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New order part two

“Captain’s log,the enterprise was saverly damaged in the battle with kahn an enigmatic figure from earth’s past. We are beginning damage control procedures. Fortunently casulties were lite. ”
“Engineering !you stil in one peace pitcarin?”Addison asked. “I don’t know about that but i am stil functioning. “The chief said. “How did the engines hold up?”she asked. “Minnor damage but nothing too serious. This ship is the stuf of legends. “The engineer said. “Can’t argue with you there! Keep me aprised!”Addison said.
Nurse chapel and orther medical officers worked to aid the wounded on the bridge. Addison was nursing her arm. There was a visible wound. “Captain ! Sickbay!”dr. Piper said. “There are orther crewman in far worse shape then myself mark! The crew comes first!” She said.
Several crew were transfered off the bridge to sickbay.most were on there own power. Only two were transported by bio strecher.
“Well we know that methuselah works! Right now i wish it was a falure!”daystrom said. ” i know what you meen. Whatever happens it is on us!”lary marvic said. “I know! That is why we must do whatever we can to stop it! “Daystrom said. “I agree!”the man said.
Yeoman smith began to survey the ship. She found a broken circut and began to repair it. She was traned in administration but sence joining the enterprise crew she has expanded her skils.
Lt. Kyle went to check the computer core. He did a full diegnostic on all ships system. He was through. He left no stone unturned.
Lt. Commander giito was known as being cyinical. He felt that he had to be. Star fleet was made up of idelest,dreamers. This made people like gioto necessary.at least that was how gioto felt about it. This all concerned him. The enterprise has been wounded. Though they outmaned and outguned the clark’s sumit,kahn proved a worthy oponent. Gioto tried to find any problem that might have been overlooked.
Clark’s sumit
  Qurters of kahn
“The battle did not quite as planed but methusah is all we hoped it to be and more!”jouquin said. “It is indeed.i am quite inpresed. The battle was an opening salvo in a wider war. A war to revive humanity! “Kahn said.
“I assume you have a plan ? “The younger aid asked. “I am forming one. It will have to be multi facited. A comprehensive plan. A program for the future. We will be unstoppable !”kahn asured him.
“There was some kind of attack but it is over now!”merek said. “They were attacked by romulons.the recent attacks were star fleet!” Hadley said. “What is his game? Really he wakes from a long hybernation and resumes being Alexander the great now on an insteler scale?”the doctor said.
“Some people are who they are.change is difficult !”the captain said. ” I hate to just do nothing !”the doctor said. “No we will look for an opportunity and when we have one,we will take it!”the captain asured his fellow captives.
U.s.s enterprise
Confrence room
Seated at the table was captain mccomic,commander sotril,chief engineer pitcarin,doctor piper,security chief gioto,helm officer dasale,lt. Irina galiunion, dr. Daner,lt. Kyile,lt palmer and chief takigawa and lt. Tim mathews.  The captain called the meating to order.
“Mr. Mathews!”she said. ” The man who calls himself khan is this man. Kahn nonian singh. He was from earths past. He was part of genetic engineering. After a failed crusade to take over earth,he dissapered. There were stories he fled into space ! It seams they were true”tim mathews said.
“According to the files i could find the man is unpredictable. One minute he is a kind,the next minute he is a monster beyond compare. “Elizabeth said.
“What is his goal now? He is awake after almost three hundred years? What now?”Addison asked.
“I believe using history as a guide,he will try to reasert himself into human afairs. He will atempt to create a new empire. He probably see the federation as the bases of a new empire!” Mathews said.
“I believe he has a belief that humanity canot function properly without him. His ego will not allow him to tolerate an organization that he does not paticipate in. “Danner said.
“I believe he has in his own way declared war on the federation. He has a civilian reserch vessel but he is intuitive,inovative resourcefull. We cannot underestimate kahn!” Gioto said.
“He has methusalah. We see clearly that his goal is to weponize it. “Pitcarin said.
“Star fleet wants us to head for star base 12. We will complete repairs there. Star fleet is going to be beefing up security on the border. The fronteer is on high alert. “Commander sotril said.
“We are not going to be part of the task force looking for them? “Dassale asked. “We took a lot of damage. We need to make sure we are in tip top shape !”Addison said.
“I assume if something happen while on route we will join in?”irina asked. “Your starting to figue me out. Correct. Is there are no more questiones,we are ajurned!” Addison said.
Every one got up. Dr. Danner went over to Addison. “I can’t believe you want to sit on the side lines?”Elizabeth asked. “I won’t risk the ship more then i have to liz. “Addison said.
“A big fight between you and kahn,its inevitable isint it?”liz asked. “Yes i think it is. What he did with a scout ship. This thing has just begun !”Addison said.
Clarks sumit
Science lab
“McPherson ! You wanted to see me?”kahn asked. “Excellentcy! The methusalah is quite impresive. There design is very sound but it is a bit of overkill. I can design smaller verson of the device that do the same thing. They need not be bulky or combersome. Sir i believe we can use this one as a master unit. I think we can mass produce these poor man’s version.”she said.
“Methuselah can fuel our revolution !”jequin said. “Anything mankind can do. We of superior intelect can do far better! “Kahn declared.
“The problem is that this will take time! We have one ship and it is a non military scout vessel. I doubt we will find alies in the federation. I believe that the humans of this time enjoy there weakness !” Jouquin said.
“Then what? I rather not aly with the Klingon or romulins or God Forbid the tholiens!”zoey rayburn said.
“No they canot be trusted. No one but us can have acess to methuselah!” Kahn said.
“We will have to wait! Hide out and build ships as a secrit shipyard some where?”jauqauin said. “No! I have a different idea! We wont wait. Strike while the iron is hot. The time for the revolution is now! This is our time! This is our monent and we must take it!”kahn declared.
Kahn now revealed his plan.
His inner circle was quite supportive of the plan. They got right to work implimenting it.
Star base 12
U.s.s enterprise bridge
  “Sandard orbit acheved!” Irina reported. “Very good. Palmer begin coordinate with star base control ! Lets begin repairs and asestment.”Addison ordered.”aye sir!”sotril said.
“Commander sotril will handle repair and asestment until i return !”she said. “Return ?”Smith asked.
Yeoman smith was shocked. As her personal asistnent,smith knew every thing Addison knew. Today she was blindsided. She had been left totally out of the loop. She did not know why.
“I have some personal business to atend. I will be back soon! “Addison said. Every one was confused but went with it.  Addison then left the bridge.
End of part two


Fabic of excistence part two

U.s.s enterprise
“Captain’s log, the enterprise has been sumoned to star base 12 in order to asist in a project that could revolutionize power consuption in the federation fleet. ” 
Star base 12
Confrence room
Captain mccomic,commander sotril and chief engineer pitcarin sat with several starbase officers from the base including comadore mandez,his aid miss piper and a few civilians.
“Zefren cocren’s warp flight changed every thing for humanity. Soon humanity united. Made contact with alien races. The federation was formed. We began to explore the galaxy. We can’t just sit on our laurels. We must keep going. Keep trying to excel'” comadore mandez said.
“With them in mind,it is my plesure to present dr. Richard daystorm and dr. Lary marvic on what we hope will revolutionize the fleet!” He said.
The african American civiliam scientist went to the lacturn. “Earth has gone though a series of changes. We have warp drive,we have explored the galaxy. One thing has gone relitivly unchanged. Power! Our saurce of power is the same. We only have so much power to go around. The pie stays the same. No one has atempted to change the pie!” Dr. Richard daystorm said.
Lary marvic took the lacturn. “The first law of thermal dynamics is nothing is created or destroyed. The second is that energy depletes over time. The law of entropy.  There is no sutch thing as perpetual motion but we have come close!” Marvic said.
“This is a prototype for a new power unit. We call it mathesilah.”Daystorm said. Marvic and several aides whealed in a device on an anti grav cart. The female took the sheat off of the cart.
  “This device is designed to recycle energy. It will generate energy not foever but we believe that it could generate power for ten years. “Daystorm said.
“This is of course. It is all experimental. It has not been tested in actual use until now!” Daystorm said.
“Star fleet has aproved the experimental testing of the mathuseluh system. ” commadore mandez said.
  Addison listened intently to this presentation. As she listened to it,she thought to herself ,please tell me your not going to put this untested equipment in the enterprise.
“We will be using a test ship designed for testing new equipment !” Marvic said. Addison breathed a sigh of relief.
  “Due to the danger associated with an experiment sutch as this,the vessel will be unmaned. The test ship will be monitored by another ship that will monitor it from a distence. The ship will have a fail safe that will take over the ship if needed.  “marvic said.
“That is where the enterprise comes in! The enterprise will monitor the ship from a safe but close distence. We will be testing it in a remote area. We can’t totally garante safty of those involved but we do our best!” The commadore said.
Addison had her reservation about this mission. It seamed like potentialy a colosial waste of time if it failed. Although they took every proqaution,nothing was error or danger proof.
She tried to gage the reaction of her chief engineer. The usually calm pitcarin seamed uncharistically gitty. He seamed excited by it. She could not figure out asistent chief engineer kyile. He did not seam gitty but did not get the impreson he oposed it.
She looked over to her most stoic advisor. Security chief gioto was the type who could find a cloud in every silver lining. He had a look on his face like this was the biggest bunch of targ manure he had ever seen. She was not sure how she felt about all this. This was not her area of expertise. She relied on others. She was stil sceptical.
“We will lunch in nine hours! “The commidore said. The brefing was ajurned. Every one got up. Addison and sotril went over to daystorm and marvic. “We will arange qurters for you!” Addison said. “Thank you captain. You must be very excited. You get to be a part of history in the making !”daystorm said. “Arnt i part of history every second of the day?” Addison asked. Marvic laughed.
Addison and sotril left the room.”Get every thing into place. I will be back abored shortly! I have something i need to do!” Addison said. “Of course. I will get every thing started!”sotril said. “Thank you commander!” Addison said.
Star base 12
She went to the bar. She looked around and saw lt arial shaw. “Arial! “Addison said. “Hello addy! Please sit!” She said. “I was suprised to see you hear. You spend most of your time on sb 11!” She said. ” I go back and forth. I came hear to see you!” She said. “Oh?” Addison said.
“Its about Alison crenic. We would like you to give a satement. “Shaw said. “What will happen to her?” She asked. “Frankly we don’t have a clue. She will be under pysch hold for the time being. She could face multiple charges. There are multiple isues. If convicted she could spend alot of time in a rehab colony. Is that best? Can she be rehibilitated. There is the question of how she got where she was!”shaw said.
“I don’t know what to say? I don’t have any recomendations. A part of me wants to lock her up and throw away the key. She was my friend. I am not sure that’s her. I don’t want to remember Alison that way especially if this is not her!”she said.
“The best medical minds in the federation dont have a clue. You should stil be heard even if you don’t know. Say that! ” shaw said. “I will write something! Who has jurisdiction?” She said.
“Star fleet want it sense she did damage to star fleet. Federation justice department claims jurisdiction as does others. It will probably go before the supreme court! This is new ground!” Shaw said.
“I see! I get that satement to you as quickly as posible!” Addison said. “Thank you addy!” Shaw said.
“Is there no clue as to how she got acros the space or worked with the romulons?”Addison asked. “Not yet no. She is not forthcoming unfortunately!” Shaw said. “I see!” Addison said.
U.s.s enterprise
Confrence room
Addison decided to confur with two officers she knew would be on either side of this issue. Chief pitcarin and lt comander gioto.
“Ok! Why is this a good idea commander?”Addison said. “The science behind it is sound. The idea has merit. I think it can work! If it does it will alow us to expand our exploration of the galaxy with less layovers and at the same time give a leg up with the Klingons,romulons and tholiens. This could be a huge win!”pitcarin exclaimed.
“Commander giito i assume you have a different view?” Addison asked. “I do Addison. This is pure targ minure. You can’t garane something goes wrong. If even conponent craps out,the whole thing will go bust! If it goes wrong in a remote area its over. You will have to have a conventional back up!” The sicurity chief said.
“We can provide multiple reduntcies. We can almost gurente gioto’s syinerio won’t play out!” The chief engineer said. “You can’t totally asure that these reduntcies won’t fail! The titanic was taken down by a smal rudder! It is too big of a risk! I can’t believe your letting your exuberance cloud your reason and objectivity!” Pitcarin said.
“His doom and gloom syinerio is posible but not probible. As i recal the transporter was highly critisized. There are still detractors. This can work!” Pircarin said.
“Well i gues we will find out!” Addison said. She dismished the two. The two left the room. The door closed.
Uss enterprise
“It is good to be back hear! I helped build this ship. I designed the constitution class starship amoung orthers. The constitution class is definitely my favorite !”marvic said. “We all love it. When i completed my traning i figured i would be asigned to a frigate or a ground instilation. I was thriled to be asigned to the enterprise!” Yeoman smith said.
“Even stil in its infantcy it had already made history. I was thriled when the enterprise was asigned to monitor the experiment. This is going to be both myine and doctor daystorm’s crowning achevement!” Marvic said. “You don’t doubt that will work? “Smith asked. “Not for a second! History is going to be made. I am very confident that this will work!”marvic said. Smith was not convinced that he really felt that way.  She knew that he would not show fear. He would show strength until the very end.
S.s clarks sumit
The commanding officer was beamed from the sleeper ship to the clarks sumit. The captain decided to have only the group’s leader brought abored at for now.he would decide on the orthers once the leader was awake.
  The doctor revived the commander. The patcient began to wake up. He was grogy at first. Then he became more and more luscent.
“Where am i?” The indien looking man said. ” your on a human vessel. We are a civilian vessel but we are part of the federation. “The captain said.
“Federation?” The man asked.”united federation of planets. A multi species alience that includes humanity. The capital is on earth!” The captain said. “Earth stil excist. I feared humanity might have destroyed itself !” The man said.
“We came close a few times. We chose to servive. We did more then then that. We thrived.” The captain said.
“I did not catch your name captain!” The patcient said.” My apologies. I am captain r.m merek. You are abored the starship clarks sumit. We estimate that it has been about three hundred years!” Merek said.
“My name is khan! “He said. “Khan! What was the perpose of your space flight?”merek asked.”we were hoping to settle a new world. Start fresh. I believed that humana on earth were doomed. We decided that if humanity was incisting on there going to the galows,we should step aside and let them. We are a group with common goals. We were a united group. We believe we could create a better society. ” Khan said.
“I think that we have created a world you will be proud of. We did almost destroy ourselves. At the last minute,we pulled back. We made the hard decisions.it paid off. “The captain said.
The man seamed sceptical. The captain could detect that scepticism in his vioce. The captain did not why. He senced he was mising something . He was not sure what it was. She suspected that it was a key clue to the mystery.
End of part two.

One destiny part 7

U.s. s enterprise
“Captain! Incoming message! Its from captain mccomic on the faragut!” Palmer said. “On screen!” Kirk ordered. Lt. Palmer transfered the image to the view screen.
“Captain kirk,i don’t know if you heard but kedair turned on kizerek. The fleet left the battle. Jim i believe that kedair plans on killing the chancellor. Consolidate power then attack us!” Addison said.
“Kor was right. Kidair was the real threat not kizerek!” Kirk said.”we will have to move fast on this. I am not sure how mutch time we have!” Addison said.
“I doubt the Klingon will believe us over subspace. We will have to deliver it in person. “Kirk said.”please tell me your not really considering going into Klingon space ?”mccoy asked. “It may be our only option! “Spock said.
“Care for a road trip jim” Addison asked. “I’m game if you are Addison!” Kirk responded. “Leta do it. I will meat you at the border!” Addy said. “You got it!”kirk said. The screen faided.
“I thought one of you was bad. She is like you in a dress. “Mccoy commented. “Well she was on the short list to command the enterprise! “Kirk said. “What a chioce!”the doctor replied.
“Mr. Dassale, set course for the nutral zone. Maximum warp. “Kirk ordered. The navigator ploted the course. “Course ploted and engaged. “Sulu said. The enterprise went to warp.
Qurters of spock
Spock was in qiet meditation. The chime rang. “Come in!” Spock said. It was kirk. “Spock! Whats going on with you and captain mccomic? It not like you!”kirk said. “It is a private matter captain. I would rather not discus it. “Spock said.
“You never served together. Records indicate that you have never met. Yet there seams to be something. ” Kirk said. “PLEASE respect my feelings on this!”spock said. “Very well!” Kirk said.
U.s.s faragut
“We are atempt to cross hear. It is an area of space the Klingon call swamp of doom. It is not heavily potroled due to its chaotic turbulence.”Addison said.
“So we are atempting to traval into a place the klingon are leary of going into!” Ryian asked. “Yes ry!”Addison said.
“It is our only option !” Sotril said. every one knew that she was corect. It would be easier to go to the border,they would probably not be receved. They may  not be receved this way. Perhaps they had a chance. They all hoped so.
U.s.s enterprise
“We are now at the border captain!” Dassale said. “Nutrilize warp mr. Sulu!”kirk ordered. The warp engines were disengaged. “Warp drive is off line!”‘dassale reported. “Now we wait !” Kirk said. ” Why is it that starship captain’s think that there is safety in numbers when atempting something fool hardy?”mccoy asked. “You meen there is not!” He asked. “Funy!” The dr responded.
The faragut arived and came along side them. “We are being hailed!” Lt. Palmer said. “On screen!” Kirk ordered. “Ready when you are addy!”kirk said. “Lets do it!” She said in response.
  The two ships entered the are known as the swamp of doom. The ship found that the area was very chaotic. There were funel like waves that seamed to form out of no where. Sansors seamed to go in and out.
“Captain’s log,the enterprise and faragut have spent several hours in a waste land. We have come across what we believe in an egress from this desolate area and hopfuly aces to a Klingon ship. Hopfully not one aligned with kedair. ”
“Now entering normal space.”dasale anounced. “Not a moment too soon. I’m not sure my engines could hold out much longer. “Scoty said. “I’m glad we don’t have to find out!” Kirk said. “Aye me too!” He said.
“I have located a Klingon ship. ” Spock anonced. “Set course for the Klingon vessel!” Kirk said. “Really jim! That’s your strategy !”dr. Mccoy said. The enterprise and faragut headed for the ship.
Klingon vessel
“Excellentcy! Detecting two federation ships. They have set course for us!” A scaning officer reported. “Are there weapons on?”the commander asked. “Negative ! They are on an intercept course with us commander!” The scaning officer said. “We are being hailed!” The com officer said. “On screen!”the commander ordered.
“Human why are you wasting my time?” The commander incisted on knowing. “I’m captain james t kirk of the starship enterprise. I am hear to inform you that i believe that kedair will try to kill the chancellor! “Kirk said. “Why should i believe that?” He asked.
“He killed kezerek!” Kirk said. “Those are stories. Rumors. There is no proof of that. I have no reason to believe you. ” the commander said. “We have proof that kedair was involved in the destruction of his ship. This was an dishonorable act!” He said. The commander considered it.
“Kezerek was a fool. He needed to be eliminated. “The commander said. “What of the chancellor. There are ways to unseat a chancellor,i doubt kedair will adhere to them. “Kirk said. ” What do you want me to do?”the commander asked. “Inform your chancellor! “Kirk said. “You have told me nothing just a theory. “He said.
“If I’m right and you did not listen to me,his death is your hands commander. Sooner or later your complacentcy will be made known. I don’t think you want to risk that do you?” Kirk asked.
The commander considered it. He ended the transmison. “What does that mean?”gioto asked.”i wish i knew!”kirk answered.
“Captain! I believe i have located a series of transporter traces. I believe i can locate the ship. I believe the ship is for lack of a better term leep froging to qonos! “Spock said.
“Acording to pitcarin it can only go a short distence! “Kirk said.”corect! ” scoty said.
“Can you predict where they will go!” Kirk asked. “Not to a total certainty but i believe i can get us close. It is not going to be certain of acuracy. It is unfortunately a guising game!” Spock said. ” Lets get to it. Send the coordinates to the navagator!” Kirk ordered. “Right away!” Spock said.
“Jim! Are you forgetting that we are in Klingon space? Are you also forgetting that there is a Klingon ship off our bow?”dr. McCoy asked. “No I’m not. Its two agenst one. Palmer send all the data we have.”kirk said. “This is quite a gamble!”mccoy said. “Bigest risk always are!”kirk said. “Your going to drive me to drink. Its a good thing romulan asle is iligal” he said.
The two ships went to warp. “Vesel is not persuing!” Spock said. “Will we make it in time?” Gioto asked. “Unfortunately that is any ones gues!” Kirk said.
The prototype completed another transport. “Sir we have incoming. Its the enterprise and faragut. “The tactical officer reported. “I knew we would meet again!” Kedair said.
“Do we transport again?” The first officer inquired. “Not yet! First we take care of some unfinished business . Then i will deal with the chancellor !” Kedair said.
“Plot an intercept!” Kedair ordered. The helm ploted the intercept. The vessel headed for the two ships.
“Detecting a transporter beam!”spock said. “All decks stand by. We are about to be hit!”kirk anounced. The ship emerged off the beam. The vessel opened fire. There were several explosions thoughout the ship.
The faragut fired on the ship. The faragut hoped to draw away from the orther ship. Then the ship beamed away.
Another beam emurged,this one right near the feragut. The ship opened fire on the faragut. Several decks were hit.
“Damage on multiple decks!”sotril said. The ship beamed away again.
“Is there any way we can jam that thing?” Addison asked. “Not that i am aware of? “Sotril said. “I am gusing that they have reinforced the shields so we may not be able to use the last trick. ” Ryian said. “I had a thought about that myself !” Addison said.
The faragut returned fire on the vessel. The vesel was hit. The  vesel beamed away. The vessel emurged and hit the enterprise.
“Is this how it is going to go from now on?” Dr. Mccoy asked. “It very well could !” Kirk said.
  A mine was beamed off of the faragut. The faragut slamed into it then veered off. The mine exploded but the faragut rode the wave.
“Good work hallak!” She said. The orion noded. Mines beamed near the enterprise. There were multiple mines. The mines detonated. The bridge was hit.
Kirk fell to the ground unconscious. The reer of the bridge was hit. Another explosion ocured right near spock’s station. Spock had dodged the attack. The ship beamed more mines near the enterprise. The mines kept detonating. 
The helm and navigator was hit. Sulu fell to the ground. Dassale was able to get away just in time.spock went to the helm.
The enterprise went to warp. The mines stil came. The ship was getting pumaled by the mines. “They have to run out of mines eventually don’t they?”palmer asked. “Eventually yes lt!”spock said. The com lt does not find that comforting.
The faragut was cut off from getting to the enterprise. The Klingon vesel beamed back in and fired on the faragut. The faragut was hit multiple times.
The faragut returned fire on the Klingon prototype. The prototype fired photpn torpedoes then beamed out.
“Addy i have an idea! “Sotril said.”report! ” Addison ordered.”the transporter puts off a lot of heat. I believe the ship may over heat. “Sotril said. “That will take time?”smith asked. “Do you have an idea how to acelerate this process?” Addison asked.”i believe i do!” Sotril said. “I thought you might!” Addison said.
The Klingon vesel beamed in. The faragut emited a masive energy signiture near the prototype. The enterprise then fired on the prototype. The ship could not beam out. They were traped.
“The transporter is off line!” A tech anounced. ” We will deal with them the old feshoned way. “Kedair said.
The Klingon prototype opened fire on the faragut. The enterprise fired on the Klingon warship. The faragut folowed though and hit the prototype as well.
  Gioto find a way to target the transporter. The faragut and enterprise fired simultaneously on the transporter room. The transporter exploded. This time it would not be repaired as easily. The feragut hit the area again just to be sure.
The prototype hit back. The two ships were hit.  The ships hit back.
  Several Klingon vesels arived. The fleet fired on the prototype. The ship was hit. The ship was uterly destroyed. No trial no execution.
“Mr spock message from Klingon flagship. We are to leave at once or we will be destroyed!” She said. “There is graditude for ya!” Mccoy said. “I am content with abliging to this demand!” Spock said. No one disagred.
Uss enterprise
Spock’s qurters
Mccoy enteted. “Jim is resting but he will be fine!” The doctor said. “I find that news quite agreible thank you!”spock said.
“So what’s going on with you and captain mccomic?” Mccoy said. “Dr it is a private matter!” Spock said. “Its unlike you. Not that any one knows what your like. Except mayby lela kiromie. I’m not sure even her. “Mccoy said.
“If you must know,she has managed to do the one thing i never could. Gain the aproval of my farther!”spock said. “Oh!”mccoy said.
“My farther did not want me to join star fleet. He wanted me to join the vulcan science academy. It has been a point of contention between us!” Spock said.
“So where does Addison mccomic fall into this?” Mccoy asked. “A few years ago,captain mccomic transported my farther on a shartle. They were attacked. Thanks to quick thinkng by then commander mccomic, my farther life was saved. Then she went into labor. My farther delivered her child who she named sarek. They have kept in touch. I find her presence a reminder. I believe humans call it a slap in the face. “Spock said.
“This hardly seams a logical response !”mccoy said. “I believe given the facts it is a resonible response !” Spock said.”its is not her fault. “McCoy said.
“I am aware of that. I just perfer to keep my distence. ” Spock said. “Oh!” He said.
“Captain’s log after puting in for repairs at starbase 12,the enterprise is ready to get underway. “Kirk said.
Kirks qurters
“May i come in?” Addison said. “I understand your getting underway soon?” Kirk asked. “Yes we are. I assume you are as well? “Addison asked. “Indeed ! We make a good time. We will have to do this again some time!”kirk said.  “I am definitely game for it! ” Addison said.  “Good!”kirk said. They shock hands. She left.
The end