet. ” Dr. Mcbanga said. “I see. Am i ok?” Mesha said. “It apears that you are. I would like to keep you hear for observation until i am sure!”the doctor said. “Of course!” She said.

Planet tricia
Christine started to wake up. She was disoriented at first.she.started to come back to reality. She started to remember what had occured just before she had been rendered unconscious.
She got up and looked for korby.she saw several Klingon corpses.she was horified. Then she saw korby.
“Rojer? What’s going on?”christine asked. “They attacked me! I had no choice. “Rojer said. “Why did you kill them? Your not a violent man!”she said. “I had to protect you! I did not want to but i had no choice. “Rojer said.
“Who are these people?”christine asked. “They are Klingons! ” dr. Korby said.”what do they want?” Christine said. “On exo we have unearthed a lot of ancient technology. The exoites were an advanced race. Far advanced then most of the pressnt day space fearing races. The Klingons probably want our technology. The Klingon had a spy in our team. I have probably been followed. I am sory to have caused you trouble. “Dr. Korby said.
“Will they be back?”she said. “Yes. They will want to know what happened to there agents. They will probably tear this planet apart looking for me!”korby said. “We need to contact the enterprise. We need there help!” Christine said. Korby did not argue.
Planet tricia
Leslie,galloway and veralia had continued in the animal refuge area. They tried to keep moving. They had no choice.
Leslie sensed something was amis. He had everyone get down. The team got the teledraken phasers in place. They aimed it. There was a phaser blast. Leslie and galloway pulled veralia back. They quickly fired back on the schoters. The snipers fired back as well.  Veralia and the star fleet team took heavy fire.
Leslie got a running start.  even as the phaser fire came at him,he came up to the pirch where one of the sniper were.  Leslie stuned the sniper. He fell off the pirch. He was killed instently.
The team continued to fire on galloway and veralia. They hit back. Leslie jumped off of the blind and fired on the attackers.
  Leslie and galloway tried to protect the myaterias woman. They fired with all there might.veralia fired as well. She seamed to know her way around a phaser. Teldec law required all able bodied adults citizen to have military traning. It would make sence that she would know her way around a weapon.
The star fleet team fired on the asult team. They fired back. They hoped to ware out the orther side. Galloway’s strategy was to not yield. A kind of sustain recistence.
They continued to battle the strike team. They had subdued a few of them. They fired and ran. They got close to a trician ministry of rural and wildlife afairs outpost. The teldec force was forced to withdraw. For now they had endured and servive.
Kelerwitz was informed of what had occured. They came to the area where several star fleet officers were assembled. “Are you ok?”kellerwitz asked.
“Yes sir! “Galloway said. “I’m sory that your people got involved in all of this. ” Veralia said. “It sounds like it was unavoidable. I am glad your ok!” Kelerwitz said. “Thank you!” Veralia said. The commander nodded.
U.s.s enterprise
“We are getting a mesege from the planet. Nurse chepel says her guest was attacked by Klingon agents on the serface!”m’ress informed the captain pro tempt. “Hail kor!” Lt. Kyile ordered.
“On screen !”m’ress said. “Kor! Why have Klingon agents opened fire on federation citizen’s?”kyile said. “If your refering to the pitackh rojer korby he is a terrorist! ” kor proclamed.
“Is he not entitles to a show trial?”kyile asked. “Terrorist can be schot on sight with exteme predjudice. “Kor said. “Korby enjoys federation citizenship. We will protect him. We won’t let you indiscriminately kill one of our citizens” kyile said.
An aid went over to kor. He wispered in his ear. There was an exchange back and forth. “There was an ultracation between my agents and korby. My men are dead. They must be avenged!” Kor said.
The screen faided.
“They are heading for the planet”m’ress said. “Intercept! “Kyle ordered. The enterprise headed for the crusher.
“Hit there port pow!”kyile ordered. In the phaser room on Tomlinson’s order Angela fired a phaser berage. The phasers struck the Klingon crusher. The vesel mantained course. It fired back on the enterprise.
“Minnor damage to the aft nichelle!”checov reported.”stay on um Hanson !”Kyle ordered. The enterprise fired a volley og phasers at the vessel.
The enterprise supassed the war ship. It tried to be a berier to the planet. “Hold your ground every one!” Kyile ordered. The ship held firm.
The Klingon ship kept heading for the enterprise. The enterprise continued to fire on the Klingon vessel. The tricians sent several fighters. The fighters hit the Klingon ship. The Klingon ship was hit by two trician warships. The klingon ship was forced to withdraw. Kyile feard it was not over.
End of part six