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Nues 2.3

Goddard research lab
“I believe that it may be a cloaking device.there are rumors that the Klingon have traded technology with the romulons. ” lt. Anderson said.
“We are about to come attack!” a tech said. “I agree. Shields up. Inform star fleet command quickly ” lt.commander Tyler said.
The Klingon battle cruser decloaked. The large warship opened fire on the outpost. The outpost was lightly did have some armerments.the station. Fired what it did have. The turret fired on the warship.
U.s.s. Argonauts.
“Captain we are getting a distress call from the Goddard outpost. They say that are under attack by the Klingon.” the com officer informed the ship’s commanding officer.
“Helm set course for the base maximum warp. Order all ship’s to near by to head for the base. ” captain Emily Nicollet said. The argronaught went to warp. It went as fast as it could to the base.
The Klingon veasel continued to pound the warship. The research outpost did not want to just give up. Commander Tyler used whatever weapons she had in her arsinal which was not commander Tyler was not going to just give up. The station tried to hold together long enough for the Calvary to arrive.
The argronaught and several smaller ship’s came out of warp. The ship’s broke formation. The vessels fired on the Klingon vessel. The vessel got off a few more shots. Then the vessel started to move out.
“The vessel is retreating. ” science officer announced. “Lets form a wall of protection around the station just in case they decide to return!”niccolete ordered. “We are being hailed. It is the Klingon warship. ” the com officer informed the captain. “On screen. ” Nicollet said. On the view screen appeared the admiral.
“This is admiral g,korm ,the Klingon empire will not lay down and give up. Not all of us believe in the classy story we are being spoon fed. If we are to are to be destroyed we will go down fighting.we will die on our feet. ” the admiral said.
The screen faded. “Are they really going to abandon any chance of finding a solution to this?” the first officer asked .”some are. I just hope not everyone in the empire feel that way.” captain niccolet said.
Planet earth
Star fleet command
“The area contaminated is being declared the x zone. So far the area covers an area near Sherman’s planet all the way to romulan space.  So far qonos Romulus are not in danger.”admiral komack said.
“There have been no reports of an tremors or psicotic activities beyond the x zone?”trasmat haman asked.
“That is correct Mr. Haman.”admiral Fitzpatrick said.”will that change?”the security advisor asked. “We do not know but it is likely that it will. ” science admiral setlic said.
“If the mass expends Sherman’s planet,arkanis donatu are all in jeopardy. “Komack commented. “Do you need to evacuate those planets?”The president chief of staff horn acron a zackdorn said.
The door opened,an aid entered. The officer went over to the admiral in command. He whispered to the admiral. The two went back and forth. “Mr. Acron a Klingon cruiser attacked the Goddard base. The base was saved. The ship was forced to withdraw. The ship has been identified as commanded by admiral g’horn. Orther ship’s have hit multiple target along the federation -Klingon frontier. “Admiral Komack said.
“This is an attack on our sovereignty!”hamin said. “The admiral is known to rush in without the consent of his superiors. “Fitzpatrick said. “The empire could have decided to go on there own.”haman said. “That would be suicide!” an admiral said. “It may be the Klingon way!”haman said.
“We will tread lightly.the president will attempt to keep the peace. This truce is important. “Acron said.
U.s.s enterprise
Sick bay
“How are you feeling Ben ?”Dr. Piper Asked. “Like I got run over by a super nova!” commander Norris said. “That headache may last for a while. I Will do what I can. “Dr. Piper said.
Commander jeshop and lt.bolt entered.”what will we got people?”Norris asked. “We are randevezing with the romulan fleet near en dakrado . commander m’len will be transferring his flag to one of there ship’s. “Jeshop said.
“What will the romulons do?”Norris asked. “They are going to evacuate planets near the x zone. Temporily they plan to seal off the area. Enact a full qarentine. ” mia said.
“This thing will continue to spread will it not?”Norris asked .”we think so. “Mia said.
“Bridge to commander jeshop !” kolona said. “Go ahead lt!”jeshop said. The lt informed jeshop of the attack. Then he informed the commander.
Qurters of doctor terisha obk
The chime rang “come in!”she said.the door opened. “Jess!”she said. “You people never change do you?”he asked. “I’m sorry!”she said.
“Your space is threatened with the real possibility of extinction. What does admiral g’horn do? He’s attacks ship’s and bases along our side of the neutral zone. While we could be devoting our resources to protecting your sorry buts we have to be on high alert from as Manny ship’s as sided with him. “He said.
“G’horn has always been what your race called a lose canion. “She said. “How did you get to be an admiral? So if he manages to overthrow the high council will you support him? Will you support his going out of business war. “Jeshop asked.
“How did you become so bitter?” she asked. “I trusted you Terisha .I trusted your words. I thought you ment what you said. We were not interested in territorial expansion. We plan to push your people out then sue for peace which we did. “He said.
“You never forgiven me for that?”terisha asked. “Some wounds are harder to heal. ” she said. “I could not betray my world.I knew the chancellor was wrong but I could not bring myself to side with our enemies during battle. ” she said.
“Am I your enemy?” he asked. “No of course not. I made the wrong decision ok? Are you going to hold this against me for all of eternity?” she asked.
“No not for all eternity!” he said. “Look I never stoped loving you I regretted leaving you. ” she said. “I did miss you during breef interludes of being mad at me!”he said. “I missed you!” she said.
“I imagined you coming back. I hoped you would. You never did. “He said. “I am hear now!”she declared. “If we servive the  current crises you will leave again. I can’t do it again.I can’t watch you leave again. “He said.
Romulan fleet.
“Captains log , the enterprise has randevezed with the rest of the fleet. Commander m’len will be leaving the ship. While doctor kalara has requested to remane on the ship. Doctor xi check will also be remaining. ”
Confrence room.
Seated at the table was commander Norris, commander jeshop, Addison mcomic,doctor piper, chief engineer halak,Jim Kirk,doctor Markus, lt bolt,security chief, xicheck ,dahner, kelso,Spock  ,mitchel and kalara.
“Doctor xicheck! Norris ordered.the non humanoid got up. “I have located what I belve was the first sighting of the mass. It is in Klingon space. ” Dr. Said.
“We have been unable to take any readings seance the initial occurrence. “Spock said.
“I have designed a probe that contains advanced shielding . l believe we can send the probe into the fields and get accurate readings. ” the tholien said.
“I have looked over the probe. I believe that the test could work!”the Orion enginner said .”I have come to the same conclusion. ” Spock said.
“We have gotten permison from the chancellor to go to the area.whoever ship’s loyal to g’horn May attack us. We will have to stay on our toes. ” Norris said.
“We will be using an aft station dedicated to the probe. Dr. Marcus will monitor the probe. Dr. Kalara will monitor ship’s systems. The next few days will be tense. We will be facing a mutl facited struggle. I need everyone to bring there A game. ” Norris said.
“A game?”kalara asked. “Our very best! “Lix said. “Ok any questiones. Ok that will be all.  “Norris said.
The crew got up. They started to disperse. Some left. Some left talked.
Qurters of Norris
“You wanted to see me Ben?”Jim said. “Right now I have a lot of civilians on bored.we are in a war footing although it is a war against a naturally ocuring organism. Stil this is a crises. During it I want everyone to be star fleet officers with commission. I want you and Addison to be executive officers with commanders. Just during the crises.then whatever you want to do is fine!”he said.
“Carol accept a commission?”Kirk asked. “Lt commander. “Norris said. “Well ok. I’m in I gues.I get to stare the exec duties with someone whose mentle stability is somewhat in doubt. “Kirk said.
“Liz will be keeping a close eye on  her. If there is a problem it can be delt with then. “Norris said. “Alright.can you trust dahner.those two are friends. “Jim said. “Your paranoid jim. Look I will be carefull. Are you or not?”Norris asked. ” I’m in “Kirk said. “Eccelent”he said.
Adison entered the bridge.she wore a yellow uniform dress. Some female officers especially Sr. Officers opted to ware uniform pants but not Addison.she liked fashion and wore dress. The door opened.she entered the bridge.
“All decks stand ready. “The Klingon at com said. “Lee set course for Klingon space .”Norris ordered. “Got it ” Lee reported. “Mia punch it.”Norris ordered. The enterprise went to warp.
Qurters of Norris
“I hope you like human food. I hope your not allergic to any of it.”Norris said. “I am sure it will be fine. ” kalara told her.
She took a bite. “Very good. ” she said. “Your a bit of an enigma kalara. Are you simply as scientists or are you a naval sub commander both?”he asked.
She laughed. “My passion is science Ben. It has been sense I was a little girl. I would prefer to devote myself to scientific research.I am a member of the royal family so I can do mostly what I want. ” she said.
“Your royalty?”Norris asked. “Well technically. I am a fouth cousin of the emperor. It is really not a big deal. “She said. “Ok I don’t have to call you your highness.”he said. “Please don’t. I am not really into titles. “She said.”nor am I. “He said.”please my friends call me lari !”she said .”lari I like that “he said.
Klingon cruiser sompek
“My Lord! We have confirmed that the chancellor has given permission for the enterprise to traval to the Klingon side of the mass”khas said.
“That fool! What happened to the chancellor? He was once the greatest of us. Now he is not even the shadow of his former self. ” the admiral said.
“We should attack the enterprise. Destroy the enterprise. Pure pandemonium. “Khas said. “Order our ship’ to intercept the enterprise! ” the admiral said.
The ship headed for the enterprise. The enterprise headed for the mass. The universe was hanging in  ballience. The one chance might be derailed.
End of part three.
The zackdorns are known for stretegy. They appeared in the next generation universe. They could be around in the t.o.s universe.this is an alternate universe. Basically this is a reboot.
Admiral Komack appeared in a mock time. In the jj robbothe appeared in star trek 09.
Admiral Fitzpatrick appeared in “trouble with tribles”

Nues 2.2

Klingon space
Klingon d7 katinga class vessel sompek
Office of admiral g,korm
The office was decorated with statues and swords and ships.they we’re all associated with weapons and war. The chime rang. “Enter” the admiral ordered. The door opened. An officer entered . “excelentcy ! Reports are coming in. New masses are forming. The fleet is on high alert. The empire is working with the federation and romusnagen to combat this.”the underling khas said.
“Then our glorias leaders do not believe that this is an attack?”The admiral said. “No. The officials word from Hugh command is that this is an act of nature. They do say it is transdamensional. They do not believed that it is a threat by an enemy power. ” khas said.
” how can the chancellor and the General staff be so blind? For some  reason the science corps has gained influence. I believe this is an attack. Some kind of weapon. This is not a natural disaster. It is a new weapon maybe even a doomsday weapon. ” g’korm said.
“There is no proof of that?”khas responded. “We are klingon.we do not debate and wait for the interstellar law triburneral to rule.we respond!”the admiral said.
“What if you are wrong.if this is an environmental threat ,our inaction could hasten the destruction of the universe or delay a solution making a diluge inevetible”his aid said.
“Better to die on our feet then to live on our knees. “The admiral said. “You have my suport either way sir. “Khas said. “I had hoped to have you at my side. The chancellor has declared a truce during his crises.he has even authorized joint operation. While I am loyal to the empire that does not mean I blindly follow the man who ocupupies the seat of keyless. The chancellor governed only by the deference of the military.if a chancellor fails to governed for the best of the empire,it is the duty of the commanders to disregard those orders. I intend to lunch a preemptive attack on the federation and romusnagen. Hit there outtor frontier. We will wage a war of attrition by engaging in hit and run raids on the federation. We will chip away at them. Then we will lunch a big attack. “The admiral said. “Sucess !”he said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Enterprise log lt. Mates Jean bolt temporarily in command reporting.after beaming over survivors from the romulan vessel preditor,we have sucesfully gotten pass the mass. Chief engineer halak is looking over ships system’s while doctor piper and the medical staff look over the crew of the late romulan flagship. ” she said.
Dr. Piper was overwhelmed. The sickbay was full of people. While romulan did not share the Vulcan rejection of emotion they were more stoic then many world’s.these made medical treatment fairly easy.
Things we’re starting to die down. Except for a few exceptions most of the injuries were negligible. Control was starting to be regained.
Nothing had changes with commander Norris. He was in a coma. Forunently he was stable. All attempts to revive him had failed. Piper thought that letting him recoup on his own was the best strategy.
The door opened,Jim Kirk entered.”Jim !”piper said. “Mark how is Carol?”Kirk asked. “They are fine !”piper said. “Mark they?Kirk asked. Carol clad in a sickbay gown said,”surprise!”she said.
“It was a surprise to her as well. Your having twins a boy and a girl. Please don’t name him James Jr. Mark would be a good name.”piper said. “I will take it under advisement.”Kirk said.
“This is a surprise!”he said.”I am as taken aback as you are Jim.”she Said .He was happy by the news but wished that this did not happen in the shadow of the mass.
At lt. Bolt’s request commander m’len and Dr. Kalara entered the bridge.they were escorted to the command center of the enterprise by security chief geoto. “Thank you for coming to our aid. We are in your debt. In another reality we could be at war. I hope things will change. ” m’len said
“Star fleet does not abandon people!”Dr. Terisha said. Commander jeshop started to say “unlike some people ” but a dirty look from Dr.  Convinced him not to.
“It did not go unnoticed or unappreciated !”Dr. Kalara said. “I am happy that the casualties were not higher then they could be. I assure you that this crew and the federation is committed to solving this crises. “Mia said.
“I cam see that. “M’len said. “Why are these mas still cropping up?”yeoman Smith said. “The structural integrity of the galaxy is daminusing .the mass is a syimptom of a bigger diseases. The universe is about to implode. ” Dr.xicheck said.
“How did this happen?” Gary mitchel asked. “How is irelivent lt. That is happening is. ” the tholien said.”do you have proof of this?”Lee asked .”no but it is only thing that makes sense!”the tholien said.
“It is plausible. I believe that is is a possibility. “Spock said.”the wall of the galaxy must be revealed.I believe it is possible to do so. If I. Right we are dealing with two separate issues. The mass and the vortex. Both have to be dealt with. “Terusha said.
“Captain we are getting more reports of insanity reported on ships and bases along both neutral zones.”kolona said. “That could also prove xiceck’s theory “Terusha said. “Agreed!”Mia said.
“We have to work on both problems. “Mia said. “Agreed.”the commander said.
Planet earth
Paris France
Office of the federation president
“We have confirmed that the masses are all along the out or frontiers of the Roman and klingon areas and in The outtor edge of the federation. This area.we are calling this the x zone. “Defence sacritary suvok of Vulcan said.
“The area us has expended Spence first detected.”tril science minister said.
“Can we stop this ?”rygelian president bonda ranbet asked.”star fleet daystorm Vulcan science academy and others are working on it. It will take time!”science minister Ron Hayden said.
“I want the full weight of the federation working on this. This is our number one issue. “The female alien president ordered. They all said,”yes madam president!”they all said.
“We have been able to work with the romulan and to some existent the klingon. We would like to continue to do so.”the science minister said.
“I agree. I would like to continue that as well!”the president agreed.  “What will we do it the partnership falls apart?”intergalactic security advisor trascot hamin a coridon said. “We will be on our own. I want to have a contingency plan but I want to keep the partnership if we Can. “The president said.
U.s.s eenterprise
Qurters of Addison mccomic
Addison felt sleepy. She changed into a nightie and was barefoot.She fell asleep. She was In space. She was propelled at warp speed.
She neared the mass. She tried to avoid it.she screamed. “Why do you fight me!”a voice said.
“Who are you?”Addison said .”the key to wining is defeat. Give up Leeds to life!”the voice said. “We don’t just give up. We won’t go quietly if we die we do so fighting.”she said.
She saw a man in a hood. “You cannot fight this. The answer lies within you. There is an must be open to it. “The shadow man said.
“There must be a way. There must be a way. This can’t be a no win situation.this Cannot be the end of history. “Addison declared.
“You do not understand. Open your mind. This need not be the end. “The shadow man said.she woke up in a cold swet. She was very confused. It made no sense.
She had no idea what all this ment. Could this be some kind of answer. Could this be her subconscious trying to tell her something. Could she be insane. She had no idea. She wanted to be useful.she wanted to be back in star fleet.
Even If she was able to help save the galaxy,she might still not be allowed that. She stil believed She had something to contribute. Proving that might be difficult.
A crewman at an aft station was becoming agitated. “Are you alright?”Dr. Kalara asked. “What’s it to you?”he asked. “Lt I will remind you that the doctor is a sub comansder in the imperial star navy and star fleet has granted them reciprocity during this crises.she is The equivalent of a full commander I. Star fleet. “Mia said.”understood sort sir!”he said.
Mia was getting concerned.there had been several incident and some near misses. The federation and romulan had been In a cold war sense the end of the earth Romulan war ended before the founding of the federation. Nerves fraying was expected.
Could it be the psicosis impacted by the mass or the vortex or both. Perhaps it was just would they know.if the crew went mad In romulan space could an incident make things worse? Could it end the uneasy alience?
“I am deeply sorry doctor.”Mia said.”no harm done captain. If there is to be a new era between our people it will take time to heal. “Kalara said.
Could she be a person dedicated to peace. Mia was not  political. She grew up on freighters and mostly outside the federation. Despite evidence of the contrary she was a pacifist at heart. She wanted it to work.
Klingon federation border
Klingon vessel sompek
“I have located a target. It is a research post. It is lightly armed and light compliment. It does have a setilite which is important to star fleet. “Khas said.
“Can you get us there ?”the admiral said.”yes We are going.I figured you would send a bird of prey or a raptor.”khas said.
“Thoygh it is stragetucly unimportant ,it Is an opening salvo in perhaps the biggest war in galactic history. I want to start the war and finish it. So help me kahless I will. ” he said.
Khas ordered the helm to set course to the space lab Goddard. The vessel went to warp. The vessel activated a cloaking device. The vessel traveled was cloaked but still traveled though an area refered to the federation as the desert.
While the cloaking technology was new the federation May have learned of it and developed a counter agent.the admiral would take no chances.
Goddard base
Command center
“What is it?”lt. Commander Andrea tyler asked. “I am detecting intermittent readings . it goes in and out. “Lt.sotril said. ” it is  getting closer. ” lt. Aderson said. “Shields up. We are about to be attacked. ” commander Tyler a half human half rygelian said.
End of part two.
Rygelian are mentioned in star trek but did not appear until star trek enterprise .
Andrea Tyler was a character I created for Cassandra series. Sotril appeared in first the universe series.
Khas was the klingon advisor who aided mabb on the planet cappella in “Friday’s child” his name was nit given on screen but appeared in the end credits.

“Nues” 2.1

Previusly on star trek the universe.
The universe is under attack. In a remote area of the klingon empire a large object called a mass started to absorb everything in it’s path.
The mass had also been detected in the romulan empire. While attempts to stop it have appeared to hault the mass but it only delayed it.
The federation had been forced to partner with both governments. The enterprise rescued two klingon scientist. On star fleet orders,the enterprise crossed into romulan space.
While discussing what to do,a new mass is created. The mass caused massive turbalence. The enterprise and the other ships struggle to servive.
  And now the continuation
“On earth,in the ancient days what they call before the common area in a country called Greece a philosopher came up with a unique theory on the galaxy. Plotinous theorized that the whole galaxy was a part of a creature called nues. When someone died it returned to nues. ”
“All over the galaxy there have been multiple theories about the galaxy. Some are similar to the plotinous theory.”
“While the mass that is currently wreaking havok all over the galaxy is probably not the nues plotinous described but they do have similarities.”
“While the mass appears to be from another dimension . that is speculation. How did it get hear. How do we stop it from speeding.are the tremors and reports of psicotic behavior related to the mass.are they all part of a bigger the universe in danger?”
The mass continued to head for the ships. “Increase to maximum warp. “Mia ordered . “I’m going as fast I can mam!”Gary Mitchell said. The entweprise bridge started to crackle. Several stations caught on fire. Lt. Leslie and several other officers put out the fire.
The enterprise continued to try to evade. “The romulan flagship is too close. I believe they may fall victim to the mass. “Spock reported.
“We have to detonate a proton burst. We are the closest !”Kirk said. “Detonating a weapon inside romulan space. This could be misinterpreted. ” yeoman Smith commented.
Mis was nervous about having Kirk on the bridge. He had more experience then her. She was in command until commander Norris returned.
The proton burst was a temporary solution but it might buy the fleet time to get away. The partnership was tenuous.hours earlier the two sides were in a cold war of sorts.they could not risk this partnership crumbling apart.
Mia considered her options. While she hated siding with Kirk but he was probably right at least on this.
“Mr. Spock generate the protest burst!”mia ordered. Spock acknowledged the order and got right to work.
Rihansu flagship
The ship was struggling to stay afloat. M’len stayed calm. His trusted aid an aging centurion knew the truth. He was in a sate of panic. Who would not be.
His crew were doing all that they far the vessel has managed to elude the mass. Right now absorption seemed inevetible.
On the enterprise,Spock and those helping him had completed the process. “Ready captain!”Spock announced.”do it!”mia ordered. Spock initiated the proton burst. The bust struck the mass. The shock wave hit the warship.
“Intercept the preditor!” mia ordered. Gary and Lee plotted an intercept course for the I.r.v preditor. The ship got close to the flagship.
“There warp core is about to go critical!”Spock reported. Kirk was really woried. Carol was on that ship. He wanted her to be ok.he needed her to be ok. Despite his reputation as a player he had changed. He loved Carol. Sadly he only realized at This moment.
“Are we in transporter range?” mia asked. “Yes we are! ” kelso said. “Have all transporters beam as many of those people as we can. We pull out all the stops !” mia ordered.
Kyile and other transporter technicians got to work. They beemed the romulan crews on bored the enterprise.
Kyile and Fisher started almost continues beam out.Dr. piper,nurse chapel and the med team stood by as the romulan crew were transported on bored.
As the Enterprise beemed out the crew of the flagship ,the Rihansu engineering crew tried to hold the warp core together long enough for the crew to evacuate.
On the enterprise, during the third wave of transports, commander Norris and Carol was amoung the transports. Norris was on a stretcher. Piper and cheple went over to him. The team moved out. More were beemed up.
M’len waited . he ordered Dr. Kalera to beam up to the enterprise.”commander you have to go now. “Centurian said. He was reluctant to leave but knew that his friend was right.
“The warp core is going critical!”Spock reported. “Get us out of hear” mia ordered. The enterprise went to warp. The Rihansu warship exploded.
While mia was concerned about commander Morris and m’len Kirk was concerned about Carol.
The enterprise finally got clear of the shock wave. “Captain Mr. Kyile reports that among the survivors are our team and the commander and the head scientist.there is also a tholien who servived  Commander Norris is comatose but stable. “The klingon com officer said.
“Permission to leave the bridge!” Kirk said. Mia considered saying “by all means . get out of my hair” but she did not. She gave her permission.
She knew that this was not over.the threat was bigger then it had bean. It might be getting worse.
End of part one.
M’len is the romulan commander from “ballence of terror” . his name was never given. The name m’len comes from the myriad universe novella “a less perfect union” the name is a play on the name of the actor mark Leonard who also played sarek.

Nues part 7

“Captains log,the enterprise is on course for the romulon neutral zone. While science officer Spock is getting reports of what can only be described as tremors all over what has been labeled the x region. While the mass is continuing to expend although at a slow pace so far due to interventions. ”
  Commander Jessup was in his quarters . he was looking over intelligence reports and briefings. The chime rang. “Come in!”he said.
He had a feeling he knew who it was. He hesitantly answered. “Come!”he said.
The door opened,it was a female Klingon. “Terisha!”he said. “Jess. I had not had a chance to talk to you.we have a short time before We arrive at the border. “She said.
“It is good to see you. It has been too long!”she said. “Why did you leave me? You predicted that some chancellor would go to war with the federation over a trivial matter to enxhance his standing with the empire. Why did you join them?”he asked.
“I am a klingon! I had a duty to my people. “She said . “a duty to your people by supporting a whimsical leader. The federation was no threat to the empire. You lived with us for two years. You knew what kind of people we were. We were not interested in military expansion.”jess declared.
“I could not abandon my people. I am sorry you do not understand. “She said. “Nothing will change if those of conscience fail to challenge it. ” he said.
“You do not understand !”she said.”no I gues I do not. Perhaps I won’t. “He said.
Spock had been studying data com officer kolona sent him. He had adjusted the Sensors to scan for any shock waves similar to those that had been reported.the Vulcan suspected that they will increase.
“Captain! We are about to experience turbulence. “Spock said. Sure enough the enterprise rocked back and forth. The enterprise regained it’s composure.
“Is this going to keep happening?”Norris asked. “I believe it Will. ” Spock said. “Is this related to the mass?”yeoman Smith asked. “Uncertain yeoman but if I would have to speculate I would say mostlikly. “The Vulcan remarked.
“That is my thoughts as well Mr. Spock.”Dr. Markus said. “Captain several ships have failed to report in. Star base 14 got a cryptic message from the Artemis. “The klingon com officer reported.
“Could the mass be causing insanity?”Dr. Piper asked. “If the mass is emitting a kind of tradition it is possible. ” Dr. Dahner said. “The mass could be interfering with our ability to process. “Chief engineer said.
Doctor Marcus was concerned that the crises was bigger then anyone could possibly imagine.was the galaxy falling apart? If so why?
The enterprise moved closer to the neutral zone. The ship was traveling at warp 8.
Dr. Dahner was walking around the bridge. “Your a psychiatrist?” Gary Mitchell asked .”yes I specialize in the psychological affect of space on humanoids. “She said. “Your trying to improve the bread doc?”he said. “I heard that was your spe..”he said.
Elizebeth started to feel a kind of dejavu. She felt like She Had said this before.She knew that she never did. At least she was prety sure she had not. This was very odd. She felt that she knew Mitchell.she was certain that she had never met the man before. The conversation stoped after that.
Addison was standing off to the side. She had not thought much about her time as a star fleet officer sense she was placed on inactive satis. She liked being back. She wished she could command but that was not to happen at least now.
All of a sudden ,Addison seemed to be taken to another place. She was in open space. It seemed normal to her. It seemed natural. She did not steamed to be phased by it,at least not at this point.
She floated though space.she did not get motion sickness. She probably would have we’re it really happening .she saw the mass.She was nearing it. It looked at it would in real life. She felt what looked like a tractor beam. She was being dragged inside.
She saw something. It made no sense yet made perfect sense. Suddenly She heard a voice.
“Addy! Addy!” she turned was Liz. She came tu. “You ok?”Dr. Piper Said. “I think so. I just really got lost in thought. ” daddy said. Nurse chapel scanned Addison.”I am detecting some elevated readings. ” chapel said.
“I saw the mass. I think I was being drawn Inside. When I came in I woke up hear.”Addison said.
“Could the mass be  trying to communicate with you?”Kirk asked.”it’s unlikely . “Liz said.”I would not be so quick to dismis it “Spock remarked.
The Enterprise neared the neutral zone. “Nearing the neutral zone!”Lee reported. “All stop mia!”Norris ordered. Mia stoped the ship. “Now at all stop!”mia reported. “Com tech hail the romulan flagship!”Norris ordered. The klingon Com tech sent the message. “We have been cleared to enter.”the com tech reported.
“Hear we go into the lions den.mia take us in.”Norris ordered. The enterprise went into the neutral zone. “We are now inside romulan space. ” Spock reported.
“Captain we have been invited to the romulan flagship. Captain and science officer. “The com officer Said.
“Alright,doctor Markus care to join me?”Norris said .”I wish to join you!”Kirk said. “I don’t think that’s a good idea Jim. The romulan have not always liked you Jim.”Norris said. “Your keep her safe Ben?”Kirk asked .”we are on the same side this time . yes I will gurente she will be safe. ” Norris said. “I will hold you to that !”he said. “Of course” he said.
Transporter room
Norris tried not to show fear. Odd the federations stil did not understand the romulan.he hoped that the truce would hold at least until the crises was over if not before.
He could tell that there was quite a bound between Kirk and Dr. Marcus. The rumor was she gave him an ultimatum star fleet or her.he chose her. Norris could understand it and respect that.
The door opened,the two entered. “Do you have the coordinance Mr. Kylie?”Norris asked. ” I do. “The transporter operator said. They got on to the pad. “Ready when you are sir!”Kyle announced. “Enerzize Mr. Kyile. “The captain ordered.
The chief activated the transporter. The three were beamed from the ship to the romulan flagship.
Rihansu vessel
Dr. Kalara waited with others. On the commanders order ,the transporter was activated. The two from enterprise materialized on the pad.
“I’m commander Benjamin Norris commanding officer of the enterprise. This is Dr. Carol Markus and Dr. Terisha obk. ” Norris said.
“I am commander m’len,I am in charge of the special task force looking into the x reigon.  Usualy we are enemies commander. Perhaps now fate will force us to be friend. Though I am a warrior ,I do not relish war at least not as I once did. Some do not feel as I do. I fear that if there is to be a brave new world,our generation May have the hardest time living in it. “The commander said.
“‘recent events may force us to work together or die. “Norris said. “Yes I have senced that as well. This is Dr. Kalara she is heading up the operation. “He said.
Conference room
In the room was mostly romulan officers and Some scientist and officials. There was a tholien as well. Noris found that odd.
M’len started the meeting. “Dr. Kalara. “The commander said. The doctor got up. “The mass is a phenomena that eats up everything in it’s path. We have detected an energy signature prior to it’s appearance. The mass mayby from another dimension. That is conjecture. It is only one issue we are dealing with. ” she said.
The tholien got up to speak. “There have been an increase of turbulence. The first known sighting coincides with the first appearance of the mass. “Xi said in a translation.
“There have also been reports of psicotic episodes in area near the impact zone!” kalera said. ” are these events all related to the mass?”a romulan civilian asked.”it is unclear.”kalara said.
“I believe that this is far bigger then anyone thought. I believe that the structural integrity of the galaxy may be crumbling. The galaxy May be On the verge of explosion or implosion. “The tholien said.
“The mass is a syimptom of a bigger problem. “Kalaera said. “There is no prof of that. “Commander Bhutan said. “No but it cannot be disproven. We cannot ignore  this. “Kalara said. Many of the commanders and other atendies were unconvinced. “I agree. We need to be proactive. “M’len said.
M’len was an imposing figue. A veterin of over a hundred campaigns he was a force in romulan politics. When he spoke,everyone listened.
U .s.s enterprise
Lt. Marea bolt was in command of the bridge while Norris was gone. Kirk who was a civilian observer with no officials standing stood over her shoulders. While Norris was extending him professional certify,he made her umcofortible. She considered having Mr. Leslie escort him off  bridge.
Mia was fine with him on bored.she just did not want him on the bridge.she really did not want him looking over het shoulder. She tried not to let it phase her. It was proving difficult.
Spock studied the sensors.he was concerned about having so much of the fleet in one place. The computer sounded a chime. Spock read a bizare reading.
“We must move away. Quickly.”Spock said in a logical but a manner that communicated the urgentcy of the danger in a non emotional way. Mia ordered kolona to send the warning to the fleet.
The fleet tried to get away. A brand new doorway opened up. A new mass formed. Most of the fleet got older frigate got caught in the wake. The ship was absorbed into the mass.
Norris felt the ship move. The mass was interfering with ships syistoms. A panel exploded. Noris pushed Dr. Kalera out of the way. Norris was knocked out.he fell to the floor.
The flship began to least.the eginerng crew tried to restore the ships gravity. The ship tried to get back on it a feet.
The enterprise had gotten lead time. The vessel was able to stop. The fleet stoped. The new mass was heading towards them. The ships went to warp but could they outrun it in time.
To be continued.
Next up
Nues 2
The galaxy hangs in the balience. Now the federation klingon empire and the romulan team up to save the universe.

Nues. Chapter six

Klingon empire
“Private journal. James t Kirk reporting. We are stil in Klingon space. We are currently traveling by stealth . what would be a quick trip to the border has taken much time .we have been careful to dodge Klingon patrol ship. ”
“We cannot keep this up forever Jim!”Carol said. “I know that . I will do this until I come up with a more permanent solution. “Jim told Carol.
“Jim! I have got a scan of the border crossing ,there is a massive buildup. We will never make it to the federation. ” Gary said.
“Are there star fleet ship on our side?”Lee asked. “Yes there is!”Gary said. “If star fleet came to our aid,there Will be war. We are trying to help the Klingon combat the mass not make things worse. “Carol said.
“Look into other options Gary!”Kirk said. “Including merciless?”mitchel asked. “If you have a viable option that includes miracle gare sure!”Kirk told Gary mitchel. “Ok I will try Jim!”he said
The ship mantaned course for the Klingon border. Kirk ordered a reduction of speed. Kirk wanted to buy time to come up with an alternative. Until he came up with one,they will keep going towards the border.
“Jim we have a problem!”Gary said.”report!”Kirk said. “Detecting incoming ship. Two d 7 katinga ‘class warship. ” Lee reported. “They are urging us to stand down!”a com tech said.
“This day is just getting better and better. “Gary mitchel said. “I know what you mean Mitch !”Kirk said.
“We can’t stand down. Klingon don’t usually take prisoners “Lee said. “Two against one are not good odds. “Carol commented.
“They are powering up weapons. “Gary reported. “Even when there space is on the brink of implosion they stil are surly as ever. “Gary remarked.
“Do not raise our weapons but maintain course!”Kirk ordered. “Jim you do know that this is suicide!”Carol said. “We are not dead yet carrol. “Jim said. She thought to her self,that is not very encouraging.
The ships mantaned course. “We have an incoming vessel. It is another d7 cruiser!”Gary said. “Great now it is three against one. “Lee said.
“The New ship is ordering the other ships to stand down. ” the com tech said. “The ship is moving away. ” Gary reported. “We are being hailed. “The com tech said.
“I hear aurora pentae is beautiful this time of year. “Gary commented. “Not now gare. “Kirk ordered. “Sory!”mitchel said.
“On screen. “Kirk ordered. The message was transferred to the main screen. “James Tiberius Kirk! It has been a long time!”kor said. “Not long enough kor! What do you want?”Kirk insisted. “You have seen the mass. “He said. “Yes we got some valuable data. ” Kirk said.
“I will escort to the federation. “Kor said. “Just like that. That does not sound like you kor!”Kirk said. “The neads of the empire outweigh my personal desire to blow you out of the stars. “Kor said.
“Look I came to get information on the mass. I will give you the data we collect. “Kirk promised the Klingon commander.
“Very well. I hope I don’t regret this but I already do. The fate of the empire may be in your not let me down captain. “The commander said.
The Klingon vessel escorted the vessel to the border. “Can we trust him?”a bridge tech asked. “Yes he is a pain in the but but he is a patriot. His love of his home land does outweigh other priorities. “Kirk said.
Romulan vessel
Office of the commander.
“I looked over the data we have collected and the data from the tholien vessel,I believe that the mass came hear not as a result of manipulations by the tholiens or any one else. I believe Dr. Xi was curious although disrespectful towards our laws and customs. “Dr. Kalera said.
“Do you have any idea where the mass originated ?”the defense minister asked.
“Not to a certenty but the mass is not part of our universe. It has a signature confirming that it is not from our dimension. “Kalera said.
“How did it get hear?” the proconsul asked. “We do not know. That is the concerning part excellently. Doctor xi suspects that there could be a crack in the wall that separates our universe from others. The cause could be an accident due to pollution or some other accident or fluke. This could be a syimptom of a bigger problem.”Kalera said.
“That is just speculation at this point. You have no proof of this!”the chairman of the telshiar commented. “That is correct Mr. Chairman. While we cannot prove It,at the same time we cannot disprove it. Kalera’s rule of science nothing is disprovin until it is disproven. “She told the intelligence chief.
“Do you believe that the mass and how it got hear are two separate issues ?”the minister of science Dr. Torran asked. “Yes I do. We must deal with them as two separate issues. ” Kalera said.
“You do not believe this is some kind of plot by our enemies to destabilize us?””the defense minister asked.
“I cannot totally rule that out. If there was a plot .it would be extreme. It is basically a doomsday syinerio. A scorched Romulus tactic. They would risk destroying the universe To take us and the Klingon. In a doomsday synerio the Klingon seam to be a more likely target then us. ” she said.
Kalera knew that the defense minister would not like that answer.she believed that this was accurate.
“How do we get more information ?”the preator asked. “I recommend we share information with the Klingon and the federation. “Dr. Kalera said.
There was outrage. Everyone was shocked. The pretor made no reaction. The preator silenced the office. “There will be order in my office. Are you really suggesting we align with our two major competitors?” the pretor asked. “No excelentcy! I am mearly suggesting an exchange of information. The situation trumps intergalactic politics!”she said.
“We have treaties with the Klingon empire but we have no relationship with the federation .what your suggesting is highly problimetic!” foreign minister clemor who had been silent up to this point said.
“This is no ordinary emergency excelenrcy!”she said.”contact the Klingon embassy. We can contact the federation though a third party. Do it!”the preator said. “This is highly ireguler !”the defense chief said. “This is a highly irregular time minister!”the preator said.
U.s.s enterprise
“I assume the mass is containing to expand !”Dr. Terisha said. “Indeed it is. It Is a slow rate but yes it is. “Spock told her.
“I was hoping it had stoped but of course it would not. “Terisha said.”I suspect this is not an easy conundrum. It Will be most difficult to correct.”Spock said.
“Do you think we can correct it Mr. Spock ?”she asked. “I do not have sufficient evidence either way to form a conclusion but I believe that we do have a plausible chance to correct it “Spock said.
“Those are my thoughts as well. “The Klingon scientist said. “This May be a daunting task I cannot deny That!”he said.
Mess hall
Lt. Commander jeshop Sat in a corner eating. Doctor Elizabeth dahner came over with a tray.she did not ask permission to join her. She just did. “It must be difficult to see her!”Liz said. “A bit. “He answered.
“You stil love her don’t you?”Liz asked. “I suppose I am. The truth is I never stoped. I don’t get it. Terisha used to complain about the tyriny of the warrior cast. She predicted that the chancellor would start a war with the federation to increase his support with the people. Then when it happened she returns to Klingon space and worked to create weapons and technology to conqur what was her home a few months earlier. Betraying her people is one thing but to happily participate in the deviation of a people who opened there arms to her us quite another!”jeshop said.
“You feel personally betrayed don’t you?”she asked. “I do. I gave her my heart and she threw it away just it was nothing. “Aaron said.
“She may not have seen it that way. “She said. “The federation us not interested in territory. We we’re no threat to the Klingon. She lived in the federation for over two years . she knows the kind of people we are. None of that mattered. “He said.
“You need to talk to her. If you still love her,you have to discuss this with her!”Liz said.
“I have kirks ship. It is on course to the border. Itseams to be under escort to another cruiser.”Spock reported. “There is quite a disagreement between the commander of the escort ship and the commander of the fleet. “Kolona said.
“The border fleet is letting the human vessel cross the border. “Spock said.
The human  ship crossed the border. “The vessel is now in federation space. “Spock reported.”sir! Captain Kirk Is requesting permission to  On borred. ” kolona said.
“Permisson granted.  Mia you have the Bridge ! ” commander Norris ordered. Mia got up from the helm station and sat in the command chair.
Transporter room
“They are ready at your command sir!”lt. Kyile informed the acting c.o.”energize Mr. Kyile!”the commander ordered. Kyile activated the controls. Kirk and Carol emerged on the transporter pad.
“Ben ! Your In command of the enterprise?”Kirk asked.”Jim Jack conklin is dead. I am acting captain until star fleet decides on a replacement. ” Ben Norris said.
“We have valuable data on the mass. Perhaps how to slow it down.”Carol said.
“I want you to work with science officer Spock and a Klingon scientist .I want you ready to debrief my senior staff. ” Ben said.
“Of course Ben !”Kirk said. “Bridge to commander Norris!” lt. Bolt said.he went to the com unit. “Go ahead mia!” Norris said .”New orders direct from star fleet. “Mia said.
“I will be up. If you follow me !”Norris said. The two followed the captain. They excited the transporter room. The door closed.
“Apearenrly the Romulus want to share information on the mass. They have invited us into there space. We are being sent. “Norris said.
“Are you sure this is a good idea?”the Orion chief engineer asked. “Not quite but it could be a real chance to solve this thing. “The. Acting captain answered. “Alright!”the enginer said.
“Jess I want Trisha along as our liaison with the romulons and head up our investigation of the mass. “The commander said.
“I think I can convince her to join US.she seams very eiger to help us.”the mission officer said. “I would like to bring Dr. Marcus along!”Norris said.
“You don’t seam too thrilled by this idea Ben!”Addison commented. “Its not doctor Marcus I objectk to. “Norris said. “You know Kirk will let her go without going himself!”Dr. Mark piper said. “I know.  I like Kirk. I do but he is an unstable element and we have our fill of them these days. “Norris said.
“Mr. Kirk is not known as a team player. “Spock said. “No he is not. Star fleet is a team sport and I am the coach. “Norris said.
Conference room.
“Let m gues your on your way to the Romulin empire and want Carol on the team. You know I won’t let her go without going myself. ” Kirk said.
“Look Jim I have no quarrel with you. I am the ranking officer of the federation flagship heading into a space of a race that was our enemy two seconds ago and could be again. There can only be one commanding officer. ” Norris said.
“I won’t step on your toes Ben. “He said. “I let you on bored you will be a civilian advisor. “Norris said.
“Fine. “Kirk said. “One other thing we are a bit understaffed. A lot of your crew are x star fleet. If some of them were willing to help out I would appreciate it. “Norris said.
“I will ask them. I recommend Lee kelso,good pilot as well as many orther specialities although he does lack a little bit in the personality department. Then there is Garry mitchel. He is a hand full at times but he knows his stuf. ” Kirk said.”I will look into it. “Norris said.
Uss enterprise
The department heads all arrived on the Bridge. This included Dr.Mark piper,chief engineer hallak,the security chief and commander Jessup. Also there was Dr. Marcus,Jim Kirk,Addison mccomic and Dr. Terisha. Gary mitchel relieved lt. Nilles who was at the navigators station.
“All decks standing by!”kolona reported. “All departments ready and manned!”gossip said. “Very well . do you have the coordinates Mr. Mitchel ?”Norris asked. “I do sir!”mitchel reported. “Mia engage !”Norris ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. It headed towards the belly of the beast.
End of part six.

Nues chapter five

Lt .bolt told miss mccomic to make herself at home. She did not mean hover over her on the bridge.the bridge was cramped as it were. It was worse with Addison.Addison was a star fleet officer even commanded a star ship before a nervous breakdown.this was like old home day for her.  She was fine with that  not on her bridge.
“Mia we are nearing the task force.”the Orion halak reported.”take us out of warp.”mia ordered. “Is that the enterprise? She looks damaged!”Addison observed.”she was involved in a battle with ships loyal to the  one true path. “The lt said. “Even after a beating she is stil a force to be reckoned with!”the Orion said. “Piloting the Athena is not halak’s day job. He is the chief enginer of the enterprise!”mis said.
“Now everything makes sense. ” Addison said. “Signal from enterprise ,miss mccomic may bored at her leisure.”the com officer said. “Miss?”Addison said.”your not in star fleet any more!”Liz said.”I know that !”Addison said. enterprise
“So what is your relationship with Dr.obk?”yeoman Smith asked. Everyone wanted to know but no one dared to ask but the yeoman. “We were married. Unfortunately It did not last long. She disliked the Klingon expansion policy but when the war begin she returned to the empire. She helped her people wage war on us. ”  lt. Commander Aaron jeshop said.
“Do I detect some bitterness in your voice commander?”Dr. Mark pipper asked. “Mayby a little!”he said.
“Look jess when Dr. Obj comes on bored. I would like her to be fashonibly late for the briefing.until after mis mccomic has given her report!”commander Ben Norris said.”understood !”jes said.
They neared the transporter room. The door opened. The team entered the transporter room. “Sir! They are ready to come on bored!”lt. Kyile the officer at the transporter controls informed the commander.”energize Mr. Kyile!” commander Norris ordered.
The officer activated the control. The transporter both powered up.a series of particle was transformed into human form.
“Addison mccomic I am commander Ben Norris acting commanding officer. “He said.
“What happened to your predasesor?”Addison asked. “Captain Conklin was killed in a battle with o.t.p. star fleet has yet to name an official replacement!”Norris said. “I see. Are you in The running?”she asked.”I am not sure.I don’t keep up with such things!”he commented
“I would like to get your report if your ready!”Norris said. “You time like the present. “Addison said.
Beefing room
U.s.s enterprise
At the table was the acting captain, Dr. Piper,lt commander halak ,security chief gioto,lt.bolt,science officer Spock  and dahner. Addison began her brefing. “During my time in star fleet actually while I commanded the enterprise we were trailing an Orion convoy.they claim to be part of an effort to colonize a planet in the prosser sector. We believed they were shipping weapons on. Bahath of the anipivnoids. “She said. enterprise
“I cannot get a scan. We are being blocked. “Science officer said. “Why am I not surprised?”Addison commented. She ordered the ship to remain on course for the convoy.
The lead ship fired on a nearby nebula.the nabula hit the enterprise.
The ship was hit. Addison was knocked unconscious. “While I was knocked out,I saw things. Things I did not quite understand.some I still do not understand!”Addison said.
She saw space. She saw the galaxy known to the federation. She saw world’s she recognized.she saw earth,Vulcan .andor and teller.she then saw multiple other world’s many that were hostile to the federation. Then she saw a smal dot. She felt compelled to it. She ran to it.
She ran inside to the object. She saw another realm perhaps. “It was the mass. Perhaps another dimension. Mayby it is home realm of the mass. Maybe the mass. I don’t know. I was in touch with it. Some how I was cut off. I could not function know the rest.”she said.
“Were you in contact with the mass?”the security chief asked.”I haven’t the foggiest chief?”She responded. “It could have bean a promotion caused the intersection of the photons and the nebula. It could have the mass!”lt. Spock said.
“This event caused something that mimicked a psicoses or was !”Dr. Piper said. “Perhaps that is the nature of the mass .there are creature that cause psicoruc behavior in humanoids.”Spock said.
Addison did not like having her psyke analyzed. She had been a rising star in star fleet . compared with archer ,Hernandez ,garf,April komack and others. She hated being reminded that was over. She knew that that was true but did not like being hit over the head with constant reminders.
The door opened,Dr. Obk entered. Lt. Commander jeshop was following her. They both Sat down. “Uh doctor obk,good!”the acting captain said.
“We have looked over the sansor data you sent us regarding the mass. Would you explained what occurred from your perspective?”Spock asked.
“The mass appeared to have come out of no where. It originated from somewhere else. It began in a remote area. It expanded into Klingon space and into Rihansu space. “Obk said.
“There was no warning!”the security chief said. “There was a minor energy reeding before the dot appeared. About 20 seconds before. “Terisha said.
“Do you have any idea what this is?”the Orion engineer asked. “I cannot prove it but I suspect it is a life form.. I believe it is a plant. I cannot prove it. I do not beleve that this is an invasion in military terms.”Terisha said.
“You suspect it’s arival is an accident?”halak asked. “That is my suspicion commander!”she told the Orion. “If this is a fluke,there must have bean a catyilist!” Dr. Piper commented.
“If this is not a military issue,convincing the Klingon of that could be dificult. “The sicurity commander said. “That is an understatement commander. “The Klingon scientist commented.
” we are attempting to speak to The Klingon empire.they are not returning our hails. “Jeshop said. “I am not surprised. They can be stubborn !”she said. “I want to remain in the area. We will be scanning the area for any clue to solving this we hope that the empire will ask us for that.”Norris said. “We want to help the Klingon.”Dr. Piper said. “We want to help all species. We are hear to promote good repetitions with all races,even those we have been at of a with in the past!”Norris said. “I !”Piper said.
Norris then dismissed The meeting. The officers and other atendies got up from the dask. Some excited The conference room while orthers stayed and spoke.
Klingon empire
“Excellently we detected a Human  vessel near the x zone!”the military chief of staf to the chancellor. “Have we identified the vessel?”the chancellor asked. ” yes sir the vessel is registered to two private federation citizens. Doctor Carol Marcus and James Tiberius Kirk!” kor said over the com system.
“Kirk was once a star fleet officer!”Chang said .”this is a federation plot to destabilize the empire. A prelude to invasion!”the chief of staf said.
“We should not jump to conclusions excekentcy. There are greater concerns!”kor said. “All of the evidence suggest that this is a force of nature not an attack!” Dr. Tirek the head of Klingon science said.
“All warrior are cold warriors. Revenge is a dish best served cold. They have begun an attack. Cry havok and let slip the dogs of war!” Chang said.
“Prepare our forces for an attack on the federation. “The chancellor said. The head scientist was clearly was kor.
Klingon vessel
Kor motioned his two top officers to come over to a corner. “Discus this with no one. ” the captain told the two officers. They both agreed. He explained his plan.
Private research vessel
” personnel log James t Kirk. After gaining valuable information on the mass,we are heading back to the federation. We had to take several detours. We have to avoid the Klingon. That has not been an easy task. ”
“Either they suspect us or they trying to blaim us Jim!”Gary said. “Klingons never change! ” Jim said .”there empire may be literily dying. Are they really going to play politics right now?”Dr. Carol Marcus said. “Can we really expect them to be anything but who they are?” Jim said. “Perhaps not. “Carol said.
The human vessel headed at high warp towards the border. The ship had to be careful. What is a quick trip will take longer. That had to be done.
Romulan vessel
The tholien scientist was escorted to the conference rooom. “Doctor.I am convinced that you were not behind the attacks on the empire. I was hoping to be able to look over your notes. ” Dr. Kalera said. “I would be happy to help you. I got very close to the mass. I believe I have gotten the closest. I believe that this is a symptom of a bigger problem. One that thretends the whole galaxy. “The tholien said.
U.s.s enterprise
Kolona entered the bridge. ” I would like to volunter my services. I am a skilled communications tech. “The Klingon said. “Take the com post it is..”Norris said. “I know where it is!”she said.
“Captain !”Spock said. Norris went over to the science station. “Report!” the acting captain ordered. “There has been quite a buildup along the neutral zone. I believe that they are preparing to attack. “Spock said.
“Why would they lunch am attack. It is a waste of resources. ” Dr. Piper said. ”  there are rumors that a human vessel not affiliated with star fleet was near the mass!”gioto said.
“Do we know who the commander is?” Addison asked. “James Kirk!”gioto said .”Kirk I dated him at the academy.he was too much of a player!”Addison said. “I never met Kirk. I heared he was prety attractive. ” mis said. “Human males are repugnant. No offense commander!”kolona said. “It’s fine lt!”Norris said.
“Kirk was I’m star fleet. As I recal he left to form a research firm with doctor Carol Marcus. “Spock said. “So he ended up with Carol. I am not surprised. ” Addison said.
“If they find Kirk he is as good as dead! Kalona said. ” can’t we help him?”piper asked. “I can’t risk making thus worse. If he makes it to the border I Will help him. I can’t risk it. Besides if the mass continues it will threaten the federation. I have to focus on that. Kirk is on his own!”Norris said.
End of part five
The aid to the military chief of staf is indeed General Chang the shakespere qoating warrior played by Christopher plumber in star trek six. One of my favorite vilen from one of  my favorite star trek movies.
Sicurity chief giito was played by Barry ruso. He appeared in “devil in the dark”
Yeoman Smith was played by Andrea Dorman.She appeared in “where no man has gone before”

Nues chapter four

Planet Romulus
Capital city ki bartan
Doctor kalera ridert was interested in fashion. Manny professionals in romulan society were more utuliterien. Not kalera. She enjoyed styling her hair.  “Incoming message!”the computer said. “On screen!” she said
“Hello. I was just getting ready to head for the ministery!”she declared. “The preator wants you at the Senate complex. “Deputy minister kortal said .”what’s going on ?”she asked. “You will be briefed when you arrive. This is priority one . “her superior said
She had no idea what was going on.she knew that it was had to be. It did not mean that necessarily. The current preator was a but of a drama queen. To him a paper cut was an intergalactic emergency. She had a feeling this was an actual emergency.
She Beemed to the Senate complex. She showed her I’d card to the porter. The porter let her in.she was escorted to the office of the preator.
The preator had his official office inside the Senate complex.he had the office he used in a nearby street.if he was using the official office,this must be a real emergency.
She saw the preator’s  chief of staff. “Ahh good. I assume that you heard the rumors of the mass targeting the Klingon empire!”dravet said.
“Yes I have . it is true then?”she asked. “We are not certain but it is likely that it is. The mass has appeared on the edge of our space. “He said.
She Was briefed by the preator’s aid.then she was brought into the office of the man who although he was third in line he was the defacto leader of the empire. Her grandfather used to say that the preator was the only person who mattered.
She saw the preator. Preator jihall was a former admiral,diplomat and member of a prominent family. In the room was members of his staf.she saw the proconsul ,the defense minister,and the chairman of the telshiar.
“Preator I know what minister terikiv is thinking but the tholien is not involved. “She said. “You are blunt !”the intelligence chief said.
Terikiv was new as top spy chief.he was an unusual pick. He was not a field agent.he had been an anylist.he was a bureaucrat.what humans called a been counter. The rumor were that he had all the dirt and they decided rather them deal with him,they pernoted him and made him a senator.
“I don’t like idle chit chat chairman . the tholien vessel did not do this. While I don’t like them being hear. He was not involved.
“You expect me to believe that they were not involved?”the spy chief said. “The tholien are enigmatic .I suspect they probably know more then we do. I an not convinced that they caused all this. “She informed her superior.
“Where do you think it came from ?”senator terlerna asked. “I suspect perhaps from another dimensions. I wish to travail to the sight of the mass. “She said.
“We can arange  that. “The Senate pro consul said. “Excellent. I will keep me informed.”the doctor informed him.
Elba two
Dr. Elizabeth  daner was informed of star fleet’s decision as well as her orders. She was a star fleet officer but was inactive. She had been reactivated. She did not want to face Addison. She trusted her and she failed her.
She asked the gourd to lower the force field. “Addison I assume you were informed?” Liz asked. “So I am not nuts?”addy asked. “Well I don’t know about  that but your not delusional about the mass! Star fleet wants to debrief you. I get to be your chaperone !”she said.
“Bet you love that one?”Addison remarked. “You have no idea ! I Will muddle though somehow. “Liz said.”I Will try to go easy on you. Key word try.”Addison said .”ok. Look addy I’m sorry I did not believe you. “She said.
“Its ok. If I was in your place I would not have believed me. I understand. I really do. “She said .
Liz Noticed that her communicator was beeping. “This is Dr. Dahner !”she said. “This is the federation frigate Athena. Stand by to transport. ” the voice said. “Time to go addy!”she said.
In the cramped transporter room the two emerged. “Welcome to the Athena. I’m lt. Marea bolt. I will bring to the task force. “She said. “Your in star fleet. Last I knew you owned your own freighter. Star fleet was afraid you were involved in illegal smuggling?” Addison said. “Ok so I served time In tentulous. I was rebilitated and not harry I’d rehabilitated. I made a mistake. “She said.
“I am glad I was wrong. Star fleet hoped you would rejoin the service. I am glad you have.” Addison said .”sorry you have to go to the neutral zone in a scout ship but it Was all we could spare. “Bolt said. “It is fine!”Addison said.
Romulin bird of prey
“Now entering the x zone !” the pilot said. “Drop out of warp. “Kinera said. “We are at all stop!”the pilot said. “Begin scan !” kinera ordered.
“So far we are at a safe distance. That will not last. It is continuing to expand !”the science officer said.
“Sir ! I have something else. I have found the tholien ship. It has one occupant!” a seconds science officer reported.
“Pilot plot an intercept course. I want that ship in a tractor beam.”the doctor said.
The bird of prey went at high swooped down at the ship. The ship was trapped in the tractor beam. “We have the ships attention.”the doctor ordered.
The single occupant was Beemed to a decontamination chamber. The doctor arrived with several guards. “”Why have you captured me!”the creature said. “You activated that object. You are killing our space!”she remarked. “Mistaken you are !”the alien said.”you insist that it was not you?”karia asked. “I.. Did not do this!”the creature declared.”why were you hear?”a centurion asked.”I was hear to investigate the phynomina. “The tholien said. 
Office of the commander
“The tholien embassy claims that doctor xhivek is on it’s on. “The proconsul emack said. “Do we believe him?”the doctor asked.”I don’t know. The tholien are always up to something. “The proconsul said. “Excellently  if he or whatever  Investigating this thing. It could provide invaluable research!”she commented.
“What are you suggesting?”the preator asked. “Lets compare notes with the tholien. As my farther said distrust but trust!”she said. “Are you really suggesting we partner with a tholien?”the defense minister asked. “If the doctor is not with the tholien government then it is an informal consultation. I want that sansor datta.  I don’t think it will just give it to me!”kalera said.
“The telshiar has no objection as long as you are careful not to share classified information. The doctor is your responsibility!”the telshiar chairman. She agreed.
Klingon space
Near the x zone
A ship used a holowgrid to mask it’s far it had worked. The ship mantaned course for the zone.
“What?”a young female asked.”I can’t believe You talked me into this!”the man who seemed to be in charge said. “Come on Jim. You said you loved a challenge!”she said. “I did not quite mean sneaking into Klingon space. If we get too caught we get two choices,death or exile to aurora pentae. Awsome choices. “He said.
“I have a visual!” the science technicion said. “On screen!”both the women and man said. She apolozed. On the screen the mass was displayed.
“Oh my!”the young lady said. “Hold on ! Are we at a safe distance?”the man in charge yet. “For now. I would not stay hear for long!”the science tech said.
“Is it a life form?”she asked. “I cannot be sure. It does not appear to be artificially constructed. “The tech said
“If it is alive what is it’s purpose?”she asked. “Expansion it would seam. “The captain said. “Come on. Jim! what something does is not always what it is. “She declared. “I know that Carol!”he said.
“It is starting to expand again.we have to move to a safe distance!”the tech said. “Do it Lee!”he ordered. The ship moved out of the way. The vessel tried to get to a safe distance.
“It is trying to find a way around the protomatter !” the tech reported. “Jim! The rate of the expansion is growing. “Gary said. “We need to fall back more!”Lee said. “Verry well!”the captain ordered. The pilot moved the ship away at warp eight. The man in charge took it all in stride but the female was worried.
The ship kept on going. The mass was stil heading for them.”Jim I have an idea. I recommend an anti proton burst!”Carol said.”do you realize how much energy that will requure? “Gary said. “I don’t see any other choice Mitch!”she said. “Do it!”Jim said.
The ship tried to keep away as long as possible. Carol and Gary got to work on the burst.
When it was ready the ship emitted the burst .the the burst hit the mass. The burst stoped the mass. The ship moved away. The burst like the proto matter was only a temporary solution. The threat still was present.
End of chapter four
According to the novels,the preator is third in line but first in importance. The next in line is the proconsul. The preator was first mentioned in “balience of terror” the title was mentioned again almost thirty years later in ds9 and again in star trek nemesis.

Nues chapter three

Terisha had been in and out of consciousness for quite a while. She woke up. She had no idea where she was. She remembered being beamed away. She has no idea who had beamed her out.
She saw that she was Waring a blue night gown. She guessed that she was either on a federation starship or starbase.
She listened for the hum of warp drive. When she heard it,she came to the conclusion that she was on a starship. For some reason being on a federation ship had a sound distinct from a Klingon ship. She was not restrained.
She needed more information. She had no idea how she got hear. The whole thing made no sense. She should have been absorbed . not that she was complaining but as a scientist it was perplexing. She believed something perplexing was important . while her superiors might not put any stock in science or investigations she did.
She looked around.she saw kirona the com tech.she was resting.she was also clad in the awful sickbay atire.
“Hello!”she said. She spoke the Teran laungege commonly called English. The medical staf was startled. “Your awake!”the man who steamed to be a senior medical officer commented. “That apears obvious. “She said.
“Get the commander. “The doctor ordered. An orderly nodded. “Where am I?” she asked. “You are onbored the federation medical ship murcy. We are on the federation side of the neutral zone. I am doctor jubulio mcbanga. ” he said.
“I am terisha obk.I am a science tech attached to Klingon monitor post 12. Well I was before it was destroyed or whatever happened.”she said.
“We observed what science command is calling an obsorbtion.”mcbanga said. “That is as good a term as any. “She said.
Within a few minutes,the door swished opened.she saw a man in a gold uniform.she knew that it was the uniform of a command officer.then she recognized him.
“Oh my ! Jess!” she said. “Tery !”the man said. The man was lt.commander Aaron jeshop. “You two know each other?”the doctor asked.”yes we do.  What’s going on?”he asked.
“It literally came out of no where! There was nothing and then what started as a smal dot. It got bigger then expended. I assume you got the information I sent.”she said.
“We did. Star fleet was reluctant to believe it. I knew it was from you. You are a patriot to qonos but not necesily to those in power. “The commander said .
“I knew that high command would resort to a military solution. I am not convinced that this is a military issue at least nit totally. Don’t expect a military regime to think in method other then military. “She told him.
“You must have a theory on what this is!”he said.”I think it is from another dimension. I have no proof either way.I pulled this out of my back Side jess.I think it is a life form. It is a plant or is it sentient.I don’t have a clue. “Terisha said.
“I am ad your ok. Today was not a good day to die!”he said. “I am with you on that one. ” she said.
“I assume that this was probably not personal. That it expended into Klingon space because that was where it was. “He commented.”that is my theory. I don’t have information for or against.”she said.
“Is the mass still expanding?”she asked. “We don’t know yet. We ate trying to find out. The kdf used a protomatter device to stop it. It has done something. “Jesop said. “Great! I am not surprised. I wish they had asked me first. Of course they would not. “She said.
“We have offered to help. “Mcbanga said. “Let me gues. “There has been an incident but we do not require assistance. Obey treaty stipulations. End of transnison!”she said. “Prety much. “Jess said. “What will star fleet do ?”she asked.”we are gathering data. Star fleet is setting up a task force hear. We are limited right now.”he told her.
“I will do what I can. Please put me on the team. You know I am interested in the truth. “She said. “I have already had you on the soon as you are. Cleared by doc mabaga you can come to the flagship!”he said . “excellent!”she said.
Elba two
Dr. Elizebeth danner was looking over patients. This was not an official session just her making her rounds before she ended her shift. She came to a patient she had developed a friendship with. Clad in a Gray one peace uniform with a device that monitored her vital signs and contained information on her.
“Adison ! How are you tonight?”Elizebeth asked. “Liz the mass it’s hear. I told everyone. That would not believe me. The mass is hear!”Addison said. “Addy there is no mass. I thought we agreed on that. “Liz said.
“It is not a delusion Liz! I thought it was. I am not crazy! Its real. It is hear. “Addison proclaimed.
“Is this because your nearing a hearing with the bored of mental health?”Liz asked. “Liz can you please believe me?”she said. “This is irrational addie! There is np such thing as matter that devowers space!”Liz said. “How can you be sure? There is much we don’t understand about space. We have only been doing this for a couple centuras now. “Addison said.
“You have .made do much progress!”Liz said.”it’s read Liz! I did not make it up. I am not insane. Star fleet should reinstate me!”she said.”there is never going to happen !”she said.
“You never were my friend were you? What is it the more people you cured,the more points you got towards a free trip to rissa?”Addison asked.
“That’s unfair! You know I am your friend.I can’t let you destroy your life. I Will see you later!”Liz said. “If your so sane Liz. Why do you have dreams about delta Vega?”Addison asked. “I told you that I’m confidence. “She said. “You should go!”she said. Danner left.
Office of governor Corry.
“Patcient mccomic seams to be having a relapse. “Liz said. “Is m sorry to hear that. She seemed to be on the road to recovery. “The governor said. “She claims to have knowledge of some kind of mass that is eating up space!”she said.
“You said  mass!”he said. He looked spooked. “This is an old delusion of her part Donald. “Liz said. “You have not not watch the news?”he asked. “No I am not one to follow current events. Too busy I gues. “She admitted.
“Something we can’t identifie Something some refer to as a mass has transformed a remote part of the Klingon empire. The Klingon tried to stop it with protomatter.they. claim that it has been contained. There is some doubts “Cory said.
“I had no idea!”Liz said. “We have to inform star fleet right away . “Corry said. Elizebeth quickly agreed.
Star fleet command
Office of admiral komack
“Your sure about this?”the admiral asked. “She had detailed information on the mass .it lines up with the sansor datta we have!”governor Corry said. “How did she come to this information?”the admiral asked.”we are not sure. A few years ago she dissapered in an uncharted area. She was assumed killed. She was discovered after a mounth . I have a detailed report !”the governor said.
“Alright! I will look it over .I want her on the team. We need all of the resources we can get. I want you to have someone in your staf to acompony her. “The admiral said. “I know just the person. “The governor said.
He knew she might be reluctant to accept but he believed she would go along with it.
While the mass started to grow again. The mass expansion was very slow. It had resumed. The mass was nit going to be would return. This was definitely not over. It had only begun.
Romulan space
The tholien vessel had been carefull not to be seen . the vessel had done everything it could to get to the source of the disturbance. The vessel utilized any way it could to get where it needed to go. The vessel had anilized the Klingon side of the mass. Now the ship had arrived at the romulan side.
The tholien vessel arrived. The ship scanned the mass. It was only slightly into romulan space. He believed that would change.
Doctor turelga scanned the area. He took several readings. He got some interesting readings. “Warning. Incoming vessels. Rihansu warlords. “The computer voice announced. The choline ship tried to evade the romulan vessels. The birds of prey opened fire on the tholien ship. The tholien ship dodged the hits.
One of the disruptor hit the triggered the mass. The mass seam to come on.the mass headed for the ships.
The tholien vessel went to high warp. The vessel went to maximum warp and did not look back.
The romulqn ship’s were hit. The fleet was of the ships was pushed away. Several ships did manage to get away.
The mass was now on the move. Now it was heading Into the heart of the romulon empire.
Office of admiral komack
“Sir! We just have reports from the romulan neutral zone. We have a New pronlem. “The aid said.
End of  chapter three.
Next up
The galaxy stands at a crossroads as the mass

continues to expand.

Admiral komack appeared in “a mock time! ” he was referenced in this side of paradise. An alternate universe version of the admiral appeared in “star trek ” 09.
Dr. Elizabeth daner was the psychiatrist who fell victim to the energy barier just as Gary mitchel had. She appeared in “where no man had gone before”
Elba two appeared in “whom God’s destroyed” as did governor Corry.