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The jouney part three

Planet vulcan 

“Spock has excelled beyound what anyone could have imagined. “Amanda said. “Despite your hyperbole you are correct my wife.spock is bringing honor to his genetation. “Sarek said. “I was certain he would. “Amanda said.

“I will admit i had my concerns. It apears that i was incorrect.  “Sarek said. “I beleved Spock would. Yes i was being enotional. I believe in him. “She said. 

Sarek later spoke to spock.”the vulcan science acedemy is very carefull about who they alow in. This is a great hornor. “Sarek said.”yes it is. “Spock said.

Spock waw afraid to tell him the truth.  He beleved this was the best decision.  It might destroy the credibility he worked so hard to build all those years. 

“Farther i cannot go to the vulcan science adememy?”spock asked.”why?no vulcan has ever refused an appointment to the science acedemy.  It is considered a great privilege. “Sarek said.

“I have to decline father.  I believe my skills are best geared to something orther then the science acedemy.  I believe my skills  are best suited to join star fleet.”spock said. 

“There are few vulcans in star fleet.vulcans have saught to serve the federation in capacities other then star fleet. Star fleet is essentially  of by and for humans.”sarek said.

“I am aware of that.  I want to change that. The science acedemy deals with theoretical science. I wish to engage in more aplied science. Star fleet has dispoven long held beliefs and suposistions. Star fleet has advanced scientific understanding. “Spock said.

“Scientific reserch is an after thought. The science divisons play a secondary role to command officers.the captains are usualy what humans call grand standing. Most scientific advances were incidential. At the science acedemy you can devote yourself to science.”Sarek said.

“It would be from a distence. “Spock said. “To have to be at the forefront is human thinking. It is not logical. “Sarek said. “Vulcans do a diservice by not going into star fleet. It is not logical to cede an inportent component of the federation to another member world. Vulcan should be a vital part of the star fleet. “He said. 

“I do not agree. I am not soportive of this decison. I believe it to be based on faulty resoning. “Sarek said. “I had concluded that that would be your response. “Spock said.

“You have made your decision then? You will not retract it?”sarek asked. “No i will not revaluate it farther. “Spock told him.”i see. “His father said.


“Farther sees this as a betrayl of him?”spock remarked. “I think he knows you are making the corect decison.  He would prefer that you would do things his way. “Amanda said. 

“I believe i can contribute to the universe more in star fleet.  I do not know if no man can sumon the future. History is made by smal steps. I want to make those steps.there is much we do not understand. I would like to atempt to broden our understanding.  “Spock said. “Sarek will understand in time !”Amanda told him. “I syincerly hope that he does.”spock told him.acedemy


“I don’t have the grades for star fleet acedemy “addison said. “Captain malory think that you only have to get your grades up in a couple clases. He thinks your the kind of cadet they want. ” syilvia mccomic said. 

“I can’t do it. Not really.  I am not officer material and everyone knows it “addison said.”thats not true addison.  You have a gift . i know it and captain malory knows it. The admison conite will know it ” Edward said.

Asteroid field.

“We are holding posistion.”Spock said. “Will they folow us in or wait us out?” she asked. “They could wait and then get impatcient and come in. “Spock said. “I considered that.  I have always believed that you dont have to solve every problem all at once.  Baby steps. “She said. 

“I agreee. Always look at the big picture. ” spock said. “Remind me to never play chess with you.”addison told him. “Some humans have described it as iretating. ” spock said.”why does that not. Suprise me?”she asked.

“How are you feeling?” spock asked. “I am fine. I have had some small boats of morninh sickness.it has mostly abated. “She said.

“Was the mental health commission concerned about your pregnancy and ability to serve as executive officer of the enterprise? “He asked.

“They were. They trust dr. Piper and doctor dahner. I agreed to bi weekly evaluation by dr. Piper.do you think i am cut out for this?”addison asked.

“Yes you are. You will command a starship again. You might even make admiral.”spock said.”i hope not. I intend to make captain and stay there.  “She said.”i could see that. “Spock said. 

“I hope i can command again.  “She said. “I am confident that you will. ” what about you? Are you interested in commanding a starship?”she asked.

“I am open to it. I am content with my scientific duties. Were the opotunity to present itself,i would consider it. I do not what is the human expreson crave it. I am open to command. “Spock said.

“Captain spock has a nice ring to it.”she said. His eye brow was slighly raised. “Perhaps!” he answered.  

“If i ever became captain of a starship i would cobsider you for executive officer.  “She said.”it would be an honor to serve under you.  “Spock said.”very good.”she said.

“I am suprised you and my farther seam to have a report. I assumed you named your son after him.”Spock said. 

“I did. Your farther helped deliver sarek. I was transporting him to star base 12. An young orion who wanted to prove he could play with the big boys tried to kidnap sarek in federation space to score points within the syndicate. During a battle i went into labor. I saved his life he saved myine and my son. Do you resent me spock for it?”she asked.

“No i do not. It is difficult.  I am not jelous but i supose i could be.”spock said. “I understand.  I never intended to have the relationship with your farther you wissed to have. I think the world of the ambassador.  I have a different view of him. “She said.

“I would prefer yout view of him. I would like to know my farther in the way you do. “Spock said.  “Give it time. Perhaps you will. Dont give up on him.things change.  How you and him are now is not how it will always be. “She said. “I hope that you are correct. “Spock said. “Dont let the time passby. Dont alow the gulf to get wider.”she admonished him.”i will consider it.”he said. 

The ship was strcuck. “Impact form spacial charges.”spock reported. “I gues they got tired of waiting. “She said. “It would apear so. “Spock said in response. 

“My gues is that they wont stop. This is a shartle not a starship. “She said. “I agree commander. “Spock responded. “What we fly into the egress when another cherge is coninf at us. Use the event to cetipault us in the oposite direction.”she said.”risky but it could work.”spock said.

“Is it worth the risk?”she asked. “I believe so in this casr addison.”spock said. ” a vulcan that sounds like a ringing endorsement. “She said. 

The shartle waited.  When they felt a charge, the shartle flew at the wake. The ship was pushed back. The ctaft fell backward. 

Addison and spock were able to stop the ship. The ship was clear of the asteroid field. The craft went to an all stop. 

“We are now at all stop.”spock said.”hold posistion. “She ordered. Spock did so. “Helm answering all stop.”spock reported. 

“I am detecting a direilect vessel. It is adrift. I believe  It is a relic form long ago. The ship is opetational. We coukd use it to hide out from our friends.”she said. “It is a logical conclusion.”spock said.

“I never thought any one would call one od my ideas logical espcially a vulcan. “She said.”you fear that people dont accept you?”he remarked. “I lived in space with my perents . they were a bit excentric. Then my perents died.  I never quite fit in on earth. I dont really ft in any where have. Women with no world.”she said. “I can understand that. I have never quite fit in on vulcan or on earth. You make the best if it i supose.”he said. 

The shartle neared the ship. The shartle went into the hanger deck of the unknown vessel. The ship was inside. 

End of part four. 

The jouney part two

“Commander’s log,lt. Commander spock and i are on bored a shartle.while on route to the enterprise, an unknown ship has just entered the star syistom. They are heading right for us. “Addison said in her log. 

“The vessel is traveling at warp 8.9. It is armed with five photon toroedo banks. I am reading five phaser banks. The vessel is renforced by a material i do not recognize.  “Spock said. 

“It does not match with any known ship in the fedetation data base.”Addison said. “Should i atempt to hail the vessel?” spock asked. “Do it.”she said. 

Spock activated the com chanel. “Attention incoming vessel. This is the scout vessel Galileo.  We represent the united federation of planets. We request you please contact us. “The vulcan said.

The warahip mantained course for the shartle. “No response. “Spock said. “I am moving us away from the unknown.”addison said 

The shartle tried to move away from the unknown combat ship. “The ship has powered up its tractor beam.”spock said. 

“They get us in there tractor beam,its over for us. “Addison anounced. “That is a reasonable supposition commander. “Spock said. 

Addison knew how to think in her feet.  Her strategy was to keep moving. Stay in the game. Font give up. Move in baby steps. Dont give the oponent time to catch there breath. Wage a battle by slow attrition.  

The shartle flew into the ship’s main deflector dish. The shartle used the deflector to push off. The shartle used the inertia to generate more speed. The shartle went to the sship’s wall and bounced off. 

The shartle kept an interesting maneuver comnander.”spock said “acts of desperation mr. Spock. I refuse to yield. We cannot allow ourselves to be captured by these people. Who knows there intent. Thid could be a scouting party for a larger invadion or they could want our orgons. I am not keen on either. ” addison said. “Nor am i commander. I perfer my organs intact. “Spock answered. 

“Why spock was that a joke?”addison asked. “No it is a statement of fact.  I assure you that it is quite accurate.  “Spock said. “I agree with you whole heartily. “Addison responded.

The combat ship flew up to the shartle at high warp. It attempted to swoop down on the smal craft. 

Addison tried to acess the computer. “Acess the helm from your station.  I have an idea. “She said.  “You got it commander. Why do i think that your about to do something inadvisible and extremely dangerous? ” the vulcan asked. “I would like to say your way off but your not. “She told him. “I had a feeling that was the case. “The vulcan told him. 

The shartle emited an experimental pulse. The pulse hit the warship. The ship was temporily stuned.addison took advantage of the situation.  The scout craft flew inside the vessel. It bounced off the shields again.

The craft was catapulted away from the combat ship.  Addison emited a second pulse. The shartle kept going. 

“Are you ready for another desperate act?”addison asked. “I gues that i have to. “Spock said.”that is not quite the vote of confidence i was hoping for but ok. I gues it will have to surfice. “She said.

The ship was able to overcome its temporary paralysis. The combat ship neared the shartle.  The shartle apeared to be two ships. The ships went in oposite direction. 

The ship was not sure which ship was the real one. The real craft used that to its adventage. The craft tried to get away.  

“Spocj find me a nebula or an asteroid field!”she ordered.  Spock scaned the navigation program.he tried to find a safe harbor. A place to hopefully get away from the persuing warship. He knew he did not have a lot if time.  The next few secconds could determine rather or not they sucesfully get away or not. 

“I am detecting an asteroid field. I am ploting course for the field.”spock said. “Sounds good. “She said.

The shartle headed for the field. The ship neared the craft. The ship got the tractor beam ready to activate.addison took the shartle to its limits and beyound. 

The shartle went into the asteroid field. The shartle kept going. “Holding position.  “Spock said. “Lets go in futher into the field.”addison sugested.

The ship went further into the asteroid belt. The shartle then held position.  “For the moment they are not persuing! “Spock said. “They wont give up. They will wait. We brought ourselves more time. We now need to come up with a plan. “Addison said. “Agreed.  “Spock said. 



“My farther does not aprove of me?”a ten year old spock said. “Spock he values logic. He is from a noble family on vulcan. The sarek family has been actively involved in government service. There is pressure for all in this family to excell. You have grown Spock.  You have marured. You will bring hornor to him. I know you will. You will brung honor to your family and to vulcan.  I know he vailures you in his way. He has to be harsh on you. Hr has to push you. He knows you will live up to your potential. You will exceed his expectations “his morther amanda said.

“What if i do not morther.  What if i fall short?” the young Spock asked. “I know you wont. You do not give up. You do not accept failure. The kass wan ordeal.you suceded because you did not give up.dont give up spock. Dont give in to mediocrity.  I know you wont.”she said.

Sarek ovetheard the conversation.he took it all in. He then returned to what he had been doing. 


“Addy stil out there?”Edward asked.”she would not be our addy is she did not.  To me they are just stars. Not to her. I will never be able to keep her on earth will i” silvia Mccormick asked. “No. No matter where she goes she will always call hear home. This will be always be her home.  “Edward said. 


“Mom does not want me to go to space does she?”addison at age 8 asked. ” she wants you hear. You can’t blame you. She wants you safe. Space is dangerous. “Edward said.

“I know. It is also wounderous. I have to see it.”she said. “You have the dream of stars. Your mom is proud of you. She knows your destened to go out there. She will always worry about you. Promise you will always come back to us. We never want to replace your biological parents. We want you to always be a part of our family.  “He said. “I wont. I will always come back.”she told them. 

The shartle waited.  The shartle had to stay alive. They had to endure.  Could they?

End of part two. 

“The jouney” 

Previously on star trek universe

Addison mccomic was a promising up and commer in star fleet. She rose to command the enterprise. She had a nervous breakdown and was sent to an asylium planet.

During the mass crises she was reinsated to star fleet. She was assigned to the enterprise. She played a key role in the resolution to the crises. 

She was able to convince the federation mental heath council to release her jouneylba two.she was alowed to return to star fleet on a long term bases.  She would be subject to evalation from time to time.  

Now the jouney 



The area was a cave. Vulcans made exstensive use of caves.  Even now they still did. The former Amanda greyson found the prosoects of giving birth in a cave. Thr cave waa very developed.  It was not what she envisioned.  She was fine with it.

A midwife was there. Amanda had ajusted to life on vulcan.she had made frends hear. She respected the midwife.  Her husband looked on. He remained stoic as he usually was. 

The baby was born. He began to cry.the midwife looked him over.she presented him to sarek his farther. “Sarek your son! ” the midwife said.

He took him into his arms. He looked him over. “So human! ” he said. Amanda was tired.she tried to ignore the coment. 

Amanda wanted the best for her son.she hoped that sarek and spock could bond well whatever the non emotional equivalent was. She hoped they would get along some how. 

Planet earth 

Outside cconcord new Hampshire 

Republic of north and central America. 

“We unserstand your interested in adopting a child?”mrs. Hassan asked.”yes we are. We have two kids of our own but bryan is adopted.we know becuase of expansion into the frontier, things happen.  We would like to oppen our hearts  and home to a child. “Mrs Mccormick remarked. 

“Things on earth have improved substancially in the last one hundred and fithty years or so. Things do seam to happen.  We are inprresed with you. You both have a good reputation. We do have a child who needs placement. ” mrs hasan said. 

“You do?”edward mccomic asked. “A little girl. Addison jean. She was found in an esape pod. Her perents styled themselves as amateur exployers. They set out on there own adcenture. We dont know what happnesd to them,most likely, they were killed. There ship and there remains were never found. We are fairly certain thwy perished.  “The adoption agentcy oficial said. 

“I see. Can we meet her?”mrs Mccormick said.”of course. Follow me” carol hassan said. The Mccormick folowed the lady to a play area. A young girl of six was playing with a doll and a replica of an early federation starship. 

“Addison this is mr and mrs mccomic.” the lady told her. “Hi this is gracie. She is a starship captain. I want to be a starship captian some day. “She told them. 

They laughed.  They spent a few minutes talking.  Both perents fell in love with her almost instently. They decided to adopt her. After a time they were able to bring her home.

Mrs hassan was holding addison’s hand. Mr and mrs mccomic were wating for them.  “I got something for you addison.its toby the terg. “Edward said. She lit up and thanked him.she clutched on to him. It was a favorite for a long time. Edward picked her up. They signed paperwork and then they brought her home. 

Shartle Galileo 

“Commanders log ,lt commander spock and i have just left orbit of star base 42. We are heading back to the enterprise. “Addison said.

“So i understand you have been cleared to continue on the enterprise? ” Spock asked.

“Yes i pased all of the psicilogical evaluations.  I can continue as first officer on the enterprise. “She said.

“I am quite agreeable with that.  You are quite an asset to the enterprise crew. “Spock said.  “Thank you mr spock. That meens alot.” she said.

“I am sorry commander.  I did not meen to soy on you. I do hear things.” he said.”its ok commander. I am just sensitive about it. Sense i was a kid i wanted to be in star fleet.  If i sudently could int i dont know what i would do. Ryan can excel at just about anything. Mayby i could but i dont want to. It just make me jitery. My hormones are a bit in overdrive right now with baby number three.”she said.

“I did not meen to spy on you. As i said i am agreed with the decision to clear you for duty. “Spook said.

“Perimiter alert. “The computor vioce said. “Of course. Computor identify !”adison said. 

End of proulougue

Next up.

Addison and spock must elude an unknown ship. 

Rumors of war part four

“We cannot interveign. It would send a dangerous precident. “Trafaine said. “To alow our seperated brethen to inflict violence and opreson is unimaginable !”claymare said.
“Humanoid life has caused concern. There bent towards violence ! Mayby outside colinization might do some good!”trafane said.
“You know where this will lead. You know how this will end? Our ‘brothers’ will take it too far as they always do. “Claymare said.
“In that event we can intervene then! “Trafane said. “If we admit that intervention is inevitable then why delay it? Look we agree humanoids are impulsive irational but they have potential. They could turn it around. You know given the other faction history ,this will not end well!” Claymare said.
“You really want us to undertake this policy change? Once we do this ,there may be no turning back?” Alborne said. “I realize that. This may be our only choice. They have forced us to this point. “Claymare said.
Alborne listened to both sides of this argument. He recalled a similar one years ago. This one led to the scism between the organians. That debate led to the stand stil they were currently in. Would what they do today make the situation worse or improve it. Alborne was not yet sure.
Alborne was not sure what should be done. Organiens were known for. Being very qautious. Alborn was even more caucias then most organians. Todays event was not different.
The exiter tried to withdraw. The exiter hit anything that came near it. The ship went to maximum warp. The ships harnessed any power it could muster to generate more speed.
Sotril suspected that the organians had more then a few tricks up there sleve. She hoped more ships would get the hint before it was too late.
Organian flagship
“Is every thing in place?”ardvec asked.”yes my lord!” Alison said.”comence with the plan!”ardvec ordered.
“Sir the organian vessels are withdrawing !”the science officer reported. “This can’t be right!”the exo said. The commadore knew he was right.he had no idea what they had planed. The jaming device was still active.
“Withdraw! We have to save ourselves . I just hope orthers figure it out.”he said. The Lexington went at warp speed.
The organian ships apeared to be leaving the reigion. The ships then stoped. They combined there energies and fired a simultaneous burst at the ships. The ships tried to elude the masive shock wave that was heading right for them.
The ships went to high warp in any direction. Several ships got caught in the wave. Manny ships were tosed and too and fro. Some showed evidence of being on fire. Orthers were adrift.
The exiter had gotten away before time. It was retivley unscaved. The exiter went to a safe distence. The vessel went to a full stop.
The Lexington had gotten out as well. They had encured some damage but made it out. The.comadore was releved for his ship and crew but felt bad for those who did not.
Several ships had been saverly.damaged but no vessel had been destroyed. He hoped that casulties were light.
The ships were in bad shape. Several ships were adrift. They.were all very vanerable. All ready to be attacked.
Organian ship
“Vessels are nearly all imobolized. “Alison reported. “Very good! Set course for the rygal system. “Ardvec ordered. “We are not going to destroy the fleet?” Alison said. “They are in no position to fight us. They are demoralized defeated. I would like them to watch us demolish what remains of there fleet. I want to advance further into there space!”ardvec said.
Alison was not happy about it. There was nothing she could do about it. She kept silent. Not that it would change anything. Once ardvec made up his mind,that was how it was.
This was just a job to the organians. To her this was personal. Humanity abandoned her. She had abandoned them. She was witnesing her revenge.
Uss Lexington
“Hostiles are moving out. They are on course for the rigal system!” The science officer reported. “We have to get pass there jammers. We have to warn the federation!”Wesley said.
Paris France
Pallice de la concorde
Office of the president
“Madam president,we have confirmed that the organian fleet is on course for rygal. “Intergalatic security advisor markon a delten said.
“Star fleet is lunching every thing we have. “Admiral komack said.
“Can we hope to stop this threat?”federation president helena lakish asked.
“Madame president it will be difficult. This will require a full scale mobilization the likes we have not seen before. ” Admiral komack said.
“Do it! We cannot risk losing all we have worked for. Use whatever resources you need admiral!”she said
“Thank you Madame president. “Komack said. “Do you believe that we can stop this threat? ” the president said. “This will be a difficult struggle. There is no asurence of victory or survival. “Admiral komack said.
The president paused. She considered what was said. “I want updates every houer no matter what. “The president said.they agreed. The president dismissed the meating.
A week or so erlier,no one had heard of the organians. Now they were poised to take over the federation. There might be no stoping them.
U.s.s enterprise
The bridge was buzing with activity. Crewman were coming in and out. Equipment was being.led in and brought out.
Palmer left the com station and ran over to Addison who was repairing an aft station. “Addy we have limited coumination capibility. I just got an urgent update from dassale!” Palmer reported. She looked at the pad.
“Tim! Star fleet just isued a code one. Task force under commadore Wesley imobolized.hostile fleet heading for rygal. We need to get this ship operational. Yesterday is not too soon! “Addison said.
“You don’t look prety happy john!” Pitcarin said. “We have got though to star fleet! The organian fleet imobolized comidore Wesley fleet. The hostile are heading to rygal. Addy wants to get underway four years ago if you know what i meen!”kyile said. “I will do my best. Even a mericle worker is bound by some universal laws if nature!” Pitcarin said. “I won’t tell anyone that. ” Kyle said. The chief laughed.
Planet organia
“I have not seen any of the council of elders in quite a while!” Takigewa said. “I think they are in some kind of meating. No one is alowed in and no one has left. “Dr. Piper said. “I hate being stuck hear. Why did the captain want us to come hear?” Takigawa asked. “She was convinced that this was an important peace of the puzzle.she is correct. It is!” The doctor said.
“To sit on the side lines is disconcerting. “Takigawa said.”i understand. It is not in our hands at least for the moment. “He said.
“Do you think the rougue faction will conquer the federation?”takigewa asked. “I don’t know. I realy hope not but i don’t know. I have never been mutch of a tacticion. “Piper said. “Of course not. ” The chief said.
End of part four.
The deltens are a race of bald headed humanoids. Ilea in star trek the motion picture.

In the woods part six

Liz and miranda held hands as they ran from the Klingons. The Klingon eforts to capture the two seamed to be thawted. Liz was not going to take any chances. The two ran like there was no tommorow and liz feared that there might not be.
They ran and ran. Liz was so woried. She was determined. She let her determination overwhelm her. It seamed to be working.
Kor got a report. “What is this place?”kor asked. “It is a highly unusual planet my lord!” The science officer said. “I suspect that this planet may have been some kind of base for one of the old empires. The empire is gone,perhaps the race that built is is gone as well but perhaps the technology remains. ” Kor said.
“I have wondered that myself. “The science officer said. “This world is a marval. I believe that the secrets of this world could greatly benefit the klingon empire. If we could conqur it. Learn its secrets. It could be a potent wepon in our quest to be a force in the universe! ” The Klingon commander said.
“I believe that girl may be in control of the planet. Perhaps the planet interfaces with her!”karzok said.
“Your teling me a female child is in control of masive  power?”kor asked. “Perhaps ! It is a just a suposistion at this point my lord.i suspect that this is true. I know you want to capture dr. Danner. This planet may be a bigger targ to capture!” Karzok said.
“I want both. I want this world but i must have Elizabeth danner as well! “Kor said. Karjok disagreed but would not challenge his commanding officer. A man with a lot of power.
  The two stoped after walking for some time. They decided to rest. “So have you been hear on this planet all your life?”liz asked.” I was born hear! “She said. “There was just your parents? How did they get hear? Where were they from?” Liz asked. “They did not say. I asumed that they were always hear but i don’t know!”miranda said.
“This is quite a mystery! Nothing seams to add up. The more answers i get,the more questiones pop up ! I am runing out of answers but not questiones. ” She said.
“This planet is perfectly normal to me. This has been my home. I look at it differently then you do. I simply know it is hear!”she said.
“If this planet is not magic,if it is technology. The Klingon will try to capture it. They will try to figure out its secrets. If this was some kind of base for an alien race that may or may not exist. “Liz said.
After a while they walked more. Then they rested. They had no idea where they were going but they knew they had to keep moving.
Kor came towards them. “I come unarmed. I wish to talk! “He said. “If your hear under a flag of truce,that meens you can’t defeat us but are not wiling to give up. Either your staling or your hoping to score a victory another way!” The little girl said.
” you have got me perplexed i will admit that. I don’t know how to overcome it. You are far from the federation. You are one person. You have a wrecked shartle. You are far away from help. Perhaps we should not be enemies. “Kor said.
” kor your not a man of peace.your a pragmitist only when you have to. Your untiment goal is to bring glory to the empire and your hournor. “Liz said.
“Yea that is all true. I may not be able to subdue you for the moment but even with the suport of this planet you canot outlast me foever. Your playing a game you won’t win! You help me i will contact star fleet. Have you returned to the federation.” Kor said.
“Kor! I won’t help you. You will defeat me without my help. “She said. “The fact is i will defeat you Elizabeth !” Kor said. “Kor i am not going to help you.i won’t turn my back on the federation or star fleet. “Liz said.”you know who you are! You know the ugliness that reside inside you. You fear exposing it. You know its inevitable !” Kor said.
” I will give you 30 of your minutes. I believe human’s call it lead time! I would start moving if i were you” he said. He left. They started moving.
  They kept moving. Sure enough the klingons kept there word. They attacked. Sudenly they felt themselves enveloped by a transporter like beam.
They found themselves in another place.liz guesed that she was in another place.she beleved that she was still on the planet. The door opened. “Dr. Elizebeth danner! “An alien said. ” Hello grozern!”miranda said. “Hello miranda.”the alien male said.
End of part six

In the woods part four

Klingon ship
“I have her location !”the Klingon weapons officer said. “Target her location and fire. Now we finish this!”kor said.
The gunner aquired the target. Then he hit the fire button. The disruptor canon fired.
The disruptors were repeleed. The ship had to dodge the weapons fire. The ship fell back. “Report!”kor ordered.
“The disruptor fire was somehow repelled! “The guner said. “How is that possible ?”the Klingon captain asked. “They must have some kind of anti mistle shield in place!” The science officer said.
“This is a primitive planet with one native life form abored. How is that possible ?”kor asked. “I do not know!”the science officer replied. That was a dangerous thing for a Klingon officer to say but it was the truth. ” I will not abandon this persuit! Prepare a bording party khas! Kor said. “Aye sir!”the first officer said.
“Excellentcy i do not recconend using the transporter! If they have anti mistle defense system,they may be able to stop transporting!”the science officer said.
“Very well! Prep the shartle. I will command it ! Khas take charge !”kor said. “Yes commander!”khas said.
On the planet liz saw the images.they were just as vivid yet they stil made little sense. As mysterias as that was even more so how she got hear. How did she get on that shartle? Why were the Klingons after her?  Where was the enterprise?
She decided to go down stairs. “Hay i woundered when you would wake up!”miranda asked. “I stil wish i knew what was going on. I wish i knew why the Klingon were after me. We have not had any contact with them on our missions. They have standing orders to oppen fire on all federations vesels!” She said.
“You stil don’t remember anything about how you got hear?” The girl asked. ” Not a thing!” Liz said.
” you may have blocked it out! “She said. “You sound like a psiciatrist!”liz said. “Is it possible the enterprise was destroyed! ” she asked. “I considered that. Why i was the only one abored? If the Klingon destroyed the enterprise. Surely a shartle would be no match for them. None of this makes sense!” Liz said.
“Mayby in time it will come back to you!”miranda said. “I really hope so. This is really buging me. “Liz said. “Understandible!”the little girl said.
She decided to go outside after diner from the replicator. The wraether was nice out. The sun was shining with a nice breaze. She just wanted answers.
The shartle left the hanger bay of the d7 battle crusher. The vessel ploted a course to the serface.
  The vesel neared the planet.”.beginning discent!” The pilot said. The vesel started its discent.”we have incoming !”the co pilot said. “Fall back! Fall back!”The commander said. The craft tried to veer away from the mistle. The scout craft bearly misshed the impact.
“This planet has serface to space anti space craft technology !”the commander said.  The craft
“What is this world ?” The science officer karjok asked.”i don’t know but i intend to fight out! Get me khas!”kor said.
The Klingon war ship assumed a defensive stance. The shartle went to the planet. The serface to space mistle fired the mistle.the Klingon ship fired on the mistle. The shartle atempted to slip in. The shartle was discending.
The crusher continued to draw there fire. The craft discended. The shartle was able to get pass the mistle. The shartle had suscefully made it to the planet.
Kor had no idea if he could get off the planet but one thing at a time. This planet posesed secrets. Secrets that could give a tactical advantage to any who posessed it. He would have it. He would also have dr. Danner as well. 
The crew left the craft. “Do you have her coordinances?” Kor asked. “Yes i do. This way!” Karzok said.  The captain and the team folowed the science officer.
The planet reminded her of earth. It was peaceful. She wanted to be back on the enterprise. She was woried that the enterprise was destroyed. SHe feard addy and the rest of the rest of the crew was dead.
  She heard a noise. She saw them coming. “Klingon s!” She said. She ran inside. “Miranda we got to get out! “Liz said. They ran to the other side of the house.
End of part four