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Ties that bind part 13

“Captain’s log we are curently inside the doorway. We still do not know what this is. There is so much to it we do not understand. So far we are holding up!” Addison said.
“They are opening the doorway!’kyile reported. “Folow them out!”Addison ordered. The ship persued the romulin vessel. The doorway opened. The enterprise left the doorway.
“We are near romulis and remus!” Kyile reported. “We are ordered to surender!”palmer said. “We have several vessels heading our way!”Kylie said. “Get me the lead ship!” Addison said. “I can’t get though! I am being jammed! ” palmer reported.
Two bird of preys opened fire on the enterprise. “Shields are holding!” Ryian reported. “Scan for anything unusual ! I have a bad hunch! “Addison said.
“Captain i am detecting some short of energy build up in a jeferies tube near enginering.” Kyile reported. “They implanted an explosive device on the ship? When would they have time to do that?”gioto asked.
“My gues? Probably at space dock! They planed every thing. They had this thing all ploted out.”she said.
“If the device detonates,the enterprise will be destroyed. It will take half the romulan fleet with it! “Kyile said.
” Then the romulans will clame we are the agresors and lunch a full reprisal” Gioto said. ” Gioto take charge. Evasive munuvers. I am going to remove that device!” Addison said.
“Addy!”Ryan said. “I have no choice !”she said. She entered the turbo lift. The lift took her to a cralway entrence. She opened the tube. She was not brothered by smal spaces. The ones on the freighter were worse.
She found the device. It was embeded into the system. The ship rocked. “Keep her steady gioto!”she said. She took out her tool box. She removed a smal tool and tried to first create a dampening field that stoped the device cold in its tract.
The device was designed to protect itself. “They think of every thing!”she said. She was not giving up not quite yet.
She tried to ajust the device. She had a few tricks up her sleave. She hoped one of them would work. She hoped that she had time to try them.
The ship was hit again. She knew that they had this well planed. Thry had covered there bases. They had planed this for a while. How long she was not sure.
“Engineering ! Pit i nead you to eject the core!” She said. “Addy are you out of your mind? We canot eject the core in the midle of hostile space!” Pitkarn said. “Please trust me on this pit! “She said.
“She might be out of her mind but i don’t have any other options!” He presed the eject button. The core left the ship. 
Romulin flagship
“Commander they ejected there core!” A scaning officer said. “Why would they do that? There is no reason for this!”the first officer said. “No there is not! I believe there may be a different explination! Order the fleet to hold there fire!” The commander ordered.
The bridge crew was suprised. They folowed his orders. The entire fleet stood down.
The core seamed to feed the device. The ejection of the core seamed to have shut down the device. Now without the core,the enterprise was a siting duck in the capital of one of there lead rivals. There were more presing concerns at the moment.   She scaned the device. It was inert. She took out the device. The device was inactive.
“I can’t get passed the jammers!”palmer said. ” The explosive device had been rendered enert!” Kyile said. “The threat is not over. Without the com relay we can’t explain all of this!”gioto said. “So far the ships are holding position!”kyile said.
“I am starting to wonder if this is not a rougue faction of the romulan government not the empire as a whole. ” Dassale said.
“Can we convince them that that is true? Will it matter. There are many in the empire that want a war regardless of why! ” gioto said.
Addison left the cralway. She ran to the transporter room. “I need you to beam me to one of the romulan ships.”she said to tawcinewa said. He set the controls.
She emerged on the bridge of the bird of prey. ” Momy!”little sarek said. He ran to her. Her perents were releved to see her. She wished she had time for a proper reunion but she did not yet.
“Stop right there! Addison ! ” aly said. She pointed a disruptor at her. “End this! You have lost! “Addison declared.
“No addy bear the game is not over! Not even close !” She opened a doorway. She was gone. The question was where?
End of part 13

Ties that bind part 11

As soon as liz heard the news,she ran to the captain’s qurters. She was frantically racing to the captain’s room. She almost plored over a couple of jr officers. She needed to be there. She was determined to do that in a timly fashon.
She ran into the qurters. “Addy i am so sorry! “Liz said. She huged her. “I am so bewildered! I can’t describe it. Its like nothing else maters! I don’t care about nothing. Not even the ship. Not even star fleet!”she said.
“I wish there was something i could do. I wish there was something i can say. Look i know your beyond devisated but don’t make any decision right now! ” liz said. “Alright !”she said.
She was in schock numb. Liz had known Addison for several years. She was an intern at the rehab colony that Addison was asigned to following a nervous breakdown. They had developed a friendship. Liz was woried about her and ryian. She did not know how to help.
Paris france
Pallice de la concord
President elisia crazal part human,part rigelien sat in her office. She was the first female president of the federation. Before that she was a cabinent member,federation council member and governor of rygal 10. She was very accomplished.
” There have been ten sneek attacks by the doorways. We have lost three ships,four have been critically damaged. Only one was a heavy crusher. The orthers were light crusers. “Admiral komack said.
” i take it the attacks will continue?”the president asked. “There is no reason to believe they won’t madam president!” Secratary of defense tisorden said.
“The romulans have butoned up there side of the nutral zonen that is only the ships that are not cloaked. “Intergalatic security advisor wade benson said.
“Is this a rougue group or is this from romulin high command?”the president asked.”we are trying to find that out madam president but frankly we have verry little information on the romulans. We did not even know what they looked like. We don’t know much about there government although we have heard they have a preator. We asume he is in charge but we don’t know!” Admiral komack said.
“We suspect that these attacks are to soften us up,a prelude to a larger invasion” the defense sec said.
“I want to send more ships to the border. I want the entire fleet on high alert! ” the president said. ” Will do on both counts madam president!” Komack said.
“We need to get information on the romulans. There must be a way to comunicate with them. A third party,an ambassador some where!”she said.
“We are looking into it !”foregn afars secritary t’sera of Vulcan said. ” I don’t want a war,i want to avoid conflict. I am a person of peace,i want my presidency to reflect that. I will protect our people !”she said. She had made that clear.
Uss enterprise bridge
“Captain! Star fleet wants us to procede to the nutral zone as soon as the athena is ready to get underway!”lt. Palmer said.
“Acknowledge recipts of the order and send our satus. Lay in the course mr. Dasale!” She ordered. ” Aye sir!” Palmer said. Lt. Tim mathews the relief navigator set the course and dasale had it laid it but did not press the engage button.
“I won’t cooperate with you !”Alison said. “Is this worth it?” Commander gioto said. “Yes it is.i was abandoned by every one.”she said. “Are you working with the romulin government or a faction?”he asked. “I don’t remember !”she said. ”
“Is she Alison ?”sotril asked. “No ! She has her memories,even some of her manorism ! It is not her!”liz said. “Why did the romulons recruit her? “Gioto said.” Or did she recruit them?”palmer asked. “Good question !”sotril said.
Captain’s qurters
The door opened,yeoman smith entered. She had a food tray.”i can’t eat right now!”Addison said.”doctors orders! Please take a bite! For my shake! Dr. Piper will dog me until you do!”she said. “I have no desire to eat or do anything else!” Addison said.”you need to eat as well lt!” She said. “I don’t have much of an apitite either! ” he said.
The door opened, it was halak. “Halak hello!”she said. “Thanks to your crew we can limp our way to starbase 11! Thank you. I can’t tell you how sory i am that our rescue came at such a high coast!”he said.
“It would not have made a difference my friend !”she said.”i know about the mines. I stil don’t like it. I am sory that our salvation came at there expense.”he said. “I don’t hold it against you or your crew!”she said.”i apreciate that. “He said. “Safe jouneys!”she said.
“Now on course for the border!”mathews reported.”very good ! “Sotril said.
Romulin vessel
“The enterprise is on course for the border!”the science officer anounced. “Excellent ! ” tridex said. “You will be defeated just as you were 100 years ago!” Mrs mccomic said. “Perhaps ! One can never predict these things.if we go down,it will be in battle! I could ask for nothing more!”tridex said. They were no impresed.
End of part 11


Ties that bind part 9

Lt. Gito,galway,leslie and a full security team stood by as the two emurged in the pad. Dr. Danner,pipler and nurse chapel were present.
“If you relase me,your hosteges were die. I am the only thing that stands between there life and death! “Alison proclamed.
Chapel took out a hypo spray and knocked her out. Leslie abd gallway picked her up and put her on a moble gurney. “Get her to sickbay!”pipper said. “Liz pull up her file. I want a full pysch profile!”addy said. “You got it addy!”liz said.
The patcient was whealed into sickbay. She was changed into a sickbay goan and placed in restraints . Much to dr. Piper and nurse chepel’s chagrin,there were gaurds stationed in sickbay.
Addison was beside herself.how could this have happened? It had gotten so messed up.
Confrence room
At the table was Addison ,sotril,piper,danner,palmer,dasale,ryian pitkarn and gioto. ” liz you first!”Addison ordered. “Thank you addy! Allison cransaw has had a history of pyshotic episodes. She was hospitilized several times. Much of it is due to brain damage. When she was 16,she was on a space walk. Her e.v.a suit ruptured. By the time she was rescured,there had been considerible damage. She was an above hornor student. Before the incident every university from hear to Vulcan wanted her. She wanted to join star fleet. She still had the grades but she failed the psych profile. She could not even get in the enlisted program. She joined the freighter southwestern. She seamed to be doing well! “She said.
“Do we have any idea how she servived the incident on the southwestern ?”Addison asked.”there is no information on her anywhere in the federation. I checked for any survivors who were unknowns and i found nothing. All of the servivors were taken to space station k-5 first. All of the other servivors were acounted for!” Sotril said.
“Could she have been picked up by the romulans?” Dassala asked.”this is far from romulan space !i doubt it!”gioto said.
“It seams the event was the triger. The last straw. She never had any recorded thoughts of rebelion against the federation. She had never shown suport for the romulons!”liz said. “She was not political at all. Any coment was favorible!” Addison said. “Is she displaying the whole universe is out to get me attitude?”pipper asked. “She is!”liz said.
“I want to shift to the romulaons. Uss berlin was attacked by a ship using the doorway as were four orther vessels. The entire federation is on high alert! Is there any way to stop this?” Addison asked.
“My people are working on a dampening device. It will requre a lot of power. I am looking into a self contaned device. It will take time. I am consulting star fleet security and corps of enginers as well as lary marvic and daystrom!” Pitkarn said.
” With this device the entire fleet is a siting duck. Star fleet command believes that they intend to soften us up. First the gurila war then they will lunch a full invasion probably from the jevanon system !” Addison said.
“Is war inevitable ?’palmer asked. “I hope not! Right now it is not looking good!”Addison said.
After the meating he went over to ryian. “Ry i am going to talk to Alison . I am hoping that she help me find my parents and the kids. Right now the tension between us and the romulons is the priority !” She said. “I know addy! You will find a way to get them back!”he said.
“I let every one down! My perents!you! Little sarek ! Hanah !”she said.she started to cry. He held her. “This is not your fault addy. “Ryan said. “I want to believe it ry. I am not sure i can! “She said.
“Alli please where is my family ?”Addison said. “No Addison !your not going to win. There will be no happy endings. You will suffer as i sufered. ” Alison said.
“Look if you help us. I will help you with the rehab commision!”she said. “What hapends to me is of little consciquence Addison ! ” Alison said.
“Come on this is my little boy!my baby girl my parents . Have some compassion ?” She said.”compassion ! I was so pumped full of radition. I can’t have children Addison ! It is a wounder i am stil alive. Don’t talk to me about compassion !”she said.
Later on
“Addy this is not your fault ?”liz said. “I don’t see how it can’t be! If i had not froze that day. I could have helped her!” She said.”you were stil a kid barely got your space legs addy!”liz said.”i stil could have done something ! I had the power to help her! I did not now the universe is falling apart because of it! “She said.
” things happen ! Who knows what would have happened if you did act. Its guess work!”liz said. “If anything happens to the kids i don’t think ryian could ever forgive me. He would not say anything and he would sqare to the moon and back that he did not blame me. I would know the truth. ” She said.
Dr. Piper entered. “May i come in?”the old doctor said. ” of course mark! “Addison said. “I ran every test i could think of on her. I found evidence that her brain was restarted. She was clinically dead but somehow revived. My gues is there were some brain functions stil operating. Her brain was rewired. All of her negitive charictoristics were brought to the serface! I would say thia became part of a mad scientist experiment!” Dr. Piper said.
“The romulans?” Liz said. “So is it her?”Addison asked. “It looks like her,talks like her but no not really ! “Piper said. “I see! Why her. We are mising a bug part of the puzzle !” Addison said.
“Bridge to captain!” Palmer said.she went to an intercom. “Go ahead audry!” Addison said.”the scout ship athena is under attack. We are nearby !”palmer said. “Have ryian lay in a course for the athena. Have vincent activate the course. Inform commander halak we are on our way!” She said. “Aye sir!”She said.
“The athena ? Your old ship! That can’t be a coincidence ?”liz said. “No i am sure it is not! ” Addison said.
End of part 9