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Times and seasons part two

After meating with liz,the captain decided to atempt to try to get back to sleep. She walked to her qurters. While she was walking ,she was interupted by a message on the public adress.
“Captain mccomic please report to sickbay”the vioce of doctor mark piper said. She went over to a com unit. She presed the button. “Mark this is addy! I am on my way!”she said.
She was suprised to hear that mark was stil awake. She was curious to know what he wanted her for. She headed to sickbay.
She entered. “Burning the midnight oil mark?”Addison asked. “Yes i am. It seams what’s keeping you up on night is keeping me up as well! Dr. Piper said.
“Ok mark, you have my attention!”Addison said.”i have been looking over the medical scans of miss crenic. It took me a while but i think i have partially figured out the mystery!”he said.
“Now you really have my attention mark!”she told him. “Her moral filter,her conscience is gone. I compared her medical records sense she was captured earlier this year with her last exam before the incident on the fraghter.  “He said.
“There is a huge gap in her brain !”she said. “Her conscience ,if you will,has been removed. I speculate that this was done on perpouse.”the doctor said.
“Are you saying you believe that she was somehow regenerated?” Addison asked.
“I can’t prove it. It is an hypothosis that at this point,i can neither prove or disprove. It is a resonible model. “The doctor told her.
“I see! We could be looking at some kind of alien experimentation. Perhaps it is some kind of alien plot. That is beyond my job description. ” The doctor said.
“Fair enough doc!”Addison said. “It is some place to start!”he said.”indeed it is. Good work !”she told him. He nodded.
“I’m not done yet. I will continue to work on this. I will keep you aprised on my progress. “The doctor told her. She thanked him for that.
She excited sickbay. This confirmed what she had suspected but did not dare to say out loud. Now she had it confirmed.
She decided to roam the deck for a moment. If this was the product of alien munupulation,to what end? Was it simply to cause chaos? Was it part of an invasion plot? She had no idea. It woried her. She was tired but she knew she could not sleep. Not after this news.
Things were qiet on the bridge .things usually were at this time of day. Although there were no diferences between day ans night in space,federation starships ran on a 24 day structure. This was the time artificially constructed as night.
“Sir! I am detecting some energy signal! It is faint. It keeps coming in and out!”ensign mischa davis maning the science station reported. ” Are you certain?” Lt. Tim mathews in command asked. “Confirmed sir. It is getting stronger. It is getting closer. “Davis said.
It became more and more clear.”i have something sir. Detecting several ships. It is tholiens!” Davis anounced.
Mathews knew full well about the tholiens and there tactics. Tholiens would seround a ship and trap them in an energy wave. It was called the tholien web.
“Evasive action quickly !” Tim ordered. The ship tried to get away. The enterprise went at maximum speed.
“Target those ships fire!”mathews ordered. Tomlinson at helm opened fire. The enterprise fired multiple voleys of phasers and photon torpedoes at the ships.
The tholiens knew what the enterprise was doing. The enterprise knew what they were up to. They were trying to compinsate for that. The enterprise had uped there game.the tholiens would have to up there’s as well.
The tholiena fired on the enterprise. Addison felt the rumble from the weapons fire.she ran to a com unit. ” Bridge this is Addison! Report!”she ordered.
“We are under attack by the tholiens. They are atempting to form a web !” Tim said.
“Continue evasive action! I will right up!”Addison ordered. “You got it! Will do!” Mathews replied.
The ship continued to fire on the ships. They kept trying to evade the tholiens as well. While the bridge was maned by night crew,they were hardly the b team. They were the orther A team.
Addison felt strange going to the bridge in a bath robe,night goan,and bare foot. She did not feel she had time to change into a duty uniform. She ran into a turbo lift. She headed straght for the bridge.
The turbo lift door opened,the captain entered. ” We have so far been able to evade the tholien vessels captain!”mathews informed her.he then got up. She took the command chair.
“Target the aft section of the cloest ship and fire!”she ordered.the ship got as close as they could and then Tomlinson fired a voley of photons at the nearest hostile ship. The ship was struck by the enterprise. The enterprise hit another tholien ship. This time with phasers.
The enterprise hit the first two ships again. The two orther ships hit the enterprise. Several section of the ship was hit by plasma fire. There was exstensive damage on lower decks.
The enterprise undetered fired on the two vessels yet to be hit in a substential fasion. The enterprise hit them with phasers and photons.
“Question bob! If we take one of the ships out of the eqasion,will they be able to generate a web?”Addison asked.
“I don’t believe so!”he said. “I have a plan!” She said. The enterprise pounded the vessel that had taken the most damage. While the other ships tried to protect there comrade,the enterprise refused to let up. They just kept fireing.
“Sir! The vessels are powering down!” Davis reported. “Are they serendering?” The navigator lt. Dapaul asked. “Tholions don’t yield. They are simply acknowledging that they can’t beat us without being batered and blody themselves. They don’t want to risk mutual asured destruction. That tells me they want something . This is not a strictly military or sabotage mission. It is something more. “Addison commented.
“Sir! We are being hailed!” The night shift relief com officer rylie morel said.
“On screen ensign!” Addison ordered. The com officer activated the view screen. The screen showed thw bridge of a tholien vessel.
“Captain! I demand that you turn over Alison crenic to me at once!”the tholien said in a broken english wich was translated by a michanical sounding vioce.
End of part two

” Fabic of excistence”

Alison was sent to the psiciatric facility on elba two. It was unclear if she was Alison. She may have just been reanimated. Her old friend Addison perfered to think that Alison was dead. No one knew the truth. It could not be known.
Alison was remended to the facility on elba. She was under the authority of the mental health commision. She could stil be tried for several charges. The justice department was monitoring the case.
She was involved in therapy seasons with a single pycologest and in groups. The federation was not really sure what to do with her.
“They are all afraid of me. I have heard some refer to me as the zombie !” She said. “That is unkind. “The doctor said. “Is it not acurate?” She asked. “Look you are a person regardless!” Dr. Eldin said.
“I don’t feel like one most days doctor !”she said. “I know this is all difficult !”he said. “A part of me wishes i had died on that ship or in the battle!” She said. “You don’t really meen that!” Dr. Eldin said. “I don’t know. I just don’t know !” She said.
She was returned to her cell. The minute she entered,the force field came back on. Nothing made sense. She did not know if it would.
Deep space
  Civilian vessel
Clarks sumit
” captain’s log we are curently following up on reports of a derilect ship that may be from earth’s past. We have just had a sighting of the vessel in nutral space and are looking into it!” The captain said.
“I can’t help but think we are on a wild goose chase !” Helm officer said. “I really don’t see how. Everything seams to indicate that this is the real deal!” The science officer said.
“Lets just see what’s turns up!” The captain admonished his bridge crew. They all agreed.
The vessel went in further. The science officer had enhanced the sensors.
The ship went further into the reigion. They came upon the ship. “I have located the derilect. Sending coordinates to the helm!” The science officer reported. “I have it! “The helm reported. “Set a course for that ship! “The captain ordered.
The ship arived at the site of the derilect. “Vessel apears to be adrift'”the science officer said. ” have you identified it?” The captain asked.
“Vessel is a dy 100. It is from earth'” the science officer said. “Dy 100 that was before warp drive was discovered by zefrem cocren. Are we sure on that?” The captain asked.
“Positive id “the science oficer said. “It is odd that such a vessel would be this far out! ” first officer said. “Agreed. Life signs!” The captain asked.
“I am detecting life signs but they are faint. Many pre warp vesels used cyonic sleep. This could be a sleaper ship. “The science officer said.
“Suspended animation. That does not sound like fun'” the helm said. “Get in a good nap though!” The navigator said.
The vessel neared the old vessel. The vesel went near the old ship. “The vessel is listed as the botony bay. Historical data banks note its excistence but little else!”the science officer said.
“Information of those days were fragmented. Much of the archives were destroyed In the third world war. ” The first officer said.
“We are in transporter range'” a crewman said. “Very well. Stand by to beam over landing parties. Send to command our findings. ” The captain said.
Dy 100
The team emurged on the ship. The ship was one big coridor. There were catpartments with people.
“Most of them are alive! Remarcible to have servived all these years !” A field science officer said. “Imagine waking up after all these years.  Warp drive,contact with alien worlds,united earth,the federation,Montreal stil not having a decent sports team! “The captain said.
“I believe this one may be the leader! Usually the commander was to be the first to be revived. He could decide rather it was safe for the rest of the crew to be revived!” The doctor said.
“I wish we had more information. We going in blind. For all we know we could be waking up colnel green !” The captain said. “Colnel green died ,did he not?” A younger crewman said.
“Do we revive? Its your call” the doctor said. “Weird as the c.o of a civiian ship,i did not think i would have to make a call like this. One that could have impact on the entire human race maybe even the federation and beyond. Well it is just the captain. Procede! “The captain ordered.
The doctor took out a hypo spray. Two engineering crewman opened the shelf. The self had a retractable iner shelf. The ocupent looked as though he was from india.
The captain gave the go ahead to the doctor. The doctor attached the medical instrament to his neck. He aplied the hypo spray to the patcient.
The man started to wake up. The man started to become more alert. The man began to become aware of who and where he was.
A legend had just returned. Now nothing would be the same. Humanity was about to be turned upside down.
End of part 1