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Aftermath chapter two

Elba two.
The federation mentle heath  comision was governed by a council that consisted of representatives of the member world’s. The commisionors were mostly in the mental heath field.
The door opened, Addison entered along with her lawyer sarah,Liz and governor Corry.
They sat down at a table designed for the patients. It did resemble a defendants table at an American court. The commission tried to avoid it being a trial or even a parole hearing. The comparison could not be ignored
Addison looked around the room.  There were a few witness. Not the person she thought might be there. She sat down along with her representatives.
The Vulcan head Of the comision got ready to call the hearing to order. He hit a chime. “I nearby call this hearing to order. This hearing is to evaluate the request of Addison Jean mccomic to be released from the custody of the comision. ” setlik said.
“This comision was called at the request of miss mccomic. You are represented by council?” Spencer French asked. Sarah got up. “Lt. Commander sarah Chabot counsel for miss mccomic. 
“Commander you may present your petition ?'”the Vulcan chairman said. “Thank you Mr. Chairman. She got up. “Members of the commission. I nearby request the release of miss mccomic. Her mental collapse was due to influence of trans dimensional activity. I enter into evidence statements from doctor Mark piper senior surgeon of the starship enterprise and several concurrent reports from colleges of doctor piper. I also have reports from lt. Spock science officer of the enterprise and chief enginer halal attesting to the transdinensional. Activity. It Is our contention that the breakdown was caused by the said activity and th a she is fit to return to duty. ” sarah said.
“Your evidence is nearby entered into the record. “The chairman said.”Mr. Chairman I wish to call doctor Elizabeth dahner to testify. ” sarah said.
Doctor Elizabeth dahner sat down. She put her hand on a wound. “Elizabeth dahner,doctor of psyciatry. Curenrly member of staf Elba two. Star fleet commander assigned to starship enterprise. ” the computer said.
“Doctor dahner, you examined miss McCormick  before and after the incident involving the mass?”sarah asked. “I did Mam. “Liz said. “You atribbute the mentle breakthrough to the influx Of life forms from another dimension?” she asked. “Yes. Brain scans showed energy readings coinciding with the breakdown. With the dismentiling of the bracali experiment , her Braun scans returned to the readings taken at her last examination on the enterprise before her breakthrough. ” she said.
“Are you certain that the break down is connected to the mass?’sarah asked. “I have no doubt of that. A life form contacted her several times. “She said. “I submit those reports into evidence . “she said.
“I am finished with this witness.”sarah said. “Doctor your reports as a staf member are different that your testimony today.” an andorian commissionor asked. “Yes that is correct. I did not have the information I have now. My evaluation is inaccurate because I did not have pertinent information. ” Liz remarked.
“Your reports prior to her release are very troubling.”Spencer French said. “I realize that. I believe her mind was effected by the life forms. The evidence verifies that. “Liz said.
“Her last evaluation was not promising in fact you sais she might need at least a year more of inpatient care!”a telerite member said. “I was incorrect. ” Liz said.
“She has had break downs before she needed a special waiver to attend star fleet academy. “The Vulcan chair remarked. “Yes. But she has had a stellar carer in star fleet and attained command of the enterprise. She played a key role in the resolution of the mass crises. Captain Norris and commander Kirk has verified that. ” she said.”thank you doctor. You may step down. “The chairman said.
Startle craft Galileo.
In the cockpit, Dr. Carol Marcus scanned the space. She took extensive scans. She used everything she had.
“What is it Carol?”he asked. “Jim? The inert materials are poising space. I would compare it to alge. If we don’t do anything it will erode this space. In thirty years not even ships can servive. I  Don’t see how we can contain it. ” she said.
Conference room.
“This space is dying.if the area is not cleansed of the materials the area will be deadly to anythIng  Of  this universe. ” Dr. Marcus said.
  ” star fleet uses booms ,automated ships designed to clean plasma spills and other anprogenic natural disaster. The booms have been modified to deal with x particle. A fleet us on route.”Norris said.
“Can all of the particles be removed? From all reports there can be no remnants left?”the chancellor asked. “We don’t know but we will keep modyfing the bombs until we do “the Orion engineer said.
“Even with the entire fleet of booms working non stop conservative efforts it would take ten years to clean it up. “The chancellor said .
“This is not our final option chancellor. The booms are designed to buy us time. The best minds in the federation are working on solutions. ” Spock said.
“That is all fine and good but this is our empire at stake. The federation is relatively safe. “An advisor said. “We are committed to findings solution “Norris said.
“I suggest you come up with something soon. “The chancellor said.the transmission ended. “That sounded like a threat!”Smith said. “I believe it was.”Norris said.
“The chancellor is under anonymous pressure.  He was installed by hardliners. He came into office promising expansion. The mass threatened every aspect of the empire including economic and commercial interest. Nonm military cast play a smal role In Klingon politics but if there livelihood is threatened that cod change. “Terisha said.
“This is a threat. It may not totally a call to arms by the leader but a prediction. The chancellor first instinct is military but he may not be prone to conflict. “Jes said.
“This is a scientific and envioermentle issue.that is how we will solve it. Lets brain storm and come up with something. Science is the art Of making the impossible possible. Lets do it. ” the captain said.
The staf members at the conference table got up from the table. They started to disperse.
Dr. Carol Marcus had an idea but she was not sure if it was a good idea. “Jim do you have to get back to the Artemis?”she asked. “Not right away!”he said. “I have a possible solution to the mass crises. It is a doozy. I wanted to run it by you first”she said. “Am I going to not like it?”he asked. “It is very possible” she said. “Lets take a look if what you got!”he suggested.she agreed.
Qaurters of the captain
“I hope your not allergic or vegiterien. I did some research into diery customs bit your planet is similar to my one with different sub cultures. “Norris said.
“I am sure it will be fine!” kalera said. “So if your go into shock or are offended please don’t go to war with the federation “he asked.”no promises!” she said. They laughed. “I never heard a romylan laugh before !”he said. “Really? Rihansu comedy is legendary. We are silly wen not conquering planets. Sometimes we are silly as we conqur but any ways.”she said. “I had no idea. “Norris said.
“Lari I am afraid that the alience won’t hold. We seamed to be making strides . the chancellor is a pragmatist . I fear if he decides to go for a military solution the Romulans Will be forced to join you. We need to work  together to solve this. “He said. “I know that. I will do all I can to preserve the alience.”she promised. “I know. I gues I have gotten used to having you around. I would hate for You to not be around “he said “you  get rid of me that easily. ” she told him. “Good. ” Norris said.
Qurters  Jessup
The chime rang. “Come in !” Jessup Said .the door opened, it was terasha. “Hello”he said. “I have given thought to us. I wish to resume our marriage. “She said. “I stil love you. I can’t deny that.the fact is that we are literily from two different world’s. This alience is tenuous at best. There is no reason to believe that this will hold. ” he said.
“You stil don’t trust me do you?”she asked. ” you chose a corrupt leader over me ! How do I know you won’t do it again should mukerat Pesure a military solution. “He said. ” I won’t leave this time. I will request asylum in the federation. I am sure that I could teach anywhere. I am sure my skills could come in handy in any field. “She said. “You said that the last time. ” he said.
“Is there nothing left but bitterness in your heart ? “She asked. “Only a fool tries to rule a burning house. What was it sortrak who said that “never trust a double agent more then once. “He said. “I hope I can one day earn your trust . you know I would probably be crying right now but I don’t have tear ducts. “She said. She left. The door closed.
Elba two
Addison had changed from the yellow command officers dress to a white v neck scrub used by patients at the asylum. Addison had put her hair into a pony tail then taken it out and restyled it.
“You know you have styled and restyled it multiple times. ” Liz said.”I know. Its helps me relax. My adopted parents said I played with my hair when I arrived with them. I gues it is a kind of self soothing. “She said. “Are you nervous addy?”Liz asked. “A little. “Addison said. “The case is going well. .Liz’s said. “They have asked a lot of harsh questione. Some of the comisioners don’t seam convinced.”she said.
Sarah came in. “Dresing the part?”Sarah asked. ” the staf wanted me to ware the patients uniform. I did not want to argue. ” Addison said.
“You don’t look happy Sarah. ” Addison remarked. “There has been a last minute addition to those who wish to make a statement. ” she said. “Who is it?” Liz asked. “Ryian Harrington. ” Sarah said. ” oh no!”Addison said.
U.s.s enterprise
Qurters of Carol Marcus.
The two entered the quarters. She got a recorder and activated it. She called up a personal file. She showed it to Kirk.
He took the file and looked it over. “Project genises?”he asked. “It was a idea I had. I wanted to deal with the intergalactic problem of food shortege and other issues. I could not work out some quirks. I never showed this to anyone . ” she said.
“A device designed to reinvigorate a dead form creating a New matrix. ” Kirk said. “This could solve the problem of the post mass crises. The problem is that I don’t have a catylist. The most viable agency would be protomatter. “Carol said.
“Protonatter is unstable. It could make a bad situation worse. ” he said. “I know. If I present this to the task  force perhaps they could come up with something. “She said.
“Star fleet command might be reluctant to even sugest  this to the task force. The  partnership is a lose alience  . though we have strong supporters like kor and others the governments seam to be wavering. This could be weponized . “he said
“Look I know that scientist can be pawns of the military. We cannot have a brave new world if we refus to be brave .risk is the only way. The Klingons are dying. If the Klingons die chaos insues. We have to do something Jim .we are at a real risk of looosing it all . this is no ordinary emergentcy. ” Carol said.
” Carol this could start an arms race . a cold war a hot war. There has to be a better way. ” Kirk said. ” Jim there is not. This could be the answer. ” she said.
“Carol this is not the right choice. There is a. Better way. I bend the rules . I tend to rush in where angels fear to tread.we have to keep looking.”he said.
End of part two.

Nues. Chapter six

Klingon empire
“Private journal. James t Kirk reporting. We are stil in Klingon space. We are currently traveling by stealth . what would be a quick trip to the border has taken much time .we have been careful to dodge Klingon patrol ship. ”
“We cannot keep this up forever Jim!”Carol said. “I know that . I will do this until I come up with a more permanent solution. “Jim told Carol.
“Jim! I have got a scan of the border crossing ,there is a massive buildup. We will never make it to the federation. ” Gary said.
“Are there star fleet ship on our side?”Lee asked. “Yes there is!”Gary said. “If star fleet came to our aid,there Will be war. We are trying to help the Klingon combat the mass not make things worse. “Carol said.
“Look into other options Gary!”Kirk said. “Including merciless?”mitchel asked. “If you have a viable option that includes miracle gare sure!”Kirk told Gary mitchel. “Ok I will try Jim!”he said
The ship mantaned course for the Klingon border. Kirk ordered a reduction of speed. Kirk wanted to buy time to come up with an alternative. Until he came up with one,they will keep going towards the border.
“Jim we have a problem!”Gary said.”report!”Kirk said. “Detecting incoming ship. Two d 7 katinga ‘class warship. ” Lee reported. “They are urging us to stand down!”a com tech said.
“This day is just getting better and better. “Gary mitchel said. “I know what you mean Mitch !”Kirk said.
“We can’t stand down. Klingon don’t usually take prisoners “Lee said. “Two against one are not good odds. “Carol commented.
“They are powering up weapons. “Gary reported. “Even when there space is on the brink of implosion they stil are surly as ever. “Gary remarked.
“Do not raise our weapons but maintain course!”Kirk ordered. “Jim you do know that this is suicide!”Carol said. “We are not dead yet carrol. “Jim said. She thought to her self,that is not very encouraging.
The ships mantaned course. “We have an incoming vessel. It is another d7 cruiser!”Gary said. “Great now it is three against one. “Lee said.
“The New ship is ordering the other ships to stand down. ” the com tech said. “The ship is moving away. ” Gary reported. “We are being hailed. “The com tech said.
“I hear aurora pentae is beautiful this time of year. “Gary commented. “Not now gare. “Kirk ordered. “Sory!”mitchel said.
“On screen. “Kirk ordered. The message was transferred to the main screen. “James Tiberius Kirk! It has been a long time!”kor said. “Not long enough kor! What do you want?”Kirk insisted. “You have seen the mass. “He said. “Yes we got some valuable data. ” Kirk said.
“I will escort to the federation. “Kor said. “Just like that. That does not sound like you kor!”Kirk said. “The neads of the empire outweigh my personal desire to blow you out of the stars. “Kor said.
“Look I came to get information on the mass. I will give you the data we collect. “Kirk promised the Klingon commander.
“Very well. I hope I don’t regret this but I already do. The fate of the empire may be in your hands.do not let me down captain. “The commander said.
The Klingon vessel escorted the vessel to the border. “Can we trust him?”a bridge tech asked. “Yes he is a pain in the but but he is a patriot. His love of his home land does outweigh other priorities. “Kirk said.
Romulan vessel
Office of the commander.
“I looked over the data we have collected and the data from the tholien vessel,I believe that the mass came hear not as a result of manipulations by the tholiens or any one else. I believe Dr. Xi was curious although disrespectful towards our laws and customs. “Dr. Kalera said.
“Do you have any idea where the mass originated ?”the defense minister asked.
“Not to a certenty but the mass is not part of our universe. It has a signature confirming that it is not from our dimension. “Kalera said.
“How did it get hear?” the proconsul asked. “We do not know. That is the concerning part excellently. Doctor xi suspects that there could be a crack in the wall that separates our universe from others. The cause could be an accident due to pollution or some other accident or fluke. This could be a syimptom of a bigger problem.”Kalera said.
“That is just speculation at this point. You have no proof of this!”the chairman of the telshiar commented. “That is correct Mr. Chairman. While we cannot prove It,at the same time we cannot disprove it. Kalera’s rule of science nothing is disprovin until it is disproven. “She told the intelligence chief.
“Do you believe that the mass and how it got hear are two separate issues ?”the minister of science Dr. Torran asked. “Yes I do. We must deal with them as two separate issues. ” Kalera said.
“You do not believe this is some kind of plot by our enemies to destabilize us?””the defense minister asked.
“I cannot totally rule that out. If there was a plot .it would be extreme. It is basically a doomsday syinerio. A scorched Romulus tactic. They would risk destroying the universe To take us and the Klingon. In a doomsday synerio the Klingon seam to be a more likely target then us. ” she said.
Kalera knew that the defense minister would not like that answer.she believed that this was accurate.
“How do we get more information ?”the preator asked. “I recommend we share information with the Klingon and the federation. “Dr. Kalera said.
There was outrage. Everyone was shocked. The pretor made no reaction. The preator silenced the office. “There will be order in my office. Are you really suggesting we align with our two major competitors?” the pretor asked. “No excelentcy! I am mearly suggesting an exchange of information. The situation trumps intergalactic politics!”she said.
“We have treaties with the Klingon empire but we have no relationship with the federation .what your suggesting is highly problimetic!” foreign minister clemor who had been silent up to this point said.
“This is no ordinary emergency excelenrcy!”she said.”contact the Klingon embassy. We can contact the federation though a third party. Do it!”the preator said. “This is highly ireguler !”the defense chief said. “This is a highly irregular time minister!”the preator said.
U.s.s enterprise
“I assume the mass is containing to expand !”Dr. Terisha said. “Indeed it is. It Is a slow rate but yes it is. “Spock told her.
“I was hoping it had stoped but of course it would not. “Terisha said.”I suspect this is not an easy conundrum. It Will be most difficult to correct.”Spock said.
“Do you think we can correct it Mr. Spock ?”she asked. “I do not have sufficient evidence either way to form a conclusion but I believe that we do have a plausible chance to correct it “Spock said.
“Those are my thoughts as well. “The Klingon scientist said. “This May be a daunting task I cannot deny That!”he said.
Mess hall
Lt. Commander jeshop Sat in a corner eating. Doctor Elizabeth dahner came over with a tray.she did not ask permission to join her. She just did. “It must be difficult to see her!”Liz said. “A bit. “He answered.
“You stil love her don’t you?”Liz asked. “I suppose I am. The truth is I never stoped. I don’t get it. Terisha used to complain about the tyriny of the warrior cast. She predicted that the chancellor would start a war with the federation to increase his support with the people. Then when it happened she returns to Klingon space and worked to create weapons and technology to conqur what was her home a few months earlier. Betraying her people is one thing but to happily participate in the deviation of a people who opened there arms to her us quite another!”jeshop said.
“You feel personally betrayed don’t you?”she asked. “I do. I gave her my heart and she threw it away just it was nothing. “Aaron said.
“She may not have seen it that way. “She said. “The federation us not interested in territory. We we’re no threat to the Klingon. She lived in the federation for over two years . she knows the kind of people we are. None of that mattered. “He said.
“You need to talk to her. If you still love her,you have to discuss this with her!”Liz said.
“I have kirks ship. It is on course to the border. Itseams to be under escort to another cruiser.”Spock reported. “There is quite a disagreement between the commander of the escort ship and the commander of the fleet. “Kolona said.
“The border fleet is letting the human vessel cross the border. “Spock said.
The human  ship crossed the border. “The vessel is now in federation space. “Spock reported.”sir! Captain Kirk Is requesting permission to  On borred. ” kolona said.
“Permisson granted.  Mia you have the Bridge ! ” commander Norris ordered. Mia got up from the helm station and sat in the command chair.
Transporter room
“They are ready at your command sir!”lt. Kyile informed the acting c.o.”energize Mr. Kyile!”the commander ordered. Kyile activated the controls. Kirk and Carol emerged on the transporter pad.
“Ben ! Your In command of the enterprise?”Kirk asked.”Jim Jack conklin is dead. I am acting captain until star fleet decides on a replacement. ” Ben Norris said.
“We have valuable data on the mass. Perhaps how to slow it down.”Carol said.
“I want you to work with science officer Spock and a Klingon scientist .I want you ready to debrief my senior staff. ” Ben said.
“Of course Ben !”Kirk said. “Bridge to commander Norris!” lt. Bolt said.he went to the com unit. “Go ahead mia!” Norris said .”New orders direct from star fleet. “Mia said.
“I will be up. If you follow me !”Norris said. The two followed the captain. They excited the transporter room. The door closed.
“Apearenrly the Romulus want to share information on the mass. They have invited us into there space. We are being sent. “Norris said.
“Are you sure this is a good idea?”the Orion chief engineer asked. “Not quite but it could be a real chance to solve this thing. “The. Acting captain answered. “Alright!”the enginer said.
“Jess I want Trisha along as our liaison with the romulons and head up our investigation of the mass. “The commander said.
“I think I can convince her to join US.she seams very eiger to help us.”the mission officer said. “I would like to bring Dr. Marcus along!”Norris said.
“You don’t seam too thrilled by this idea Ben!”Addison commented. “Its not doctor Marcus I objectk to. “Norris said. “You know Kirk will let her go without going himself!”Dr. Mark piper said. “I know.  I like Kirk. I do but he is an unstable element and we have our fill of them these days. “Norris said.
“Mr. Kirk is not known as a team player. “Spock said. “No he is not. Star fleet is a team sport and I am the coach. “Norris said.
Conference room.
“Let m gues your on your way to the Romulin empire and want Carol on the team. You know I won’t let her go without going myself. ” Kirk said.
“Look Jim I have no quarrel with you. I am the ranking officer of the federation flagship heading into a space of a race that was our enemy two seconds ago and could be again. There can only be one commanding officer. ” Norris said.
“I won’t step on your toes Ben. “He said. “I let you on bored you will be a civilian advisor. “Norris said.
“Fine. “Kirk said. “One other thing we are a bit understaffed. A lot of your crew are x star fleet. If some of them were willing to help out I would appreciate it. “Norris said.
“I will ask them. I recommend Lee kelso,good pilot as well as many orther specialities although he does lack a little bit in the personality department. Then there is Garry mitchel. He is a hand full at times but he knows his stuf. ” Kirk said.”I will look into it. “Norris said.
Uss enterprise
The department heads all arrived on the Bridge. This included Dr.Mark piper,chief engineer hallak,the security chief and commander Jessup. Also there was Dr. Marcus,Jim Kirk,Addison mccomic and Dr. Terisha. Gary mitchel relieved lt. Nilles who was at the navigators station.
“All decks standing by!”kolona reported. “All departments ready and manned!”gossip said. “Very well . do you have the coordinates Mr. Mitchel ?”Norris asked. “I do sir!”mitchel reported. “Mia engage !”Norris ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. It headed towards the belly of the beast.
End of part six.

“Detox ” part five

“Medical log,Dr. Mark piper reporting.being a medical officer on a deep space mission is difficult at times. My job is to overse the health and wel being of the crew. Sometimes that means deeling with pathogen I have never even imagined. ”
“As I deal with this microbe,I feel that this is one of those times. While they say it is lonely at the top.it is defiantly lonely at the top of the medical field of the enterprise. ” piper said.
“The only way to save the female crew of the enterprise is to remove her memories of her relationship with her husband. There is no clear evidence that this will yield any result. ”
Detox chamber
“We are almost ready. “Dr. Mcbanga said “ok. “Addison said. She hugged ryian. “Ry! I wrote you some letters. Don’t read them now but when times get tough. Read um ok. Not matter what happens never forget this Addison !”she said.
“I won’t addy!” ryian said. “I love you ry!”she said. “I love you addy!”he said. They kissed.
Then they prepped her for surgery .they wheeled her into a room that they had turned into a surgery room.
Farris and Wesley saw Addison being wheeled into the magshift o.r.”they sent you Bob? I was hoping for Matt Decker?”she said.”I will try to keep your office in one peace!”Wesley said. “Gosh! I am worried!”she said. He laughed.
She was wheeled into the o.r. “alright! Jubulio I want you to monitor her brain and the microbe. Report any change!”McCoy said.”you got it Len!”mcbanga said.”alright let’s do this and God helps us!”piper said.
Addison began to fall asleep. She started to drift. The medical team started to access her memories.
She found self at Starfleet academy.she remembered  was a memory. She walked into a dorm room. She went inside.
She saw ryian.this was the day she met him. She rode him hard that day. Neither one liked the orther for quite a while.
“I have isolated the memory.”Dr. Piper said. “Lets hope this is not for naught!”McCoy said. He gave the order to eraise the memory.
The event went as it had before. Just as she remembered it. Then she saw hum start to vanish.”what’s going on? Intruder alert! ” Addison said. Then he was gone.
“Dr. This is odd! When you removed the memory,the microbes showed clear signs of agitation. “Mcbanga said. “Keep a close eye on it!”Mark said.
They then went to the next menory. “Sir! May I speak freely?”Ryan asked. “Procede!”addison said.”what is your problem with me? I work hard. I stic to business. I have gotten good feedback from faculty and other cadet commanders yet you will never let up!”ryian said.
“I don’t understand why you are hear. Your from privledge although most everyone in the federation are. I have had to earn everything I had. I resent you!”Addison said.
“Look we are eaquil in the eyes of our superiors. We have the same opportunity. You are in a position of leadership in the core of cadets. Why is not room for me to do the same ?”he asked.
“I won’t coddle anyone cadet. “She said.”that is not what I want sir. I want to be treated like any orther cadet. No better but no worse.”Ryian said.
She began to realize that this was a memory. She wondered how that Addison would feel about her future decisions. Would she be surprised or even outraged?  She had no idea.
Sudenly there was a large storm.the storm came at them.she yelled at Ryan. The cloud hit Ryan. It vanished. She yelled. Then she had no idea what had just occured.she had forgotten all about it.
“There it was again. “Mcbanga said “have the computer scan the event. See if the computer can find anything that might help fight it!”Dr. McCoy told him.he agreed.
Then another memory was displayed.”cadet Hendricks.congradulations on your completion of your first year.”Addison said.”thank you sir! I understand you gave me a favorable review ?”Ryan said.”you earned it cadet. I may have been harsh on you. I was sceptical of you but I may have musjudged you.”Addison said.”may have?”he asked.
She started to laugh. It was the first time she has ever laughed at him.he did not think he ever saw her smile. He wondered if she was capable of smiling.
Sudenly she saw the shock wave. She conjured up a . she fired on the. Schock wave.  It was to  avail. The phaser hit the wave but it had no impact. She forgot why she had fired it.
It was during his sophomore year.it was her junior year. She saw him at an unofficial game of capture the flag. There was Ryan. He snapped to attention. “Relax ry we are off duty!”Addison told her. “Of course lt!”Ryan said. “Ry! Call me daddy off duty!”she said. “Very well!”he said.
This time it was not a shock wave. It was like some kind of disintigation. She watched in horror as he vanished.then she forgot why he dissapered or that he had ever was there.
  The next memory Ryan tried to catch up with her.”addy will you be my date at the dance?”Ryan asked. “Realy I thought you hated me?”she asked. “I thought that about you! If this is improper I will withdraw it. “He said. “No i would love to!”she said. “Realy? That’s great!”Ryan said.
Somehow she knew what was coming next. She knew this memory would be destroyed just like the rest. Sure enough the wave took it out just like the orthers.
When she woke up. She was just like the others. She was under the effect of the microbes.
Dr. McCoy and piper looked over the data. After carefull examination they believe that they found the answer.
Confrence room.
“Commissioner I believe we have a counter agent. Your not going to like it. “Dr. Piper said.”what is it”Farris asked. “Alright! What is it ?”the official asked. “The microbe only affects body that are susceptible to suggestion. Those not involved in a romantic relationship. “Piper said.
“If we were to implant memories of romance we could flush out the creatures. ” Dr. McCoy said.
“Wait a minute! Any mind alteration is strictly forbidden under earth law,federation law and intergalactic treaties. “Faris said.
“Can’t we get a waver. This Is an extreme situation!” piper said.”this would be a bad precident. Once this pendoras box is opened it might never be closed. I’m sorry. You will have to come up with another answer. “Farris said.
Romulan vessel
Office of the commander .
“You want to attack the enterprise?”admiral asked. “They  a sitting duck! “She said . “this will be considered an act of war. “Terok said .”the destruction of the flagship of the federation would be a huge morale booster. Do not deny me this chance. “She said.
“I will not authorize it.  Will not stop you.  If  you  fail your on your own!”the admiral said.
End of part five
This is inspired by the movie “sunshine of a  spotless mind”

Opening salvo part three

Tericon command ship
“Send all pertinent data to command. Include the following message. Experiment a success. Weapon functional. Request permission to procede with invasion!”grand admiral murad said.
“Sending excellentcy!”the com officer said. “Command tends to be caucious. We have to strike now!”first officer said. “You must have faith in the wisdom of the conclave lt. Captain. ” The admiral told his second in command.
“Of course i ment no disrespect.”the first officer said. ” This is a great oportunity. It will not pass un taken. We will rise to the occasion!”the admiral said.
Star base 701
“Get me ops con!”lt. Commander eaten said. “Your on line kev!”keria said. “Attention ops officer this is the tanker moscow. We are hear with anti matter as well as other suplies and engine components !’eaten said. “This is admiral korson. Please befim transfering your suplies to the base. Coordinate with operations chief gallaher. “Korson said. “Will do!”eaten said.
The moscow docked at the base. The crew began off loading the cargo. The station personele aided In the on loading.
U.s.s Lexington
Captain erin provin entered the ready room. “Erin the fleet must remain hear in case the hostle expend and i suspect they will. I canot leave but the information needs to be brought to the star base!” Kentwell said.
“Your sending me on transport dutty!”she said.”it is vital ! The intel division will want to go over it as will the corps of enginers. You used to work in inteligence. You know the stakes.”kentwell said. “Alright !”she said.
“You expect to be attacked?”proven said. “It is only a matter of time! “Kentwell said. “Your probably right!” She said.
Office of the president.
The Klingon ,romulan ,cardesian,breen,tholien,talarien and orther members of the kitomer alience entered. “Thank you for comming!” President teriracht said.
“The reigion on the edge of the borimere sector has come under attack . This area is a crosroads is many of your space i wanted you to be informed. I believe they are planing an invasion of this qudrent. I want to envoke kitomer three!”the telerite president said.
They all agreed to aid the federation in the atempt to stop the enemy onslaught.
  Ki bartan
Esate of karana gitel
Gitel were playing with her children and conversing with her sister. Then she saw members if the praetorian gaurd. “Commander the preator has reactivated you into service. Your needed in ki bartan at once.”the lead gaurd said.
She said good bye to her family .she went with the security agents.they beamed to the senate complex. She was escorted to the office of the preator.
Office of the preator.
Preater gugrat was the first remen to serve as preator. 70 years erlier,remens were given seats in the senate. 30 Years before that they were given citizenship in the empire. Remen was alowed to have home rule.
“The borimere sector has come under attack by unknown hostile fleet. The federation has asked for our help. I have agred to there request. I would like you to head up the task force. “The preator said.
“I would be happy to command the task force!” Karana said. “I hoped that you would. I would like you to head as soon as possible ! The grace fire is available !”the preator said. “Excellent i would like to have that as my flagship! “She said. “I suspected as much!”the preator said. “I will prepare to take the fleet our right away!” Karana said.
“Captain shoreg ! “Chancellor kirteg said. “Excellentcy i am at your desposal!”the captain said.”i know that. I need you to head for you to take a task force to the borimere sector. “The chancellor said. “Agreed chancellor. I will leave right away !”shoreg said. “Very good!”the chancellor said.
End of part three

Ties that bind part 14

Romulon vessel
“Its over captain! You are about to lose it all!” Tridex said. Adison went at the commander. He went at her. She deflected and hit back.
The transporter beam fell. A security team that included leslie and galway. The team serounded the bridge. Addison decked tridex.
“Stand down ! Enjoy your victory Addison it won’t last !” Tridex said. ” Find Alison !” Addison ordered.
The bording party scaned the data. “She is in key bartan! The capital!” “Leslie anounced. “Dawn it! Mr. Gallway get my family to the enterprise !”she said. “YOU have my word ! ” he said.
Ci bartan
The capital had been put on high alert. The capital was put on lock down. There were soldjers in every street corner. Ordinary citizen’s were hold up in there homes. The senate was sealed off. The preator was sicured.
  Alison had emurged on the planet. She took out a device. She stood ready. She was going to detonate herself near the senate building.
With the senate complex on fire,they would link it to a human. The romulins would destroy the enterprise and then all out war would begin. The romulin would strike the federation.
Addison beamed to the planet. She ran up to Alison. “Stay back addy bear! I am armed with a bomb!”Alison said. ” why Alison ! Why are you turning on your own people ?”Addison asked. ” you betrayed me! You all did. Your not my people any more! “She said.
She was about to detonate. Addison jumped on Alison. Addison tried to tackle Alison . She was carefull not to detonate her. The gaurds arived.
“She has a bomb!” Addison said. Alison hit Addison . She ran towards the capital. Addison ran after her.
A force field serounded her. She took a device and deactivated it. She ran for the capital steps. Addison ran after her. She went to press the activation button. “Tagigawa now!” Addison said.
The chief activated the transporter beam. Alison was beamed on to the ship. The device was removed from her and beamed into space. The device exploded but in a distent part.
Addison emurged in the transporter pad. “Is every one back on the ship?” Addison asked. “Confirmed!” The chief said. “Addison to bridge. Get us out of romulan space!”she said. “With pleasure! ” gioto said.
“Get her to the brig!”she ordered. “You got it!”gallway said.
The enterprise ran into the gateway. The ship ran to the doorway. The vortex vanised. The enterprise was gone.
Addison ran to the sickbay. Ryian was already there. He held on to his todler son and held his baby daughter. Addison entered. She hugged her kids. “I am not letting you out of my site!”Addison said. She started to cry. Ryian put his hand on her soulder.
  “Commander sotril you are going to be back to work any time soon?” Addison asked . “As soon as mark clears me! I am ready!” She said. “You notice there is a young lt who keeps stoping by!”piper said. “Anything you want to tell us about?” Addison asked. “No!” She said. “I did not think so!” Piper said.
Brefing room
Addison was doing some paper work when liz came in. “What are you working on?”liz asked. “Oh nothing !”Addison said. She was trying to hide it. Liz took it. “Resignation ?come on addy? ” liz asked. “Liz i can’t do the job any more ! It is just not in me !  I have lost my momentum. I have to walk away. “Addison said.
“Addison we need you!  You are where you need to be. You did not get hear by acident. You stoped a war! ” Liz said.
“I need to take a break! Maybe foever. I just don’t know. “She said. “Addison! Your upset and resonabily so. Don’t give up so soon. Hold off for a little bit! “Liz said.
“Captain’s log the enterprise has arived at star base 11. Alison cransaw has been taken into custody. She will be transfered to the elba two asilium planet for evaluation. Dr. Daner and piper believe that she has some of the experiences of miss cranshaw but is not her. The essence of her died on the freighter !”
“How she was rescured and ended up working for the romulons is unknowns. It is unknown if the romulons were behind the experiment or someone else. ”
“It is aslo unknowns if the romulon government was behind the plot to start the war or if it was a faction within the empire. I also wounder if perhaps the plot came from outside the empire. Right now i just don’t know!”
“The romulin empire has down sized there forces on the border.any plans for an invasion on the federation for now is on hold. The romulins though a third party delivered a message to you at our embasy on altair. The mesege had three words in english. “We are back!”
While the enterprise is perpering to return to space. The enterprise has completed repairs and is ready to resume our exploration of the galaxsy. ”
The department heads were present including commander sotril who was back to work. “Now clear of orbit !”Ryan said.”take us into the unknown!”Addison said.
The end

Ties that bind part 13

“Captain’s log we are curently inside the doorway. We still do not know what this is. There is so much to it we do not understand. So far we are holding up!” Addison said.
“They are opening the doorway!’kyile reported. “Folow them out!”Addison ordered. The ship persued the romulin vessel. The doorway opened. The enterprise left the doorway.
“We are near romulis and remus!” Kyile reported. “We are ordered to surender!”palmer said. “We have several vessels heading our way!”Kylie said. “Get me the lead ship!” Addison said. “I can’t get though! I am being jammed! ” palmer reported.
Two bird of preys opened fire on the enterprise. “Shields are holding!” Ryian reported. “Scan for anything unusual ! I have a bad hunch! “Addison said.
“Captain i am detecting some short of energy build up in a jeferies tube near enginering.” Kyile reported. “They implanted an explosive device on the ship? When would they have time to do that?”gioto asked.
“My gues? Probably at space dock! They planed every thing. They had this thing all ploted out.”she said.
“If the device detonates,the enterprise will be destroyed. It will take half the romulan fleet with it! “Kyile said.
” Then the romulans will clame we are the agresors and lunch a full reprisal” Gioto said. ” Gioto take charge. Evasive munuvers. I am going to remove that device!” Addison said.
“Addy!”Ryan said. “I have no choice !”she said. She entered the turbo lift. The lift took her to a cralway entrence. She opened the tube. She was not brothered by smal spaces. The ones on the freighter were worse.
She found the device. It was embeded into the system. The ship rocked. “Keep her steady gioto!”she said. She took out her tool box. She removed a smal tool and tried to first create a dampening field that stoped the device cold in its tract.
The device was designed to protect itself. “They think of every thing!”she said. She was not giving up not quite yet.
She tried to ajust the device. She had a few tricks up her sleave. She hoped one of them would work. She hoped that she had time to try them.
The ship was hit again. She knew that they had this well planed. Thry had covered there bases. They had planed this for a while. How long she was not sure.
“Engineering ! Pit i nead you to eject the core!” She said. “Addy are you out of your mind? We canot eject the core in the midle of hostile space!” Pitkarn said. “Please trust me on this pit! “She said.
“She might be out of her mind but i don’t have any other options!” He presed the eject button. The core left the ship. 
Romulin flagship
“Commander they ejected there core!” A scaning officer said. “Why would they do that? There is no reason for this!”the first officer said. “No there is not! I believe there may be a different explination! Order the fleet to hold there fire!” The commander ordered.
The bridge crew was suprised. They folowed his orders. The entire fleet stood down.
The core seamed to feed the device. The ejection of the core seamed to have shut down the device. Now without the core,the enterprise was a siting duck in the capital of one of there lead rivals. There were more presing concerns at the moment.   She scaned the device. It was inert. She took out the device. The device was inactive.
“I can’t get passed the jammers!”palmer said. ” The explosive device had been rendered enert!” Kyile said. “The threat is not over. Without the com relay we can’t explain all of this!”gioto said. “So far the ships are holding position!”kyile said.
“I am starting to wonder if this is not a rougue faction of the romulan government not the empire as a whole. ” Dassale said.
“Can we convince them that that is true? Will it matter. There are many in the empire that want a war regardless of why! ” gioto said.
Addison left the cralway. She ran to the transporter room. “I need you to beam me to one of the romulan ships.”she said to tawcinewa said. He set the controls.
She emerged on the bridge of the bird of prey. ” Momy!”little sarek said. He ran to her. Her perents were releved to see her. She wished she had time for a proper reunion but she did not yet.
“Stop right there! Addison ! ” aly said. She pointed a disruptor at her. “End this! You have lost! “Addison declared.
“No addy bear the game is not over! Not even close !” She opened a doorway. She was gone. The question was where?
End of part 13

Ties that bind part 12

“Captain’s log,commander sotril reporting. There have been more attacks. It is puting the entire federation on edge. While more ships are heading to the nutral zone. War seams more and more likely even hour. While engineers on the enterprise and thoughout the federation work fevourusly to find a way to prevent the doorsway. There break though has proven fleating so far!”she said.
“We believe that we have a working early warning system ! “Pitkarn said. “The problem is that we won’t totally know if it works until it is used in actual use!”kyile said. “I understand ! Good work !”sotril said.
“We have converted this station to monitor for it. Relief helmsman lt. Mathews has agried to take the consil!”pitkarn said. Sotril got really qiet. Sotril while not loquacious but she usually had something to say. At this moment she did not. It was a very akward moment of silent. No one knew why except for the vulcan and the jr helmsman.
“Very well! I am sure you will do a more then adaquit job lt!”she said. “Thank you commander!” The jr officer said. She reterned to the command chair. She sat down.
“Wait i have a ping!” Mathews said.”already?” Yeoman smith asked. ” Reinforce shields !” Sotril ordered. Ryian reinforced the shields by rerouting non esential power to the shields.
The ship veered off from the area where the door way would be. The door way apeared out of no where. Dasale managed to get off the first schot. The enterprise fired a volley of phasers and photon torpedoes.
The bird of prey exited the doorway. The enterprise fired on the doorway. The doorway hit the bird of prey. The bird of prey managed to evade the full impact of the wake. The bird of prey went for the enterprise.
Adison watched the battle from sickbay. She felt like her place should be on the bridge. She just could not do it. She stayed in the sickbay.
The bird of prey fired on the enterprise in stragic locations thoughout the ship. It could be felt all though the ship.
The enterprise returned fire. The torpedoes hit the bird of prey. The ship was damaged but was stil intact and still battle ready.
“Lunch the breaching pod!” Tridex ordered. The gunner activated the pod. The pod left the birthing area.
“We have an incoming projectile! “Ryian reported.”back us off!”she ordered. Dasale tried to move the ship away. The pod exploded. The energy wave headed for the enterprise.
The helm and navigator tried to move the ship away from the wake. The wake hit the ship. The ship began to lose its gravity.the ship spun around several times.
On the bridge the crew tried to hold on to something. The crew were jostled about. Smith held on with all her might. She felt a bit naucious but was doing ok consirably.
Those in the chairs fell to the floor. Finally sotril got to the helm and restored the gravity. The bird of prey was smaler and more muniverable then the enterprise. It fired on the enterprise command section.
Sotril was hit and knocked unconscious. Mathews went over to help her.
“Damage reports coming in from all decks!” Palmer reported. Pitkarn did the only thing he knew to do. He went over to the chair’s intercom.
“Pitcarn to captain mccomic ! Commander sotril is incompacitated. We need you Addison !” Pitkarn said.
In sickbay Addison stood up. She huged lizz. She stood  erect. She went over to the com unit. “I am on my way ! “Addison said.
  The bird of prey hit the enterprise. Addison entered the bridge. The enterprise hit the bird of prey.
  The bird of prey intentionally hit an area near the sickbay. Those in sickbay felt the shock of the blast.
  Alison took advantage of the blast. She got free. Piper went for her and she hit him. She ran to the coridor. She opened an airlock. She drifted to space. She was beemed off of open space and on to the bird of prey.
“The bird of prey is withdrawing ! ” kyile reported. ” sir! Dr. Piper reports that Alison has esaped. “Palmer said. “Dawn it! ‘” Addison said.
“Addy can you come over hear?” Kyle asked. “Yes of course !”Addison said. She went over to the science station. “I was trying to get information on the ship! I detected human life signs four. Two may be children ! “Kyile said in a low vioce so only Addison could hear it.
“Your absolutely sure about this? “Addison asked . “I would not report it if i was not ! “He said. “Oh my! I can’t believe it! “She said. ” The good news is that i believe i can tract the ship. The bad news is that i think they want us to tract him! It is a trap! A setup! “Kyile said. “I know that! I can’t ignore it! Conmander gioto ! Commander pitkarn i need to see you in private! “She said.
With sotril unconscious in sickbay,that left her iner curcle ,liz daner,dr. Piper,the chief engineer and security chief. Although Addison knew that this was a ploy. The romulons were bating her in order to start a war and make the federation and star fleet look like the agresors. She would get her family back.she hoped that she would do it and stop a war.
” This is clearly a trap! They have been playing us. Moving us to this moment. I understand i am taking a risk. If you wish to object i will note it in the log. I am asking a lot. I am risking a lot.  Any objection?”she asked .
There were none. The ship entered the doorway. They folowed the breadcrumbs. This would decide every thing.
End of part 12

Ties that bind part 11

As soon as liz heard the news,she ran to the captain’s qurters. She was frantically racing to the captain’s room. She almost plored over a couple of jr officers. She needed to be there. She was determined to do that in a timly fashon.
She ran into the qurters. “Addy i am so sorry! “Liz said. She huged her. “I am so bewildered! I can’t describe it. Its like nothing else maters! I don’t care about nothing. Not even the ship. Not even star fleet!”she said.
“I wish there was something i could do. I wish there was something i can say. Look i know your beyond devisated but don’t make any decision right now! ” liz said. “Alright !”she said.
She was in schock numb. Liz had known Addison for several years. She was an intern at the rehab colony that Addison was asigned to following a nervous breakdown. They had developed a friendship. Liz was woried about her and ryian. She did not know how to help.
Paris france
Pallice de la concord
President elisia crazal part human,part rigelien sat in her office. She was the first female president of the federation. Before that she was a cabinent member,federation council member and governor of rygal 10. She was very accomplished.
” There have been ten sneek attacks by the doorways. We have lost three ships,four have been critically damaged. Only one was a heavy crusher. The orthers were light crusers. “Admiral komack said.
” i take it the attacks will continue?”the president asked. “There is no reason to believe they won’t madam president!” Secratary of defense tisorden said.
“The romulans have butoned up there side of the nutral zonen that is only the ships that are not cloaked. “Intergalatic security advisor wade benson said.
“Is this a rougue group or is this from romulin high command?”the president asked.”we are trying to find that out madam president but frankly we have verry little information on the romulans. We did not even know what they looked like. We don’t know much about there government although we have heard they have a preator. We asume he is in charge but we don’t know!” Admiral komack said.
“We suspect that these attacks are to soften us up,a prelude to a larger invasion” the defense sec said.
“I want to send more ships to the border. I want the entire fleet on high alert! ” the president said. ” Will do on both counts madam president!” Komack said.
“We need to get information on the romulans. There must be a way to comunicate with them. A third party,an ambassador some where!”she said.
“We are looking into it !”foregn afars secritary t’sera of Vulcan said. ” I don’t want a war,i want to avoid conflict. I am a person of peace,i want my presidency to reflect that. I will protect our people !”she said. She had made that clear.
Uss enterprise bridge
“Captain! Star fleet wants us to procede to the nutral zone as soon as the athena is ready to get underway!”lt. Palmer said.
“Acknowledge recipts of the order and send our satus. Lay in the course mr. Dasale!” She ordered. ” Aye sir!” Palmer said. Lt. Tim mathews the relief navigator set the course and dasale had it laid it but did not press the engage button.
“I won’t cooperate with you !”Alison said. “Is this worth it?” Commander gioto said. “Yes it is.i was abandoned by every one.”she said. “Are you working with the romulin government or a faction?”he asked. “I don’t remember !”she said. ”
“Is she Alison ?”sotril asked. “No ! She has her memories,even some of her manorism ! It is not her!”liz said. “Why did the romulons recruit her? “Gioto said.” Or did she recruit them?”palmer asked. “Good question !”sotril said.
Captain’s qurters
The door opened,yeoman smith entered. She had a food tray.”i can’t eat right now!”Addison said.”doctors orders! Please take a bite! For my shake! Dr. Piper will dog me until you do!”she said. “I have no desire to eat or do anything else!” Addison said.”you need to eat as well lt!” She said. “I don’t have much of an apitite either! ” he said.
The door opened, it was halak. “Halak hello!”she said. “Thanks to your crew we can limp our way to starbase 11! Thank you. I can’t tell you how sory i am that our rescue came at such a high coast!”he said.
“It would not have made a difference my friend !”she said.”i know about the mines. I stil don’t like it. I am sory that our salvation came at there expense.”he said. “I don’t hold it against you or your crew!”she said.”i apreciate that. “He said. “Safe jouneys!”she said.
“Now on course for the border!”mathews reported.”very good ! “Sotril said.
Romulin vessel
“The enterprise is on course for the border!”the science officer anounced. “Excellent ! ” tridex said. “You will be defeated just as you were 100 years ago!” Mrs mccomic said. “Perhaps ! One can never predict these things.if we go down,it will be in battle! I could ask for nothing more!”tridex said. They were no impresed.
End of part 11


Ties that bind part ten

In sickbay,Alison monitored what was going on to the best of her abilities given her curent satus. She was able to surmise that the enterprise had goten a distress call from the athena. Her plan was working.
This was how she wanted it to go.her revenge was very close at hand. She would get back at those she felt betrayed her.
“The athena reports that they are holding there own!”palmer said. “Come on! Go faster! “Addison said.
Scout ship athena
The helm officer found a soft spot in the romulan vessel’s shield ans atemped to take advantage of it. It brought them a little bit of time.
Commander halak was an orion.he was the only one in star fleet.he had come up though the ranks fairly quickly . Addison had recomended him to replace her. The scout ship was no match for the three warbirds and he knew it. His only hope was the intervention of the enterprise.
“Now nearing the battle!”ryian anounced. “Oppen fire on the nearest ship!” Addison ordered. The enterprise fired on the nearest bird of prey and hit it with every thing they had. They went at the second vessel next. 
“Captian i am detecting a romulon vessel dirilect. It is on course for the sector’s sun! ” sotril said. “Dawn it! Life signs!” She asked. “Four humans!”sotril said.
“Sickbay mark get Alison on the line now!”Addison said. “why addy you seam in quite an agitated sate. We would want to have you commited again !” Alison said. “what’s going on? “She asked.
“Isint it obvious addy! You have two ships in distress! Both can’t make it without your help. Do you save the crew of Forty on the athena? Most of them are close friends ,many you would consider family or do you save five on the scout ship. Do you sacrifice your loved ones or the crew of the athena? Chioces!” She said.”you!”Addison said.
“I can’t contact the bird of prey! They must have activated some kind of dapening field ! “Palmer declared. “Alison !come on this is cruel!”she said. “Any more then leaving me to die on an explosing ship !”she said.
” i am gusing that they have probably set the ship on a direct course for the sun. Its probably fully automated!”pitkarn said. “If we do nothing?”she asked. “They are doomed!” Pitkarn said. “Can the athena hold out?” Addison asked. “Maybe !” Gioto answered.
“Dawn you Alison or whatever you are! Mantain fire!”Addison said. “Addy?”ryian said frantically. “Follow my orders!”she said.
The ship fired on the romulin vessel. The vessel was hit. The enterprise was able to imobolize them. The two vessels continued to fire.
While the battle waged on,the direlect fell into the sun and exploded. The ships recloaked and left.
“Sir i am detecting risidual energy. I believe they planted gravitic mines. We could not rescue them if we wanted to. “Kyile said.
” Begin aid to the athena!”Addison said. “Aye sir!”palmer said. “Commander take charge of the ship! “Addison said. “Of course! Addison i am so sory!”sotril said. “I know !”she said. She ran off the bridge.
Ryian ran off the bridge.he did not even ask for permission. He just left.
She ran to her qurters. Ryan came in as well. “Return to the bridge ry that’s an order!”Addison said. “Negitive!”he said. “Ryan i can’t do this right now. I don’t want a lecture. “She said. He took her in his arms and he embraced her. They both started to cry. “No lecture i promise! ” Ryan said.
Romulon bird of prey
“Why did you do that? Why make Addison think she caused our death? That was sick !family is every thing to her!”Addison’s farther said.
“I was curious how she would react! “Commander tridex said.”you are a sadist!” Her morther said. “It was Alison’s idea. It was a bit too dramatic for me! ” Tridex said.
“Please let us go. I do like being a pawn in this power play!” The grandmorther said. “This is necessary ! It is not over yet! ” tridex said.
End of part 10

Ties that bind part 8

“Captain’s log,suplimentle entry,my old friend turned foe has made a pact with the romulons. She has helped to develop a device that alows a ship to apear out of where. What alows it to operate is unknown at this point. It is a clear and present danger to our fleet. It alowed the romulons to imobolize the starship Excalibur !”
” my ship is traped in romulin space. They are surounded. It looks like they are in the wrong. Unless they can come up with a plan fast,they may be traped in enemy space,prisionors of war or worse!”
“I am traped on a unknowns planet. Apearently this world is home to exotic cretures. It seams they are preditors. ”
The creture came at addison. Adrison propelled herself on to the creture. The creture tried to pull her off. Addison tried to hold on for deer life. The crerure was not going to make it easy for her to do so. She would not give up. She had to endure. Her children ,her parents,her husband,her crew,mayby the entire federation was counting on her. She could not let them down.
She decided to go near the cretures mouth. She slamed her fist right in his nouse. She then flung herself to the orther side of the creture near his tail. The crerure had slowed down. The creture was clearly in pain. It may have brought her some time. She decided to run. All of a suden another creature attacked the wounded creture.she used this to her advantage. She used it as a much needed deversion. She tried to get away.
A gateway opened up. Alison reemerged. “You servived my little surprise. I figured you would ! It is not the big crasendo i wanted!” Alison said.
“Aly i wish things has been different ! I am sory you did not get the life you always wanted! I regret that i got the life you wanted. I regret that it was at your expense. I never wanted that! “She said.
“Easy for you to say now. You abadoned me!”Alison said. “I hate that i did that. If i could change that i would . Look let my family go! We can work something out! It does not have to end badly. We can stil savage this!”adison said.
“This is the outcome i want. I will have my revenge. You don’t get to win addy. Not this time. You have not experienced loss but your about to! I will enjoy every minute of it!”she declared.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
The romulin birds of prey headed for the enterprise. The enterprise fired on the ships. Usually the ships would be no match for the enterprise but the enterprise was outnumbered and more were on the way.  the enterprise fired on the nearby ship and the next.
Romulan ship
“This is ilogical! They must know that they canot defeat us!”the centurian said. “They do. They fear they are dead either way.why not chance it!” The commander said.
Uss enterprise
“They look vulcan! Do you think they are relitives?”dasalle asked. “It is very likly. It seamed they folowed a different path. They embraced what we rejected. It is quite fasinating!”sotril said.
The ship was hit. “Shields holding but we can’t keep taking these hits'” kyile reported.
In engineering ,pitkarn and his team ploted to do the imposible.they worked to get the ship perpared.
Pitkarn could not believe he was atempting to do this. He had verry little knowledge of this technology. He was not even sure the enterprise could duplicate it. The enterprise had already had a reputation for being a mericle ship. Mayby it had a few more mericles up its sleve.
The enginers and techs worked as fast as they could. Finaly they believed that they were ready.”are you sure this wil work?”the chief asked. “As certain as i can be. This is new ground sir!”takinewa said.”i know. Lets give it a try!”he said.
The ship was hit. “Shields at 74 percent!” Kyile reported. ” We must hury mr pitkarn!”sotril said.”activating now! Hear goes nothing !”pitkarn said.
He presed the buton. The door way opened up. The romulin vessels tried to stop them from entering the gateway. The enterprise fired multiple voleys and stil tried to get inside and soon. The enterprise continued to enter despite it was still being struck by the enemy.the ship headed inside. The ship was inside. The doorway was closed.now the hard was opening it again in a different place. They were not sure how to open it.  Pitkarn decided that he better become a fast learner.
The doorway opened up. The enterprise came out at a fast rate. Dasale and ryian were able to slow the vesel down and take it out of warp. “Now at all stop!”ryan reported. “Good work mr. Pitkarn!” Sotril said over the intercom. “Just part of the service mam! “The chief engineer said.
“Sir i am detecting two humans on the serface! One is captain mccomic! ” kyile said. “Are you sure?”sotril asked.”it is confirmed!” Kyile answered. “Get them abored ! I am gusing the orther one is cransaw!” Sotril said. “She will need to be under conscent supervision!” Daner said. “She will be doctor!”gioto said.
Alison started to leave. Adison struck her. Alison struck her back.”i don’t want this! Come back to your sencess! There must be something of the old Alison in you!”adison said.”she is gone! Never to return ! “She answered. The two were beamed up.
Romulin vessel
“I can’t get her!” The romulin tech said. “She has been captured. She left instructions in case something like this occured! “Commander tridek said. “Orders!” The seccond in command asked. “Send the following message ! Begin!” The commander said.
Uss Berlin
A door way opened up. A smal ship exploded. The vesel rammed into the single nichelle.this was an opening salvo.
End of part eight.