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Interstellar law part 7

“Captain’s log unbeknownst to us we had an intruder abored this whole time. Lenore karidien a young women who was abored the Taiwan before she was detained is acualy a sabotour. One whose intent is to do damage to the enterprise. ”
“I will kill this man captain!” Lenore said. ” Chief get your man out of hear!” Addy told him.”sir? “Pitcarin asked. “Chief i can handle this! Go thats an order!”she said.
Chief pitcarin and the enginers except for kyile who was a hostege begun to flood out. “What do you want lenore!”Addison said. ” You should have listened to naruka captain!” Lenore said. “I very much doubt we would have just been premitted to leave. Mr. Quzert has been buisy whiping the other deligates into a frenzy. “Addison said.
Addison decided to ram lenore. Shw threw enginer kyile out of the way. Gioto fired on lenore. Lenore repelled the phaser fire.
Gioto stoped fireing. The security officers began to leave. “Gioto hold your ground!” She said. The entire security team including commander giotto left engineering.
“I figured we should talk in private. Addy. I’m suprise you permit your crew to call you by your first name. Not very professional for someone who usually runs a tight ship'” lenore said.
” due to the nature of our mission i sometimes have to push them to the breaking point. I push some protical aside. I want them to see that though I’m tough. I am a real person. “She said.
She went at lenore. Lenore struck her. “The vulcan blocked my control !” Lenore said. “I don’t like having telipathic markers in my head. “Addison said.
Addison slamed lenore to the wall.lenore fought back. The two rolled on to the ground. Lenore punched Addison. Addison deflected and struck lenore. Lenore fell backwards.
“Addison ! You can’t defeat me!” Lenore said. Lenore hit Addison. She fell to the ground. She got back up.
She went for the phaser witch was on the ground. Lenore tried to retreve it. The two fought it out. They traded jabs.
Addison thought to herself “man i wish i had extra sensory perception!” She did not. She would her mundane perception and abilities to defeat this whatever it was. She was able to distract the attacker long enough to pick up a phaser.
She fired on the image. The phaser hit her. She stunbled. For a minute the image faided. ” Its useless Addison ! You can’t defeat me! “The lenore image said.
Lenore punched on Addison. She struck her. Addison was knocked out. She headed for the engines. Her plan was to destroy the enterprise.
With one of the premere vessels in star fleet destroyed while in orbit of the headquarters of the league of interstellar law,the federation wi blame the league. The federation will boycott the league. League ships will defy the boycot. It will lead to war. That was what the anipovnoids will qietly build while the universe battled it out. They will pick up the peaces”
  The image went to the engines. The image was about to go inside the engines. Soon the engine would be destroyed.
The image was hit. Sotril began a mild meld. The image was faided. Addison woke up.
“We are not out of the woods Addison !”the vulcan said. She helped her up. “Agreed. “She said.
The two went to the security room. “Is this going to work?” Addison asked. “I am not sure!” The vulcan said. “I figured!” Addison said.
She began a meld. “My mind to your mind! My thoughts to your thoughts! “Sotril said.
Kayseak was on his ship. He felt something. ” kaysheak! Kayshiek!”Addison said. “What is going on?” The anipovnoid asked.”i am giving you a taste of your own medicine! How do you like being on the receving end ambassador!” She asked.
“Even if you defeat me. The seed has been sowed. Many worlds in the league don’t like you. That won’t change. The seeds of war have been firmly planted. “The ambassador said.
“Mayby. The federation is not interested in war. We seak peace! “Addison said. “You do but orthers do not. Your vioce will be drowned out'” the ambassador said.
“Do you have it!” Dr. Pipper asked. “Not yet !”palmer said. “Addison we are not ready yet!” Dr. Pipler said.
“We will defeat you ambassador . You know why. We are not war like but we are not ignorent. We used to be. Unfortunately it was not that long ago. We know what to look for. We will be watching. “She said.
“We are ten steps ahead of you! We have every thing planed. You have come into the game too late to afect a meaningful oppisition to our plans.  We will win ! In truth we already have. “Kaysheak said.
“Got it ! ” palmer anounced. ” Send it to tackicawa!” Dr. Pipper ordered. “Sending!” Palmer said.
“Well i hope you know what your doing. Even the best planed strategy usually does not yield the intended results. There are always unforseen veriables,unseen forces. Nothing ever goes quite acording to plan. You know another key point to consider?” Addison said.
“What is that?” The ambassador asked. There was multiple transporter beams. Several security teams led by dr. Danner emurged in the area. “Never mess with Addison mccomic!” She said.
Office of naruka
“Ambassador kaysheak and mr. Quzert cooked up this scheme together. Mr. Quzert would atempt to take over the league. The anipovnoids will qietly build. The fact is this was a plot by these two !” Addison said.
“There will be an enquiry . We do things in a certain way. I see no reason to hault the trial. We can retract the confeson sence it was coerced. “The prosicutor said.
“Oh no! Dismiss the charges!” Addison said. “These are serious aligations!” Crete said.
“These ‘aligations’ are a bunch if targ manure and you know it mr crete. You got hood winked and now you don’t want to own up to it. I am leaving with the taiwan and her crew!” Addison said.
“We have procedures and they will be folowed. The trial will go foward. The crew will remane in custidy. ” The secritary general said.
“Oh no! No way! We are leaving. The taiwan is coming too. “She said. “The ships won’t let you. I will activate article three. The ships in orbit won’t let you leave!” Naruka said.
“Well my good friend matt decker is on his way. He is bringing a few friends. No big deal. “She said.
“You would risk war?” Crete asked. “You risk war ! You started this! ” Addison said. “You would not send an invasion force to this planet?”crete said. “We will see!” Adison said.
” ok hear is my offer? The trial will go foward. The crew may leave. They will be tried in absentia. The taiwan will be released. The blokade will be continued unles the members want it!”naruka said.
“It will have to do! I want the prisonors released at once!” She said. “I will isue the order right away!” Crete said. 
“Captain’s log the crew of the taiwan and the ship has been released. We are leaving league space at high warp.  We will be heading to star base 10. ”
“I’m sorry mr. Leslie! “Addison said. “It happends. Not this particular case but you know what i meen?” He said. “Captain kravnosky is taking a leave of absence from the fleet. I understand you have a few transfers!”shaw said. “Ensign davus,dr.mcbanga are transfering!” She said.
The door opened. “How bad is it?” She asked . “Bad. They got a lot of pur security codes defenses. We are vanerable!”gioto said. “We will work to change our codes. It will take time. “Shaw said. “The league is claming we bulied them!”cogly said.
“We bulied them! Probably the fleet will stay close to home until this crises is over!” Addison said. “We will be back!” Shaw said. “Yes we will!” She said.
The enterprise went to warp.