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The challenge part two

“Captain’s log,usually an anouncement of mariege is a joyous proclimation. Although vulcans supress all emotion,usually they can come to the conclusion that sutch an arangement is agreible and logical. With my first officer i don’t sense that. Something is off. I am just not sure what it is !”
” your getting maried?”addison asked. “Yes!  Tisek has been trying to get me to constent to a  bethothal for some time! I have finally relented!”she said.
“You never mentioned that you were engaged!”adison commented. “It is a private matter captain. Sense vulcan exercize non emotion we usually keep things low key!”sotril said.
“I have spent a lot of time with your people. I have a lot of friends who are vulcans. I aficiated a vulcan weding while in command of the athena. I have observed that while there is not emotion,there is a conection. Is there not between you and tisek?”she asked.
“Iam highly suportive of this notion. You have no cause to be concerned!”sotril said.
“Ok! I trust you! I am stil going to be concerned. It is in my nature! Alright! Congradulations!”she said. “Thank you!”she said. She left the room. The door closed behind her.
Rec room
“You hear that we are on a new mission tim!” Lt. Keven reilly said. “Are we colecting gasious enomilies or potroling the nutral zone!”lt. Tim mathews asked. “You have not heard ?”reily said.
“No i have not! What is it?”mathews asked. “It seams our first officer is getting maried!”reily said. ” She is! To who let me gues noble tisek! “He said.
“Woa! You seam to have inside information ! You holding out on me timmy! “Reily asked. ” She said yes to him! Look i don’t want to talk about it!”he got up and picked up his food tray. ” Where are you going? You stil have food left!”reily said. “I’m suddenly not very hungery! ” mathews said.
“Timmy you ok?” Reily asked. “I’m fine kev!” Mathews said. He got up and took his food into the recycling unit. Then he left the rec room. The door closed.
He went straight to his qurters. He sat on his bed. He went over to one of the draws and opened it. He pulled out a picture. He was not sure why he kept it. There was him and sotril. He had his arm around her. He was beaming. She was stoic of course. The event seamed like yesterday.
“What are you doing ? “Sotril asked. ” I want to capture this!”he said. He took out an imaginer. “Why do you human incist on capturing every moment on a device. Your brain is capible of storing the memory! This is highly ilogical!” She said.
” I don’t need to capture every moment but this one is special !” Tim said. “Very well procede!”she said. He put his arm around her. He clicked the picture.
Once that was a precious memory. Now it was a bitter reminder. He decided to put the picture back in the draw. He closed it.
Uss enterprise
“Now nearing the planet vulcan!”ryian said. ” Asume standered orbit!”addison ordered. “Standered orbit aye!”lt. Dassale said. “We are in standered orbit!” Ryian said. “Vulcan central welcomes us! ” lt. Palmer said. “Acknowledge the greating audry!”addison said.”you got it! ” palmer said.
“It is good to be back on vulcan! “Addison said. “I hear it is very hot on vulcan!”yeoman smith said. “It is very. After a while you get use to it your body ajust!” Ryian said. “Myine does. Not! “Dr. Pipper said.
“Ambassador sarek has requestes at his home tonight adison!”palmer said. “I figured. Tell them my family will be in attendence!” Addison said. “You got it!”palmer said.
” Commander the prefect and his son would like to come abored!”lt. Palmer said. “Of course! Commander with me! You have the bridge gioto! ” she said. “Aye sir!”the security commander said.
Transporter room
“Ready on your orders !”transporter chief takigawa said.” Enerzize chief! ” the captain said. The chief activated the control. On the pad the two emergined. Addison and sotril wore the green dress uniform.
“Welcome abored prefect! I am captain addison mccomic. You know commander sotril!” Addison said.
“It is agreible to see you again !”the prefect said. “And you prefect. I am hournored to have the privledge of joining your family . I do not take this union lighly but consider it a solum responsiblity!”sotril said.
“The hournor is ours. We are privledged to have you in our family. You brought much hournor to your family and to your people !”the prefect sargrin said.
“Hello sotril! Convincing her to mary me took some doing. Sotril never rushes into anything . I can apreciate that. It is a favorible thing that she has agreed to this union!”tisek said. “Yes. I wish you both all the best!” Addison said. They thanked her.
  Tim’s qurters
“Computor !”he said. The computor lit up and made noises.”working!” The computor said. “Show me vulcan metrimonial law!” He said. It was displayed.
End of part two.

“The challenge !”

” Captain’s log we have just completed the sucesfull escort of a colonial transports to the new colony of nova prime. The colony has begin to get settled in and shows signs of much progress. I believe it will be a fine adition to the galaxy and to the federation. I am looking foward to following its progress in the coming weeks years and beyond !”
The captain was in her office feeding her daughter. Her son was playing on the floor. “Lunch is served!”yeoman smith said. “Oh thank you. Please put in on the table. Let me gues dr. Pipper did the menu!”she said. “He did! He incisted that it meet its required dietary needs! “Smith said. “Of course it did! Why am i not suprised? “She said. Yeoman smith put it down. “Addy? I am curious about something !”She asked. “What ut it?” She asked. ” Why is your son named sarek?”she asked.
“OH! i was escorting ambasador sarek to an important negocition.the shartle had to evade the Klingons. I went into labor a few weeks early. He helped deliver my son. So to thank him,i named him sarek in his hournor!”adison said. “I see! Do you think he will folow in the ambasasor’s shoes?” She asked. “You never know!” Adison said. With that the yeaman left. The door closed behind them.
“Can you say ilogical”addy asked. “Iwaical”he said. She laughed. “Close enough!”she responded.
“Bridge to captain!” Lt. Palmer said. “Go ahead lt! “She said.” You have an incoming mesege from admiral komack. “The com officer said. “I will take it down hear audry!”she said. ” Transfering now!”palmer said. The com officer transfered the message to the monitor in her qurters.
“Hello admiral!”she said. “Hi adison good work on that colony! ” he said. “Thank you why do i have a feeling that that is not why you called. “She asked. “It was not. Are you ready for your next asignment?”he asked. “I figured it was coming'”she said. “Not sighseing in the ormond nebula'”the admiral said. “Very well! “She said.
“The son of the vulcan prefect is getting maried! I would like the enterprise to be in atendence!”the admiral said. “You do now the enterprise is a constitution class starship. One of the premer ships of the line?”he asked.”that is why the prefect himself requested the presence of the enterprise. This is deemed a very important mission by star fleet and the council!” The admiral said.
“Very well. Will ambassador sarek be there. I would love to see him and his wife?” She asked. “He will be. Most of the whose who of the federation and of vulcan will be there!”admiral komack said. ” i figured!” She said.
She had lt. Dasale ajust the course and head for vulcan. Dasale and ryan set the course and engaged it. The ship was off.
After a while the chime rang. “Come in!” Adison said. The door opened,it was commander sotril. ” come on in!”she said. “I understand we are heading to vulcan?”sotril asked. “Yes if you want to spend some time at home ,that is perfecly fine. I have no idea when we will be coming this way again !” Adison said.
“There is something i need to tell you! ” she said. ” Ok! “Adison said. “I am marying the son of the prefect!” She declared.
End of part one.

Ties that bind part 12

“Captain’s log,commander sotril reporting. There have been more attacks. It is puting the entire federation on edge. While more ships are heading to the nutral zone. War seams more and more likely even hour. While engineers on the enterprise and thoughout the federation work fevourusly to find a way to prevent the doorsway. There break though has proven fleating so far!”she said.
“We believe that we have a working early warning system ! “Pitkarn said. “The problem is that we won’t totally know if it works until it is used in actual use!”kyile said. “I understand ! Good work !”sotril said.
“We have converted this station to monitor for it. Relief helmsman lt. Mathews has agried to take the consil!”pitkarn said. Sotril got really qiet. Sotril while not loquacious but she usually had something to say. At this moment she did not. It was a very akward moment of silent. No one knew why except for the vulcan and the jr helmsman.
“Very well! I am sure you will do a more then adaquit job lt!”she said. “Thank you commander!” The jr officer said. She reterned to the command chair. She sat down.
“Wait i have a ping!” Mathews said.”already?” Yeoman smith asked. ” Reinforce shields !” Sotril ordered. Ryian reinforced the shields by rerouting non esential power to the shields.
The ship veered off from the area where the door way would be. The door way apeared out of no where. Dasale managed to get off the first schot. The enterprise fired a volley of phasers and photon torpedoes.
The bird of prey exited the doorway. The enterprise fired on the doorway. The doorway hit the bird of prey. The bird of prey managed to evade the full impact of the wake. The bird of prey went for the enterprise.
Adison watched the battle from sickbay. She felt like her place should be on the bridge. She just could not do it. She stayed in the sickbay.
The bird of prey fired on the enterprise in stragic locations thoughout the ship. It could be felt all though the ship.
The enterprise returned fire. The torpedoes hit the bird of prey. The ship was damaged but was stil intact and still battle ready.
“Lunch the breaching pod!” Tridex ordered. The gunner activated the pod. The pod left the birthing area.
“We have an incoming projectile! “Ryian reported.”back us off!”she ordered. Dasale tried to move the ship away. The pod exploded. The energy wave headed for the enterprise.
The helm and navigator tried to move the ship away from the wake. The wake hit the ship. The ship began to lose its gravity.the ship spun around several times.
On the bridge the crew tried to hold on to something. The crew were jostled about. Smith held on with all her might. She felt a bit naucious but was doing ok consirably.
Those in the chairs fell to the floor. Finally sotril got to the helm and restored the gravity. The bird of prey was smaler and more muniverable then the enterprise. It fired on the enterprise command section.
Sotril was hit and knocked unconscious. Mathews went over to help her.
“Damage reports coming in from all decks!” Palmer reported. Pitkarn did the only thing he knew to do. He went over to the chair’s intercom.
“Pitcarn to captain mccomic ! Commander sotril is incompacitated. We need you Addison !” Pitkarn said.
In sickbay Addison stood up. She huged lizz. She stood  erect. She went over to the com unit. “I am on my way ! “Addison said.
  The bird of prey hit the enterprise. Addison entered the bridge. The enterprise hit the bird of prey.
  The bird of prey intentionally hit an area near the sickbay. Those in sickbay felt the shock of the blast.
  Alison took advantage of the blast. She got free. Piper went for her and she hit him. She ran to the coridor. She opened an airlock. She drifted to space. She was beemed off of open space and on to the bird of prey.
“The bird of prey is withdrawing ! ” kyile reported. ” sir! Dr. Piper reports that Alison has esaped. “Palmer said. “Dawn it! ‘” Addison said.
“Addy can you come over hear?” Kyle asked. “Yes of course !”Addison said. She went over to the science station. “I was trying to get information on the ship! I detected human life signs four. Two may be children ! “Kyile said in a low vioce so only Addison could hear it.
“Your absolutely sure about this? “Addison asked . “I would not report it if i was not ! “He said. “Oh my! I can’t believe it! “She said. ” The good news is that i believe i can tract the ship. The bad news is that i think they want us to tract him! It is a trap! A setup! “Kyile said. “I know that! I can’t ignore it! Conmander gioto ! Commander pitkarn i need to see you in private! “She said.
With sotril unconscious in sickbay,that left her iner curcle ,liz daner,dr. Piper,the chief engineer and security chief. Although Addison knew that this was a ploy. The romulons were bating her in order to start a war and make the federation and star fleet look like the agresors. She would get her family back.she hoped that she would do it and stop a war.
” This is clearly a trap! They have been playing us. Moving us to this moment. I understand i am taking a risk. If you wish to object i will note it in the log. I am asking a lot. I am risking a lot.  Any objection?”she asked .
There were none. The ship entered the doorway. They folowed the breadcrumbs. This would decide every thing.
End of part 12