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Rumers of war part seven

Planet organia
“Are you sure about this?” Teafane asked. “Yes i am. We have choice. We have to do this!” Alborne assured one of his most trusted advisor.
They went outside. The team from the shartle watched the elders leve the council complex. They got into a group. No one knew what was going on.
The elders looked to the lead elder. He noded to them. They began to alter there apearence.they transferred themselves into something else. They became a being of pure energy. They started to lift up.
Dr. Piper was astonished. He wondered what there real apearence was. They were stuning. They had a megestic form.
The cretures started an uphil climb away from the planet. The cretures left the planet. “Whata going on?” Juli anne asked. “I wish i knew !” Piper answered.
The organians were capible of traviling at very high speeds though space. They wanted to get to there intended destination now!
The loyal organiana serounded the rougue faction’s ship. The rougues took there true form and left the ship.
The two alien groups looked at each orther. Then they began fighting. The cretures apeared to be wesiling. It was hard to destigish the two groups. When they thought,you could see the light from the aliens turning red.
“Is this really happeninng?”smith asked. “If not this is the wildest dream i have ever had!” Liz said. “I know what you meen!” Addison said. 
The two groups of aliens were fearce. Both sides put every thing into fighting the orther side. It was a grudge match.
This was bigger then one isue. It was very personal. It could destroy the universe. Addison hoped that things would turn out right in the end. She had no asurence that it would.
  One side attacked the orther.then the orther side counter attacked. It seamed that this was a turning point. The future was at stake. All the crew of the ships could do was watch.
The aliens kept going at it. More cretures arived. The war seamed to expend. The loyals seamed to be gaining the uper hand. They did not take anything for granted. They stayed on top of there game. 
The rougue faction betted on the loyal’s dislike for attacking there own. They also betted on the loyala unwillingness to get involved in the afairs of humanoids. They betted wrong.the loyal faction were now heavily invested in the battle now.
The organians on the loyal side put every thing into subduing the orther. The battle was firce.
  Then one of the rougue faction asked for consultation. The two faction departed.
U.s.s enterprise
“What just happened?”yeoman smith asked. “I have no idea?” Addison said. “Do we remain on red alert!”palmer asked. “For now but we can rest a little more easily i think!”Addison reaplied.
The captain paced around the bridge of the enterprise. She tried not to show her nervousness.
Then aylborne reapered on the bridge. “Captain mccomic! We have negotiated a cease fire with the disenting faction. The rougue will be abandoning the expansion project. We will ensure that the agreement is enforced!”alborne said.
“Can you garente the acord can be enforced?” Addison said. “Not to a total certainly but i believe i can gurente it to an aceptible level. “Alborne said.
“I supose this is the best we can do. “Addison said. “It is captain. “He said. “Well! I thank you!”Addison said. “I syincerly wish we could have met under different circumstances. One day i hope for diplomatic confrence. All in good time!”alborne said.
“Dr. Piper and the shartle crew?”Addison asked. “They are well. As is the shartle itself!”alborne said. “I am glad to hear it. “Adison said.
“Captain’s log,the battle is over. The fate and location of the rougye faction is not known . The loyal organians cannot asure that the rougue faction will not reak havok again. We will be careful !”Addison said.
“For now the star fleet will spend quite some time licking our wounds. Unfortunately we did take some loses. We lost some good people. We also obtained quite a few casulties. Our fleet encured quite a bit of damage. It will take time to rebuild. ”
“At the same time there is fear of nearby hostile races may try to take advantage of this. The romulins,tholiens,klingons,anipovnoids,gorn perhaps orthers. For now all is qiet. ”
Uss enterprise
Soteil entered the bridge with gioto. “Permission to resume our duties!”sotril asked. “Granted welcome back!”Addison said. “Your kids and miranda made it to the star base.”sotril said. “Thank you!”Addison said. “I made you a solum promise.”sotril said. “I am in your debt! ” Addison said.”i did what i had to do. I take obligations very seriously especially family obligations!” Sotril said. “I know that. That meens that you know !”sotril said.
Planet organia
The enterprise after a time near rygal headed for organia to pick up her crew. The enterprise arived at the planet. The vessel assuned orbit of the planet.
Uss enterprise
Transporter room
“Did you wreck my sickbay?”dr. Piper asked. “I may have made some slight alterations. Nothing too serious !” Dr. Mcbanga said. “That was not quite what i wanted to hear but ok. “Piper said.
“Good work mark!”Addison said. “To you as well. I am glad to be back. “Mark said. “The ship was not the same without you. ” Addison said. He smiled.
“Captain’s log after picking up the crew and the shartle,the enterprise has gone to orbit.we are heading for star base 12. “Addison said.
Starbase 12
Addison ran to the transporter and beamed to the planet. She emerged on the planet with her husband and liz. She ran and huged her two kids. She thought back the tears. Liz huged miranda.
Uss enterprise
“Addison i have some news. The organian took charge of the shipa used by the rouges. One ship got away. “Palmer said. “Let me gues the flagship . You can’t find Alison !”Addison said. “That is corect!”palmer said. “I will settle up with you another day. Seams it time we got under way. Irina take us out of orbit!”Addison said.
The end


The challenge part two

“Captain’s log,usually an anouncement of mariege is a joyous proclimation. Although vulcans supress all emotion,usually they can come to the conclusion that sutch an arangement is agreible and logical. With my first officer i don’t sense that. Something is off. I am just not sure what it is !”
” your getting maried?”addison asked. “Yes!  Tisek has been trying to get me to constent to a  bethothal for some time! I have finally relented!”she said.
“You never mentioned that you were engaged!”adison commented. “It is a private matter captain. Sense vulcan exercize non emotion we usually keep things low key!”sotril said.
“I have spent a lot of time with your people. I have a lot of friends who are vulcans. I aficiated a vulcan weding while in command of the athena. I have observed that while there is not emotion,there is a conection. Is there not between you and tisek?”she asked.
“Iam highly suportive of this notion. You have no cause to be concerned!”sotril said.
“Ok! I trust you! I am stil going to be concerned. It is in my nature! Alright! Congradulations!”she said. “Thank you!”she said. She left the room. The door closed behind her.
Rec room
“You hear that we are on a new mission tim!” Lt. Keven reilly said. “Are we colecting gasious enomilies or potroling the nutral zone!”lt. Tim mathews asked. “You have not heard ?”reily said.
“No i have not! What is it?”mathews asked. “It seams our first officer is getting maried!”reily said. ” She is! To who let me gues noble tisek! “He said.
“Woa! You seam to have inside information ! You holding out on me timmy! “Reily asked. ” She said yes to him! Look i don’t want to talk about it!”he got up and picked up his food tray. ” Where are you going? You stil have food left!”reily said. “I’m suddenly not very hungery! ” mathews said.
“Timmy you ok?” Reily asked. “I’m fine kev!” Mathews said. He got up and took his food into the recycling unit. Then he left the rec room. The door closed.
He went straight to his qurters. He sat on his bed. He went over to one of the draws and opened it. He pulled out a picture. He was not sure why he kept it. There was him and sotril. He had his arm around her. He was beaming. She was stoic of course. The event seamed like yesterday.
“What are you doing ? “Sotril asked. ” I want to capture this!”he said. He took out an imaginer. “Why do you human incist on capturing every moment on a device. Your brain is capible of storing the memory! This is highly ilogical!” She said.
” I don’t need to capture every moment but this one is special !” Tim said. “Very well procede!”she said. He put his arm around her. He clicked the picture.
Once that was a precious memory. Now it was a bitter reminder. He decided to put the picture back in the draw. He closed it.
Uss enterprise
“Now nearing the planet vulcan!”ryian said. ” Asume standered orbit!”addison ordered. “Standered orbit aye!”lt. Dassale said. “We are in standered orbit!” Ryian said. “Vulcan central welcomes us! ” lt. Palmer said. “Acknowledge the greating audry!”addison said.”you got it! ” palmer said.
“It is good to be back on vulcan! “Addison said. “I hear it is very hot on vulcan!”yeoman smith said. “It is very. After a while you get use to it your body ajust!” Ryian said. “Myine does. Not! “Dr. Pipper said.
“Ambassador sarek has requestes at his home tonight adison!”palmer said. “I figured. Tell them my family will be in attendence!” Addison said. “You got it!”palmer said.
” Commander the prefect and his son would like to come abored!”lt. Palmer said. “Of course! Commander with me! You have the bridge gioto! ” she said. “Aye sir!”the security commander said.
Transporter room
“Ready on your orders !”transporter chief takigawa said.” Enerzize chief! ” the captain said. The chief activated the control. On the pad the two emergined. Addison and sotril wore the green dress uniform.
“Welcome abored prefect! I am captain addison mccomic. You know commander sotril!” Addison said.
“It is agreible to see you again !”the prefect said. “And you prefect. I am hournored to have the privledge of joining your family . I do not take this union lighly but consider it a solum responsiblity!”sotril said.
“The hournor is ours. We are privledged to have you in our family. You brought much hournor to your family and to your people !”the prefect sargrin said.
“Hello sotril! Convincing her to mary me took some doing. Sotril never rushes into anything . I can apreciate that. It is a favorible thing that she has agreed to this union!”tisek said. “Yes. I wish you both all the best!” Addison said. They thanked her.
  Tim’s qurters
“Computor !”he said. The computor lit up and made noises.”working!” The computor said. “Show me vulcan metrimonial law!” He said. It was displayed.
End of part two.