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Rumors of war part four

“We cannot interveign. It would send a dangerous precident. “Trafaine said. “To alow our seperated brethen to inflict violence and opreson is unimaginable !”claymare said.
“Humanoid life has caused concern. There bent towards violence ! Mayby outside colinization might do some good!”trafane said.
“You know where this will lead. You know how this will end? Our ‘brothers’ will take it too far as they always do. “Claymare said.
“In that event we can intervene then! “Trafane said. “If we admit that intervention is inevitable then why delay it? Look we agree humanoids are impulsive irational but they have potential. They could turn it around. You know given the other faction history ,this will not end well!” Claymare said.
“You really want us to undertake this policy change? Once we do this ,there may be no turning back?” Alborne said. “I realize that. This may be our only choice. They have forced us to this point. “Claymare said.
Alborne listened to both sides of this argument. He recalled a similar one years ago. This one led to the scism between the organians. That debate led to the stand stil they were currently in. Would what they do today make the situation worse or improve it. Alborne was not yet sure.
Alborne was not sure what should be done. Organiens were known for. Being very qautious. Alborn was even more caucias then most organians. Todays event was not different.
The exiter tried to withdraw. The exiter hit anything that came near it. The ship went to maximum warp. The ships harnessed any power it could muster to generate more speed.
Sotril suspected that the organians had more then a few tricks up there sleve. She hoped more ships would get the hint before it was too late.
Organian flagship
“Is every thing in place?”ardvec asked.”yes my lord!” Alison said.”comence with the plan!”ardvec ordered.
“Sir the organian vessels are withdrawing !”the science officer reported. “This can’t be right!”the exo said. The commadore knew he was right.he had no idea what they had planed. The jaming device was still active.
“Withdraw! We have to save ourselves . I just hope orthers figure it out.”he said. The Lexington went at warp speed.
The organian ships apeared to be leaving the reigion. The ships then stoped. They combined there energies and fired a simultaneous burst at the ships. The ships tried to elude the masive shock wave that was heading right for them.
The ships went to high warp in any direction. Several ships got caught in the wave. Manny ships were tosed and too and fro. Some showed evidence of being on fire. Orthers were adrift.
The exiter had gotten away before time. It was retivley unscaved. The exiter went to a safe distence. The vessel went to a full stop.
The Lexington had gotten out as well. They had encured some damage but made it out. The.comadore was releved for his ship and crew but felt bad for those who did not.
Several ships had been saverly.damaged but no vessel had been destroyed. He hoped that casulties were light.
The ships were in bad shape. Several ships were adrift. They.were all very vanerable. All ready to be attacked.
Organian ship
“Vessels are nearly all imobolized. “Alison reported. “Very good! Set course for the rygal system. “Ardvec ordered. “We are not going to destroy the fleet?” Alison said. “They are in no position to fight us. They are demoralized defeated. I would like them to watch us demolish what remains of there fleet. I want to advance further into there space!”ardvec said.
Alison was not happy about it. There was nothing she could do about it. She kept silent. Not that it would change anything. Once ardvec made up his mind,that was how it was.
This was just a job to the organians. To her this was personal. Humanity abandoned her. She had abandoned them. She was witnesing her revenge.
Uss Lexington
“Hostiles are moving out. They are on course for the rigal system!” The science officer reported. “We have to get pass there jammers. We have to warn the federation!”Wesley said.
Paris France
Pallice de la concorde
Office of the president
“Madam president,we have confirmed that the organian fleet is on course for rygal. “Intergalatic security advisor markon a delten said.
“Star fleet is lunching every thing we have. “Admiral komack said.
“Can we hope to stop this threat?”federation president helena lakish asked.
“Madame president it will be difficult. This will require a full scale mobilization the likes we have not seen before. ” Admiral komack said.
“Do it! We cannot risk losing all we have worked for. Use whatever resources you need admiral!”she said
“Thank you Madame president. “Komack said. “Do you believe that we can stop this threat? ” the president said. “This will be a difficult struggle. There is no asurence of victory or survival. “Admiral komack said.
The president paused. She considered what was said. “I want updates every houer no matter what. “The president said.they agreed. The president dismissed the meating.
A week or so erlier,no one had heard of the organians. Now they were poised to take over the federation. There might be no stoping them.
U.s.s enterprise
The bridge was buzing with activity. Crewman were coming in and out. Equipment was being.led in and brought out.
Palmer left the com station and ran over to Addison who was repairing an aft station. “Addy we have limited coumination capibility. I just got an urgent update from dassale!” Palmer reported. She looked at the pad.
“Tim! Star fleet just isued a code one. Task force under commadore Wesley imobolized.hostile fleet heading for rygal. We need to get this ship operational. Yesterday is not too soon! “Addison said.
“You don’t look prety happy john!” Pitcarin said. “We have got though to star fleet! The organian fleet imobolized comidore Wesley fleet. The hostile are heading to rygal. Addy wants to get underway four years ago if you know what i meen!”kyile said. “I will do my best. Even a mericle worker is bound by some universal laws if nature!” Pitcarin said. “I won’t tell anyone that. ” Kyle said. The chief laughed.
Planet organia
“I have not seen any of the council of elders in quite a while!” Takigewa said. “I think they are in some kind of meating. No one is alowed in and no one has left. “Dr. Piper said. “I hate being stuck hear. Why did the captain want us to come hear?” Takigawa asked. “She was convinced that this was an important peace of the puzzle.she is correct. It is!” The doctor said.
“To sit on the side lines is disconcerting. “Takigawa said.”i understand. It is not in our hands at least for the moment. “He said.
“Do you think the rougue faction will conquer the federation?”takigewa asked. “I don’t know. I realy hope not but i don’t know. I have never been mutch of a tacticion. “Piper said. “Of course not. ” The chief said.
End of part four.
The deltens are a race of bald headed humanoids. Ilea in star trek the motion picture.