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Nues chapter two

The monitor post terisha was assigned to had been an insignificant post. Most in the high command did not know it excited. Now it was the center of activity. Every admiral and there pamochi were contacting them.
Terisha watched the screen. The mass continued to expand.it would keep coming. The mass would envelope the setilite.if she was right the mass would replace the setilite.it would be nutrailized. At least that was her theory. She would soon know for sure. Eventualy the station would fall victim to the mass.
The Klingon fleet would not arrive in time to hit the mass before the station was hit. She and the staf on the monitor post were mostlikly doomed.  That was how it was.everyone in the empire was expendable. That how it was.
Terisha watched the mass expend.it got closer. The mass began to intersect with the setilite.the setilite started to be absorbed into the object. Parts of the setilite just vanished. Within a minute or so,the setilite was gone.
“The sansors failed halfway though the process. We got a lot recorded. Send it to hisg command and to the daystorm institute.”terisha asked.”are you serious. That is federation instigation.”the com officer said.”I know. We may need help. This is hardly sate secrets.it’s scientific reports”she said.”you know high command will not agree!”the com tech said.”I know!”she said. “Fine I will send the datta.it can’t hurt at this point.”she said. 
The team sent all of the data to high command. There was no time to evacuate. They waited.”funny I joined this misson to a void trouble.I am not much of a warrior!”the com said.”your secrete is safe. “She said.
The mass moved closer. The mass kept coming. Around them space was changing. The area was being transformed. Soon it would be them. The lt in command disapered.almost like a vaporization.
Terisha and the com officer knew that it would be over. “It is a good day to die!”the com officer proclaimed. “Come on! We are not dead yet!”terisha said . they ran to the locker area. They pulled out a pressure suit. They went out of the airlock.
The two activated the jet pack of the e.v.a suit. They took it to maximum volicity. It seemed impossible but giving into death was hardly Klingon. They ran as fast as they could. The mass tried to Osborb the two. They were perpelled away from the mass.
They kept being pushed further away. They attempted to stop. The two felt themselves being brought in by tractor beam to a ship. Had they been rescued?
The Klingon fleet had been assembled. They plotted an intercept course for the mass. They had torpedoes and disruptors ready.
“Now in filtering range!”kor announced. “Comense fire!”admiral artjos ordered.the ships fired multiple volleys at the mass. The mass was unafrcted.
The mass continued to head for the warships. The warships mantaned fire. The mass did not change. The mass neared the ships. The admiral ordered the fleet to fall back.
The ships went to warp. An order ship faltered.the vessel stoped.it was neutralized. The rest of the fleet was at high warp.
“We have no choice! Perpare the proto matter!”the admiral “are you serious! A weapon of mass destruction in our home space!”lot said.”this is no ordinary emergency! Do it!”the admiral ordered.
The proto matter device was deployed. The device was detonated. The device seemed to work. The mass stoped moving.
The ships felt the wake of the device. The bridge was hit. The admiral was killed.kor managed to servive.
“The mass seams to be have been stoped. Therevidence of growth. It was at a high coast. The area is high in radiation.the environmental damge is extensive. “Kor said.
“Was this necessary?”the chancellor asked.”I don’t know. It appears to be but I am not convinced of it.”Kor. Proclamed. “Keep me informed.”he ordered. “Will do !”Kor assured him. The screen turned off. Korn was not convinced this was over. He felt it might have just begun.
It was too easy. Battles are not won like this. War was a long slog.a prolonged struggle. Kor did not want to be pasimetic. That was he felt it was.
The military chief of staf to the chancellor was called to the science ministry. The ministers was a potenpkon town. It had become important Spence the mass appeared.
“General! The protomatter did not stop the mass. It slowed it down. I perdict that within a months this area will become part of the mass or the mass!”doctor jitel said. The aid to the general took It in. “The game is a foot! “The aid said.
End of chapter two.
I wanted to wait to feature the federation. Star trek usually features the Maine cast right away. The exceptions are nemesis where the first scene is szinzon killing the Senate. Sense I don’t have to worry about money Hungary actor I can delay there appearance.

Opening salvo part three

Tericon command ship
“Send all pertinent data to command. Include the following message. Experiment a success. Weapon functional. Request permission to procede with invasion!”grand admiral murad said.
“Sending excellentcy!”the com officer said. “Command tends to be caucious. We have to strike now!”first officer said. “You must have faith in the wisdom of the conclave lt. Captain. ” The admiral told his second in command.
“Of course i ment no disrespect.”the first officer said. ” This is a great oportunity. It will not pass un taken. We will rise to the occasion!”the admiral said.
Star base 701
“Get me ops con!”lt. Commander eaten said. “Your on line kev!”keria said. “Attention ops officer this is the tanker moscow. We are hear with anti matter as well as other suplies and engine components !’eaten said. “This is admiral korson. Please befim transfering your suplies to the base. Coordinate with operations chief gallaher. “Korson said. “Will do!”eaten said.
The moscow docked at the base. The crew began off loading the cargo. The station personele aided In the on loading.
U.s.s Lexington
Captain erin provin entered the ready room. “Erin the fleet must remain hear in case the hostle expend and i suspect they will. I canot leave but the information needs to be brought to the star base!” Kentwell said.
“Your sending me on transport dutty!”she said.”it is vital ! The intel division will want to go over it as will the corps of enginers. You used to work in inteligence. You know the stakes.”kentwell said. “Alright !”she said.
“You expect to be attacked?”proven said. “It is only a matter of time! “Kentwell said. “Your probably right!” She said.
Office of the president.
The Klingon ,romulan ,cardesian,breen,tholien,talarien and orther members of the kitomer alience entered. “Thank you for comming!” President teriracht said.
“The reigion on the edge of the borimere sector has come under attack . This area is a crosroads is many of your space i wanted you to be informed. I believe they are planing an invasion of this qudrent. I want to envoke kitomer three!”the telerite president said.
They all agreed to aid the federation in the atempt to stop the enemy onslaught.
  Ki bartan
Esate of karana gitel
Gitel were playing with her children and conversing with her sister. Then she saw members if the praetorian gaurd. “Commander the preator has reactivated you into service. Your needed in ki bartan at once.”the lead gaurd said.
She said good bye to her family .she went with the security agents.they beamed to the senate complex. She was escorted to the office of the preator.
Office of the preator.
Preater gugrat was the first remen to serve as preator. 70 years erlier,remens were given seats in the senate. 30 Years before that they were given citizenship in the empire. Remen was alowed to have home rule.
“The borimere sector has come under attack by unknown hostile fleet. The federation has asked for our help. I have agred to there request. I would like you to head up the task force. “The preator said.
“I would be happy to command the task force!” Karana said. “I hoped that you would. I would like you to head as soon as possible ! The grace fire is available !”the preator said. “Excellent i would like to have that as my flagship! “She said. “I suspected as much!”the preator said. “I will prepare to take the fleet our right away!” Karana said.
“Captain shoreg ! “Chancellor kirteg said. “Excellentcy i am at your desposal!”the captain said.”i know that. I need you to head for you to take a task force to the borimere sector. “The chancellor said. “Agreed chancellor. I will leave right away !”shoreg said. “Very good!”the chancellor said.
End of part three