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Times and seasons part three

“Captain’s log,i have been tense after sense i captured Alison crenic following an esape atempt from elba two. Our jouney back to the asilium planet has increased my fears. Now the situation has gotten even more complicated. ”
“The tholiens have shown up. After bearly defeating them in battle,i have convinced there commander to meat with me”
Qurters of adison mccomic
“You do know its stil in the overnight addy!”Ryan said. “It is an artificial construct ry. Besides i am not that loud!”she said. She put a green dress uniform.
“Can you promise no more battle at least until 0700?’ry asked. “No promises! “She said. The door opened,it was commander sotril and yeoman smith.
“Don’t people believe in knocking ?”ry said. “What do you got?”Addison asked. “There have been rumors of attacks on the tholien’s outor fronter. The attack stoped not long before the incident with Alison on earth!”smith said.
“The commander is known to the federation. The commander is a veterin of the conflict with the shieliek. The commander is a member of the hardliners and is a known suporter of tholien expansion. She has an aunt who is a member of the ruling body. ” Sotril said.
“So it’s no acident she is in command of the ships that engaged us!”ryian said. “It is a plausible supisistion. “Sotril said.
“Dress uniform ? Is that required ?”smith asked. “Maybe ! Not that the commander will notice but you it might help. Its makes me feel better!” Addison said.
Addison kised ryian. “Come on we had better not leave the commander waiting. Besides we do not want to wake the babies up!”Addison said. “No we don’t!” Ryan said.
Transporter room
“Your up ?”Addison asked. “I was doing some routine inspection and maintinance! Never know when i will get another chance. Well that is until you decided to start a schoting war!”takigawa said.
“Funy i remember it somewhat differently! You have the coordinants?”she said. “I do. I’m ready when you are! ” the chief reported. “Energize!”Addison ordered.
The transporter chief activated the transporter beam. The tholiens emerged on the beam. “Commander loscene I’m captain mccomic!”she said.
Confrence room
“You crosed into federation space. You attack a federation starship. You comited what some would call an act of war. “Addison said.
“An act of war was perpitrated on us captain! Alison crenic is a criminal and terrorist ! Under our charter,we have the right to find enemy of the states even even into other soveregn planitary states!”the commander said.
“You have a case against her,present it!”Addison said. “We conduct non military scientific reserch. We wanted to developed new safer technologies. We employed non aligned groups to help us. Alison crenic ofered her services to help us. “The commander said.
“We provided her with a reserch outpost located in the pitjole sector. Gave her information ,equipment whatever she needed. Her research was a front. She secretly worked against us. ”
“She secretly created a bio genic weapon designed to target our phioslogy. She detonated it over one of our most populous colonies,that of the planet clunderswift four. So many dead. So many injured. She is a war criminal and terrorist !”the commander proclaimed.
“We demand her extradition at once!” The first officer said. “We have no extradition treaty with the tholiens. We have almost no relationship with your people ! Given tholien law,we would be reluctant to turn her over to you!”she said.
“We heard that she was in a hospital . This is unacceptable ! “The commander said. “This is our space ,unless you want to go to war over her,that is how it is!”Addison said.
The commander thought it over.while Addison beleved that the tholiens viewed the federation as a potential competitor,she was sure she would not want to go to war now. She hoped to use that to her own advantage.
“Why don’t we agree to an exchange of information. “Addison said. “To what end?” The aid asked.” I suspect Alison is not doing this entirely on her own. I suspect she is working for someone. A rival or groups of rivals. This may be part of a larger plot to destabilize the reigion. “Addison said. “You have proof of this plot?”the aid asked.
“Not as of yet! It is a theory. One that has not been disproven!”Addison said. ” Destruction and death is a ligitimate reason to go to war. “The commander declared. “We were not responsible !”Addison said. “You harbor s fugitive captain!”the aid said. “She is under a confinement order. “Sotril said.
“Look you trespssed In our space . It is a known fact tholiens do not recognize the sovereignty of other planitary authorities. I am wiling to overlook this incursions but i need some good faith on your part!”she said.
“We will not share our information with you. However we will agree to leave your space . The longer that women is in your space ,the more in danger you are!” The commander said.
Later on
The captain called a meating of her senior sath. In the confrence room was the captain,first officer sotril,dr. Mark piper,dr. Daner,chief engineer pitkarin, lt.dasale,ryian,lt. Palmer,lt. Commander gioto and yeoman smith.
“You have looked over the information ! Thoughts ?”Addison asked. “I suspect the tholiens are not being truthful about conducting non military reserch. I think they fell victom for there own gread!”lt. Commander gioto said.
“The bio wepons conbined with the alterations of Alison crenic makes me think there is some kind of master plan at work. The ultimate end i don’t know. Invasion seams a valid hypothoses.”dr. Piper said.
“Why mark i did not realize that you were so pesimatic !”liz said.”usually i am not. This is a different matter! The facts seams to fit that hypothosis. “The doctor said.
“Our mission is stil to get her to elba. Then i don’t know !”Addison said. “Do you think that there is an imidiate threat to the federation?”liz asked.
“I was not sure. Now i think there very well could be!” Addison said.
“Captain’s log the uss faragauit,republic and exciter have arived to escort the tholien ships out of federation space . We have resumed our course for the elba two facility”
Addison got dresed and then headed to see Alison . She had goten some sleep. She was stil excausted.
She entered the brig. Alison was up and eating breakfast. “The food is good! “She said.
“Alison . Who do you work for?”Addison asked. “You don’t think i did  this all by myself ! I’m hurt addy bear!”Alison said.
“I know you worked with the romulins in the past!”she said. Alison laughed. “This is bigger then you could posibly imagine! “She said.
“What’s is going on? Who are these people ?”Addison asked.”humanity abandoned me. I have no great loyalty to you and your kind!”Alison said. “They are your kind too!”Addison said. “Not anymore!” Alison said.
“Audry i need you to send this mesege to the letter.”Addison told lt. Palmer. Palmer took the note. She sent it.
“Sir,incoming message,its from star fleet command! Its admiral komack! ” palmer said. “I will take it in the brefing room!”he said.
“You believe that some shadowey manace is thretining the galaxy ?”the admiral asked. “I doubt Alison is doing this on her own. My evidence is merky,i admit that. Something is going on. Is it a cadre or alience of worlds or an unknown power i don’t know!” She said.
“I take it that you want to folow up on this?” Komack asked. “I think i need to? This is a threat to federation security. Given what she dis last year,i don’t think that we can ignore it. “Addison said.
  “alright ! You have my clearence to do so! ” the admiral said. “Thank you!”Addison told her. “Please keep me aprised!”komack said. “Will do!”she said.
Qurters of dr. Dahner
“You ok?”miranda asked. “Of corse hunie!”liz said. “You had the dream again !”the girl said.”you don’t miss a beat don’t you? “Liz said. “I have learned to observe! “She said.
“I don’t know what it meens. A crew i don’t recognize. An energy barier. An officer out of control. Were it not reacuring,i would dismiss it. It won’t go away. “Liz said.
“Whatever it is your get though it!”miranda told her. “Its funy,i am suposed to console you not the orther way around !”she said.”we help eachother!”she said.she huged miranda. “Thanks!”liz said.
“I am detecting an energy spyke!”lt. Kyile reported. “Where!”Addison asked. Sotril scaned the area with the area. “It is right on top of us!”sotril anounced. “Yellow alert! Shields up!”Addison ordered. The claxon sounded.
A large unknown combat ship left a doorway. The warship fired on the shield grid. The ship had a clear plan. They had a goal. They only wanted one thing.
The combat ship worked to cut the shields. The enterprise returned fire.
“They are trying to engage a transporter beam !”kyile said. “Block them!”Addison said. The combat ship increased power and there weapons fire.
Alison heard the battle. She waited for the rescue she knew was coming. She got up from the cot.
She felt the beam take her. She waved to the gaurds. She was gone. The combat ship went inside the doorway.
“Stay on um vince!”she told dasale. The pilot tried to acomidate the order. The ship was gone. So was the wave. Addison was clearly frustrated but not suprised.
This was not over. It had only just begun! Addison was determined to stop Alison and those behind her.
End of part three
I probably should have used a different admiral then komack. Star trek the original series had a different admiral the few times fetured one. I want to have a skiner like character.

Times and seasons part two

After meating with liz,the captain decided to atempt to try to get back to sleep. She walked to her qurters. While she was walking ,she was interupted by a message on the public adress.
“Captain mccomic please report to sickbay”the vioce of doctor mark piper said. She went over to a com unit. She presed the button. “Mark this is addy! I am on my way!”she said.
She was suprised to hear that mark was stil awake. She was curious to know what he wanted her for. She headed to sickbay.
She entered. “Burning the midnight oil mark?”Addison asked. “Yes i am. It seams what’s keeping you up on night is keeping me up as well! Dr. Piper said.
“Ok mark, you have my attention!”Addison said.”i have been looking over the medical scans of miss crenic. It took me a while but i think i have partially figured out the mystery!”he said.
“Now you really have my attention mark!”she told him. “Her moral filter,her conscience is gone. I compared her medical records sense she was captured earlier this year with her last exam before the incident on the fraghter.  “He said.
“There is a huge gap in her brain !”she said. “Her conscience ,if you will,has been removed. I speculate that this was done on perpouse.”the doctor said.
“Are you saying you believe that she was somehow regenerated?” Addison asked.
“I can’t prove it. It is an hypothosis that at this point,i can neither prove or disprove. It is a resonible model. “The doctor told her.
“I see! We could be looking at some kind of alien experimentation. Perhaps it is some kind of alien plot. That is beyond my job description. ” The doctor said.
“Fair enough doc!”Addison said. “It is some place to start!”he said.”indeed it is. Good work !”she told him. He nodded.
“I’m not done yet. I will continue to work on this. I will keep you aprised on my progress. “The doctor told her. She thanked him for that.
She excited sickbay. This confirmed what she had suspected but did not dare to say out loud. Now she had it confirmed.
She decided to roam the deck for a moment. If this was the product of alien munupulation,to what end? Was it simply to cause chaos? Was it part of an invasion plot? She had no idea. It woried her. She was tired but she knew she could not sleep. Not after this news.
Things were qiet on the bridge .things usually were at this time of day. Although there were no diferences between day ans night in space,federation starships ran on a 24 day structure. This was the time artificially constructed as night.
“Sir! I am detecting some energy signal! It is faint. It keeps coming in and out!”ensign mischa davis maning the science station reported. ” Are you certain?” Lt. Tim mathews in command asked. “Confirmed sir. It is getting stronger. It is getting closer. “Davis said.
It became more and more clear.”i have something sir. Detecting several ships. It is tholiens!” Davis anounced.
Mathews knew full well about the tholiens and there tactics. Tholiens would seround a ship and trap them in an energy wave. It was called the tholien web.
“Evasive action quickly !” Tim ordered. The ship tried to get away. The enterprise went at maximum speed.
“Target those ships fire!”mathews ordered. Tomlinson at helm opened fire. The enterprise fired multiple voleys of phasers and photon torpedoes at the ships.
The tholiens knew what the enterprise was doing. The enterprise knew what they were up to. They were trying to compinsate for that. The enterprise had uped there game.the tholiens would have to up there’s as well.
The tholiena fired on the enterprise. Addison felt the rumble from the weapons fire.she ran to a com unit. ” Bridge this is Addison! Report!”she ordered.
“We are under attack by the tholiens. They are atempting to form a web !” Tim said.
“Continue evasive action! I will right up!”Addison ordered. “You got it! Will do!” Mathews replied.
The ship continued to fire on the ships. They kept trying to evade the tholiens as well. While the bridge was maned by night crew,they were hardly the b team. They were the orther A team.
Addison felt strange going to the bridge in a bath robe,night goan,and bare foot. She did not feel she had time to change into a duty uniform. She ran into a turbo lift. She headed straght for the bridge.
The turbo lift door opened,the captain entered. ” We have so far been able to evade the tholien vessels captain!”mathews informed her.he then got up. She took the command chair.
“Target the aft section of the cloest ship and fire!”she ordered.the ship got as close as they could and then Tomlinson fired a voley of photons at the nearest hostile ship. The ship was struck by the enterprise. The enterprise hit another tholien ship. This time with phasers.
The enterprise hit the first two ships again. The two orther ships hit the enterprise. Several section of the ship was hit by plasma fire. There was exstensive damage on lower decks.
The enterprise undetered fired on the two vessels yet to be hit in a substential fasion. The enterprise hit them with phasers and photons.
“Question bob! If we take one of the ships out of the eqasion,will they be able to generate a web?”Addison asked.
“I don’t believe so!”he said. “I have a plan!” She said. The enterprise pounded the vessel that had taken the most damage. While the other ships tried to protect there comrade,the enterprise refused to let up. They just kept fireing.
“Sir! The vessels are powering down!” Davis reported. “Are they serendering?” The navigator lt. Dapaul asked. “Tholions don’t yield. They are simply acknowledging that they can’t beat us without being batered and blody themselves. They don’t want to risk mutual asured destruction. That tells me they want something . This is not a strictly military or sabotage mission. It is something more. “Addison commented.
“Sir! We are being hailed!” The night shift relief com officer rylie morel said.
“On screen ensign!” Addison ordered. The com officer activated the view screen. The screen showed thw bridge of a tholien vessel.
“Captain! I demand that you turn over Alison crenic to me at once!”the tholien said in a broken english wich was translated by a michanical sounding vioce.
End of part two

Peridise and perdition part 7′

“Captain’s log against my better judgement i am heading for a planet that may help cure the virus infecting a good chunk of the federation and even into the Klingon empire. ”
“This could all be for naught but i am hopeful that I
t is not. I hope that they are right. I don’t know. ”
“The virus continues to spread. The qarentine has been expanded. The federation is on high alert. “Piper said.
“I have detected tholien vessels. So far they have not taken any action !” Kyile reported.
“Don’t give them any reason to take any more notice !”Addison ordered.
The bridge crew was on edge. They tried to keep calm. They tried to do there job.
Irina went on her cofee break. She went to her qurters. “Irina!”severin said. “You are disipointed in me!”she asked . “I don’t understand it. You believed in our cause!”he said. “I still do. It has mushromed beyond its original perpose. It had become a cult,a gestalt,it was ment to be a new way of thinking. To challenge conventional thinking. Now it has become a convention in and of itself. I fear a mesianic image has been developed around you and i fear you have brought into it.”she said.
” You cannot live in two worlds. You know in your heart we are on the right path. Eden is out there. Someone has to have the courege to lead us there. When we cure the virus and i believe we will. They will have to admit we are right. “Severin said.
” I can’t join you. You have chosen a course i cannot follow . In star fleet i can be who i am. I can be the sceptic and the dreamer. I don’t have to sacrifice reason for idealism or vice versa. “She said.
” we will cure the virus. They will see our worth. Mayby we will a noble z and mangies prize. Mayby we will be granted sate hood satus within the federation. “Severin said.
“That will never happen ! Not with you as the leader. They will never trust you. I don’t think they can. I know i don’t. If tongo was the leader maybe but not you. “She said.
” At least i know where i stand and where you stand. I see i don’t know you anymorr. Perhaps i never did. You were a seaker but never a belever. You were convinced but not persaded. A convert but not a follower. You will miss out!”he said.
She thought to herself ,i only fear for those who won’t. She knew what was coming.
“We are in scanning range of the planet!” Sotril said. ” Comence scan. “Addison ordered.
“Begining scan!” Sotril reported. The tech began scanning the planet. “I am detecting  substances that could have madicinal properties !” Sotril said. ” alright ! We will begin sending landing teams to the planet. They will take samples. ” Addison ordered.
“I hope this works. I don’t want to give severen any crebility but i do want want to find a cure or at least a treatment.”dr. Piper said. “As do we all doctor !” The captain said.
The team began to emurge on the planet. They started convulsing. Dr. Piper called for imidiate transport back up to the ship. The crew was back.
Transporter room
“The planet is toxic to humanoids!” Dr. Piper anonced.” Nothing showed up as toxic on the sensors!” Takigawa said. ” we will have to use e.v.a suits !” Sotril said. “Alright ! Lets get to it!”Addison ordered.
“Captain’s log we have been able to get a sample of the properties that may be the bases of a cure to the benet proser virus. We are coordinating with the united federation of planets center of dease control. We are hopeful that it will produce a cure!”
Addison was taking a nap in her qurters. The door chime rang. “Come in!” Addison asked. The door opened.
“We have a cure! “Dr. Piper asked. “Your sure it works. “She asked. “We tried it on the crew of the palmyra,they have no signs of the virus. They are going to try on it on those bad off. “Dr. Piper said.
“Is the crises over?” She asked . “For all intense and perposes yes. We dodged this phaser blast.” Dr. Piper said. “Good! “She said.
“They have decided to drop the charges of ignoring the qarentine order except for me. I have to serve six mouths in a rehab colony. My crew will not be charged but we will liqidate our ships. My lisence to operate a ship has been revoked!” Dr. Severen said.
“You spread the virus . You almost started a war. You got off easy!” Irina said. “I intend to one day resume my search for eden. I am certain it is out there. I intend to find it. ” He said.
“Captain’s log the enterprise is on its way back to the federations. The medical crises is over as well as the diplomatic crisis with the Klingon empire. Things for the most part has calm down!”
The ship went to warp.
The end.