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In the woods part four

Klingon ship
“I have her location !”the Klingon weapons officer said. “Target her location and fire. Now we finish this!”kor said.
The gunner aquired the target. Then he hit the fire button. The disruptor canon fired.
The disruptors were repeleed. The ship had to dodge the weapons fire. The ship fell back. “Report!”kor ordered.
“The disruptor fire was somehow repelled! “The guner said. “How is that possible ?”the Klingon captain asked. “They must have some kind of anti mistle shield in place!” The science officer said.
“This is a primitive planet with one native life form abored. How is that possible ?”kor asked. “I do not know!”the science officer replied. That was a dangerous thing for a Klingon officer to say but it was the truth. ” I will not abandon this persuit! Prepare a bording party khas! Kor said. “Aye sir!”the first officer said.
“Excellentcy i do not recconend using the transporter! If they have anti mistle defense system,they may be able to stop transporting!”the science officer said.
“Very well! Prep the shartle. I will command it ! Khas take charge !”kor said. “Yes commander!”khas said.
On the planet liz saw the images.they were just as vivid yet they stil made little sense. As mysterias as that was even more so how she got hear. How did she get on that shartle? Why were the Klingons after her?  Where was the enterprise?
She decided to go down stairs. “Hay i woundered when you would wake up!”miranda asked. “I stil wish i knew what was going on. I wish i knew why the Klingon were after me. We have not had any contact with them on our missions. They have standing orders to oppen fire on all federations vesels!” She said.
“You stil don’t remember anything about how you got hear?” The girl asked. ” Not a thing!” Liz said.
” you may have blocked it out! “She said. “You sound like a psiciatrist!”liz said. “Is it possible the enterprise was destroyed! ” she asked. “I considered that. Why i was the only one abored? If the Klingon destroyed the enterprise. Surely a shartle would be no match for them. None of this makes sense!” Liz said.
“Mayby in time it will come back to you!”miranda said. “I really hope so. This is really buging me. “Liz said. “Understandible!”the little girl said.
She decided to go outside after diner from the replicator. The wraether was nice out. The sun was shining with a nice breaze. She just wanted answers.
The shartle left the hanger bay of the d7 battle crusher. The vessel ploted a course to the serface.
  The vesel neared the planet.”.beginning discent!” The pilot said. The vesel started its discent.”we have incoming !”the co pilot said. “Fall back! Fall back!”The commander said. The craft tried to veer away from the mistle. The scout craft bearly misshed the impact.
“This planet has serface to space anti space craft technology !”the commander said.  The craft
“What is this world ?” The science officer karjok asked.”i don’t know but i intend to fight out! Get me khas!”kor said.
The Klingon war ship assumed a defensive stance. The shartle went to the planet. The serface to space mistle fired the mistle.the Klingon ship fired on the mistle. The shartle atempted to slip in. The shartle was discending.
The crusher continued to draw there fire. The craft discended. The shartle was able to get pass the mistle. The shartle had suscefully made it to the planet.
Kor had no idea if he could get off the planet but one thing at a time. This planet posesed secrets. Secrets that could give a tactical advantage to any who posessed it. He would have it. He would also have dr. Danner as well. 
The crew left the craft. “Do you have her coordinances?” Kor asked. “Yes i do. This way!” Karzok said.  The captain and the team folowed the science officer.
The planet reminded her of earth. It was peaceful. She wanted to be back on the enterprise. She was woried that the enterprise was destroyed. SHe feard addy and the rest of the rest of the crew was dead.
  She heard a noise. She saw them coming. “Klingon s!” She said. She ran inside. “Miranda we got to get out! “Liz said. They ran to the other side of the house.
End of part four